Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 96

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 96

Katya POV

Their touch is awakening, thrilling and so addictive. Sparks rushed everywhere and my senses were so much stronger now, every touch, caress was mind- blowing. I couldn’t get enough, it would never be enough, I would never tire of this feeling, never tire of them.

The heat from Mateo’s chest against my back seeped into me, warming me yet their touch was like static, raising goosebumps everywhere they touched. A delightful shiver runs up my spine when I feel Mateo press his lips against the skin on my neck, leaving open mouth kisses down my neck before he sucks on my mark, enticing a moan out of me.

Ezra’s hot mouth sucking and nipping my breast while his hand fondled the other. I roll my hips against him clutching him closer. I could feel the

hardness of him beneath me, pressed between the apex of my legs.

My entire body called to them, every fibre of my being craved them. Craved this feeling of euphoria. Ezra’s arm wraps around my waist pulling me up and I feel him move the towel out that was wrapped around his waist. Mateo grabs a handful of my hair tugging my head back, his lips pressing harshly against mine, as he tongue delved between my lips, tasting every inch of it. His kiss was demanding and I had no control over it when I felt Ezra’s hand move beneath me and between our bodies, positioning himself before pushing me down on his hard length, his cock filling and stretching me. I moan into Mateo’s mouth, my walls fluttering around his massive length.

Mateo lets my hair go, his hands trailing down my sides when Ezra grips my hips slamming me down on him and making me gasp. I lean forward and kiss him, pushing on his shoulder and shoving him on his back, my hands going to his chest and I run them up his shoulders before leaning down and kissing him. I roll my hips against him when I feel Mateo’s hands skim over my hips. I feel the bed dip slightly as he moved closer to me and I was filled with a mix of fear and anticipation.

“Relax kat, I won’t hurt you” Mateo whispers below my ear as he leans over me and I feel his erection pressing against my ass. He kisses my shoulder before dragging his teeth over it and I shiver at the sensation before feeling his fingers trail down my spine and across my ass before moving between my legs, Ezra grips my hips moving me against him, building up the friction and I feel my heartrate quicken and I exhale a breathy moan before finding my own rhythm. My nails digging into his chest when I feel Mateo slide his finger inside me alongside Ezra’s cock stretching me further. Ezra growls softly, the sound making my arousal spill onto my thighs as I rolled my hips against him.

“That’s it love, just keep moving” Ezra says, thrusting his hips up making me bounce on him, m y walls clenching around him from the sudden movement. Mateo sliding his finger in and out of me when I feel him slide in another, working it into me making me still at the intrusion.

“Don’t stop, ” Mateo whispers, his other arm wrapping around my waist, his fingertips going to my clit as he rubs it in circular motions trying to divert my attention away from the fullness inside me. I move, seeking the stimulation his fingers were providing as I move my hips against them. He speeds up his movements and I feel him shove a third in me but I barely notice with the juices slipping from me, coating his fingers and Ezra’s cock. I feel myself climbing, climbing the heights of my climax.

“Good girl” Mateo growls as his fingers slip from me slick with my arousal. Ezra sits up on his elbows and I lean down brushing my lips against his when he grips the back of my head, deepening the kiss. His tongue fighting mine for dominance when I feel Mateo slip his fingers from me before feeling his cock press to my entrance, prodding against me before I feel him press the tip in. He rolls my clit between his fingers and I moan into Ezra’s mouth at the feel, my movement slowing as I rocked my body back and forth, Mateo slipping in deeper, the wetter I become when I feel his pelvis hit my ass.

Ezra groans, breaking the kiss and I feel my body trying to adjust to the feel of both of them deep within my walls. Mateo pulls out gently before sliding back in letting me get used to the feel.

I felt over full, stretched to my limits as Mateo thrust into me, his fingers rubbing against me, moving slower and I found myself pressing back against him, riding both their cocks as they slipped in and out of me. Mateo grips my hips before slamming into me making me gasp and I start moving my hips faster, relaxing and giving in to the feeling that was building inside me.

My entire body begins to vibrate and hum with electricity, the sensation envelopes my core and pulsates through my stomach making it tighten and my legs tremble as I climb higher to the precipice. My skin heating and the only sounds were my breathy moans and the wet slapping sounds of our skin.

Mateo’s hips slamming against mine and Ezra’s claws dig into my thighs before he pulls me closer to him, letting Mateo pound into me, I cry out as the sensation builds before I am thrown over the edge, falling fast as my orgasm washes over me, every

muscle tensing before releasing and I feel Mateo’s movement become erratic before he stills, my hips moving against him as I ride the waves of my pleasure.

Ezra’s grip tightens before he also stills, his cock twitching inside me as my pussy milks their cocks clenching them both as my core pulsates, leaving me breathless and trying to catch my breath. I slump forward onto Ezra, his breathing hard, as his fingers trail up my sides and he turns his face toward me pressing his lips to mine gently. I feel Mateo’s now flaccid cock slip from me before he leans over kissing my cheek.

Mateo climbs off the bed and walks into the bathroom. I hear water running when Ezra suddenly rolls me onto my back and pulls out of me just as Mateo returns.

Mateo leans over the bed with a warm wet cloth in his hand as he cleans between my legs, his fingers moving gently between my folds. “Sore?” he asks and I shake my head.

“No, just relaxed” I tell him before yawning and he chuckles.

“Get some sleep then, we have the pack run tonight” Mateo tells me, pecking my lips.

“Tonight?” I ask him.

“It is after 3AM” Ezra says coming out of the bathroom. He walks into the closet grabbing some shorts.

He leans on the bed pecking my lips before

standing back up and pressing his lips to Mateo’s.

“Where are you going?” I ask him, tugging the blanket up.

“Check the patrols, I’m not tired besides I have to speak to a few members anyway about how we are going to deal with having two Alphas” Ezra says looking at me.

“Two Alpha’s?” Mateo asks him and Ezra nods looking at him.

“Technically you are now I have marked you, my blood runs through your veins just like it does Kats” Ezra tells him but Mateo shakes his head.

“I don’t want your position Ezra, I will remain Beta, I don’t want to be an Alpha”

“Technically you are now though” Ezra tells him.

“My title remains, I am not Alpha material, you marking me doesn’t change that, I want to keep my title. My title is all I have left from my father” Mateo tells him and Ezra seems to think for a second before nodding his head.

“You sure?” Ezra asks him.

“Positive, besides I hate paperwork I will leave that to you” Mateo tells him. Ezra smirks but nods.

“Fine I will be back in a few hours” Ezra says, turning to walk out the door.

“Hey, duck in town on your way home” Mateo says before I see Ezra’s eyes glaze over. I watch him mind link and Mateo climbs in bed, his eyes also glazed over so I knew they were talking to each other.

“Yep, back soon” Ezra says walking out. Mateo pulls me to him, rolling me on my side.

“What’s going on?” I ask him.

“Nothing, I just need him to pick something up for me, now get some sleep.” Mateo says, kissing my shoulder.

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