Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 95

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 95

Ezra POV

I stare at him waiting for him to answer, the most over opinionated person I know, who has to throw i n his two cents worth or some unnecessary comment in was now speechless, staring at me like I grew two heads and tentacles.

“Just mark him already” Maddox growls, becoming annoyed that he wasn’t answering me. A growl escaping me which seems to snap him out of wherever the hell he just went. This is hard enough for me as it is because he is a man and I am not sure I want to kiss him or kill him for the weird things h e has stirred up within me.

‘Is he alright, has he suddenly changed his mind? Did he just get us to switch sides for no reason’ Maddox growls becoming anxious at the thought.

‘We haven’t switched sides, there just aren’t any when it comes to him now apparently’ I tell Maddox.

‘Just mark him, he looks stunned’ Maddox snaps annoyed that our mate isn’t answering us. Kat stares at me alarmed and I realise she could feel Maddox growing angry that Mateo seemed to be thinking but to Maddox his silence felt like he was being rejected.

‘ I did not cross no boundaries for him to chicken out now, Mark him Ezra or I will’ Maddox snaps at me. I could feel small parts of Mateo through kat but right now I couldn’t pick up anything. Maybe he was in shock.

Kat moves off his lap sitting beside him.

“I’m going to mark you now Mateo” Not giving him a choice, seeing as right now he couldn’t even seem to make a sentence. Yet it felt wrong, I didn’t want to mark him and he regret me marking him,

despite Maddox pressing beneath my skin urging me forward.

I sigh, pulling away from him and looking at Kat, hoping for some answers. She could feel him better than I could when Mateo finally found his voice as he gripped my arm.

I look at him waiting to see what he says.

“You want to mark me?” He seemed stunned, we had already spoken of it before so why was he shocked about it. I told Kat I would mark him after her, I said it in front of him.

“Yes, Mateo. You’re my mate too” I tell him.

“But you’re straight,” He says and I nod.

“Yes Mateo I am straight, but you are still mine. I a m not exactly going to start checking out other men or anything but you are mine and I still want you” I tell him.

“But do you want me or are you doing it for kat?” He asked and I could see he genuinely thought I was doing this for her, I was partially and for him but as confusing as my feelings are for him, I still felt the bond, still wanted him, he was ours.

“No, I am doing it because I want to Mateo, I may not be gay or bi but I still want you and only you and kat, just don’t expect me to be checking out other men they do nothing for me” The thought of being with other men disgusted me, yet he was different. I didn’t know what that made me.

‘Makes us confused’ Maddox says, the thought of being with a man repulsed him too, but even he felt attracted to Mateo now that we could recognise the bond.

“Why are you questioning this? I just kissed you, I wouldn’t have kissed you Mateo if I didn’t want you” I tell him. He looks at Kat, looking for confirmation, like he thought I was about to burst out laughing and tell him it was a joke. I jerk him toward me,

“But just so we are clear nothing is going near my ass, it’s off limits” I tell him and he chuckles, I run my tongue over Kat’s mark on his neck, he shivers and so does she, making me smile before I sink my teeth into him. He groans, his hand grabbing my thigh, the sound he makes made my cock twitch. His blood runs into my mouth, and I savour the taste. He tasted like Kat, just as enticing as her, when I felt his emotions rush into me, nearly taking my breath away.

I felt like a weight lifted off of him, and I could feel how heavy a secret it was for him to carry, how much it killed him loving me from afar and guilt smashed me.

He was always so energetic, so full on that I never realised he hid behind the mask he put up. I have always known he was bi sexual. He was content with his sexuality, but feeling everything, every feeling I have made him feel over the years was a lot to carry and I knew I deprived him of his happiness, all because I couldn’t accept him as my mate. I could feel how much he loved Kat, with every fibre of himself, how she awoke hope in him, hope of being happy.

I pull my teeth from him, running my tongue over his mark before kissing it. I try to swallow back the emotions rushing through me that belong to him.

“ I’m sorry” I whispered to him, I was truly sorry. For years I was his best friend and only saw him as that, yet now feeling what I could feel from him I realise loving me was destroying him yet he stayed, always stuck by my side. He didn’t feel worthy of m e but now I didn’t feel worthy of him after what I was doing to him unknowingly. Every day to him was like being rejected over and over again, making me wonder how he endured it.

Locking eyes with Kat, I could tell she knew what I was feeling, because she already knew how he felt towards me. I inhale his scent, mine mingling with his and it felt right, like I belonged with him, just like I do with Kat, I just regret not realising it sooner and by how quiet Maddox had fallen he did to.

“Your turn” I tell him, kissing the side of his mouth before baring my neck to him.

Mateo sniffed my neck where Kat’s mark is before h e growls softly, before sinking his teeth into me. I feel them slice through my flesh, sliding through muscle and hitting bone. Feel his tongue on my neck as he lapped at my mark making me shiver.

Relief flooding me through the bond by both Mateo and Kat when I feel his canines slip out of my skin. He runs his tongue over sealing it.

“I have wanted to do that for so long, ” He says.

“ I know, ” I tell him, pulling his lips to mine. I kiss him softly, my tongue running across his lips and he kisses me back, desire coursing through both of us when Kat makes a noise beside us, her arousal perfuming the room and I feel Mateo smile against my lips before he pulls away. Looking at Kat and I reach for her, she places her hand in mine allowing me to pull her on my lap.

Her legs straddling mine as she wraps her arms around my neck kissing me hungrily, Mateo kisses her shoulder and I feel his hands run across mine on her hips as he presses himself closer to her. One of his hands gripping her hair, he pulls her head back before he kisses her while I lean down, flicking my tongue over her nipple and it hardens, her hips grinding against the bulge under my towel.

“What do you want kat?” I whisper before sucking her nipple in my mouth, needing to make sure she was comfortable with both of us wanting to touch her, she rolls her hips against my erection as I bite down on her nipple and Mateo pulls his lips away from hers, waiting for her to answer. I feel her fingers slip into my hair as I continue sucking and licking her breasts, her hands pulling me closer.

“Kat?” Mateo asks and she moans, her arousal filling the room and coursing through me, making my cock harden.

“I want both of you” She breathes and I pull away from her making sure I heard her right, her eyes were closed and I could feel the euphoria rolling over her with both our hands on her, feel the sparks of the bond dance on her skin.

“You want both of us?” I ask and Mateo tugs her head back by her hair, she cries out but I could feel her arousal coating my thighs at his harshness, and smell her scent growing stronger. “Yes, I want you both” she breathes and I watch as Mateo leans down, capturing her lips and I smile before nipping at her chin and neck, my hand palming her breast. She is perfect for us and she is ours and nothing felt more right then realising that. We both belong to her and she belongs to us.

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