Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 94

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 94

Mateo POV

She was dead, actually dead, her heart stopped and I thought I had killed her. I thought I just took her from this world and from Ezra. She was muttering under her breath, she was fine one second the next her entire body jolted, her back arching and she went limp.

Ezra tapped her face, the mark on my neck burning and Ezra clutched his as well, when suddenly her heart stopped beating. Didn’t slow, didn’t increase rapidly, just stopped along with her breathing.

“Kat,” Ezra asks, shaking her shoulders as her face pales, the colour draining out of her as she turns grey.

My stomach sinks and Ares howled agonised in my head when Ezra rips her from me. Placing her on her back before performing CPR. I completely lost it, couldn’t even function while he tried to bring her back. I just stared, panic freezing me. Each second passing felt like hours and I heard Ezra crack one of her ribs as his hands compressed her chest.

I lost all sense of time as I watched the nightmare unfold in front me. I couldn’t lose her. I only just got her, and now I was the reason she was dead. I could never live with that guilt, live with knowing I killed her and destroyed Ezra.

Ezra stops, looking at me and I brush her hair from her face where it was sticking to her, yet despite looking dead she was warm to touch still. Ezra drops his head and I could see the horror on his face, the heartbreak, his hands still on her chest.

“Kat, please” I whisper, I can’t be the reason she dies.

“Kat?” I speak praying for some miracle, praying she comes back to us. When she suddenly takes a deep breath and I see Ezra jump and I grab her face, her eyes refocusing the colour in her face returning as she gasped for air, looking at us frantically.

Relief hitting me when I hear her speak “What,… what happened?” she asks, looking at us confused.

“You were fine, you were awake then you just stopped breathing, your heart stopped”I tell her. The words leaving my lips terrifying me as I clutch her face. “You’re ok, you’re ok” I tell her pressing my head to hers, and inhaling her intoxicating scent, her calming me when I feel Ezra do the same, his hand clutching the back of my neck, his thumb brushing the back of my neck softly while he had his other hand on Kat. Relief floods me when I realise he doesn’t hate me for almost taking her from us.

“I am okay, we are all ok” She says sitting up, her voice like music to my ears, I never wanted her to stop talking, her voice calming me and Ares who was clawing at the inside of my mind, he wanted out to check for himself and make sure she was ok.

Ezra rubs her cheek softly, he was always so gentle

with her, she brought out a different side to him, calmed him and Maddox. “Your mark, it’s different” He says. I lean around him as he brushes her hair aside, his thumb trailing over our bite marks, it is a deep blue colour on her skin, my bite overlapping Ezra’s when I realise where I saw the

exact same marking, only the colour was different.

“She is a Gemini?” I whisper to Ezra and he looks at me before we both turn to kat, she stares back but by the look on her face she already knew what she had become. Kat chuckles and I stare at her trying to figure out what she thinks is so funny.

“You just died and you’re laughing?” Ezra asks her just as shocked as me, what the heck did she find so funny right now?

“She killed me,” Kat giggles, making me wonder if the lack of oxygen tampered with her brain. Ezra laughs nervously, it was the only way to describe his laugh, like he didn’t know what else to do as she erupted in fits of giggles over dying.

‘Well she is alive, she may now be batshit crazy but she is still ours’ Ares says, peering out my eyes when her laughing suddenly stopped and her face fell, I knew she was in shock. I could feel it with her emotions all over the place like she couldn’t believe what was happening or was trying to understand that she just died.

“Kat” Ezra asks softly, touching her face drawing her attention back to where her mind just took her.

“To give life you must take it” She mutters to herself, like she was trying to figure out a riddle.

“What?” I ask her, confused by her words.

“That’s why she killed me, I had to die to become the Gemini and break the curse. She gifted me with life but I was cursed with death, we all were. They were all rejected or were killed by their mates, you two broke the curse by marking me and accepting each other and you freed Kora” She says like she was trying to process the information.

“What’s Kora got to do with it?” Ezra asks.

“Kora was with all of us, she just never remembered her past lives, she needed her mates to set her free, and so did all of us to break the curse/blessing whatever you want to call it. The only way to break the curse was to become a Gemini Healer. Josiah was the first person she cursed, he broke the curse but in the end he made the wrong sacrifice which cost his life” Her eyes darted to me and I felt sadness ripple through the bond, while Ezra and I were both trying to work out who the heck was Josiah.

“Who is Josiah?” I ask, trying to piece together the information. Kat just stared at me like she was looking at a ghost, the eerie look she was giving me was like she was looking straight through me.

“Kat?” I ask when she continues to stare, I grab her face and brush my thumbs underneath her eyes and she leans into my touch, her hands going over mine. “I won’t lose you” She whispers so low I

nearly didn’t catch it. I kiss her forehead, pulling her onto my lap.

“So does that mean if you bite us we will die now?” I ask leaning back on the headboard. I try to remember the journal and the information in it.

“No, it works like our saliva does, I have to want to kill you, just like your saliva has to change to heal me” She suddenly leans forward before reaching into the bedside drawer and pulling out her nail file.

Ezra and I both watch her when she suddenly stabs it into her hand. Ezra rips it from her before both of us hiss in pain and I look at my hand to find an identical wound to hers though hers heals quickly while ours slowly heals. Ezra places the nail file down away from her, eyeing her worriedly.

“I’m tied to you, that’s how Josiah was able to heal” She says before rushing out of the room. I look at my hand, Ezra staring at his own before he wipes it on his towel he still had around his waist. His hand now healed and so was mine.

“So she can heal now, like the Gemini” I say to myself and Ezra was also looking at his hand.

“Just as I was about to ask where she went, she suddenly returned with the journal. She starts flicking through the pages before stopping on the page about the Gemini Healer.

“ It doesn’t say whether you are tied to me, or I am just tied to both of you” She says looking up.

Ezra sighs before grabbing the nail file and stabbing his hand with it. Kat hisses and looks at her hand but there was no mark like we had when she did it to herself.

“I can feel your pain but your injuries don’t affect me” She thinks out loud before nodding like to her it made sense while to me it made none, all this curse stuff was giving me a headache.

Ezra wipes his hand on the towel to reveal it was now healed again and I see Maddox press forward, Ezra’s face snapping in my direction.

“I don’t know what it means” Katya huffs frustrated while I was trying to work out how the heck she seemed so calm when she died only moments ago.

Kat was frantic inside though outside you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her, but through the newly formed bond. I could feel she was scared of something, panicked, she looked at me, feeling m y eyes on her before putting the book down on the dresser. Ezra watched her and I knew he could feel what she was feeling too, by the troubled look on his face, he watched as she came over to me climbing in my lap.

She was alright, that’s all I cared about. Anything else we can deal with later but for now she was alright. Ezra moves closer to me, his scent invading my senses as it mixes with hers, they smelt the same though. Hers was stronger seeing as I marked her already. My eyes instinctively go to his neck as the longing to mark him takes over me.

Ares also wanted to mark him as he pressed beneath my skin looking out at our mates, Kat runs her fingers through my chest hair and I grab her hand, kissing her fingertips. I didn’t feel adequate compared to them, felt undeserving of them, yet I couldn’t live without them. I needed them.

“ I love you” Kat whispers, looking up at me, I lean down kissing her soft full lips, her lips parting as she kisses me back, her tongue brushing mine softly before she pulls back.

“I love you too” I tell her wondering what she was so fearful of. Ezra was watching us or more Kat like he was expecting her to evaporate into thin air. I could see he wanted to touch her, his hand trailing up her bare thigh before he leaned down pressing his lips to hers. I watch as he sucks her bottom lip into his mouth and she moans softly. Wriggling on my lap and I could feel her arousal, feel my own at watching them as my cock throbs at the sight of them.

Ares whines in my head, he wanted both his mates, making me wonder if Ezra would ever allow me to mark him.

Ezra pulls back before startling me when he presses his lips to mine, though not gently like he did kat, he was demanding, controlling as he leant over her. He grips the back of my neck pulling me closer, his tongue invading my mouth before he bites my bottom lip before letting me go.

I stared at him, a little unnerved by his actions, Ezra I knew could feel me partially through kat, and I could also feel him. Yet Ezra was always good at hiding his emotions, being Alpha he had to, so I was caught off guard when he just mauled me. Was it the bond he was reacting to or did actually want to kiss me?

“You only have to ask Mateo, ” Ezra says. Looking down I see Kat, watching us with a small smile on her lips and I suddenly forgot she could feel everything I feel making my face heat.

“Mateo wants to mark you” Kat says and I stare at her, she raises her eyebrow at me like she is daring me to deny it. She is right. I do want to mark him, I have since I was 18, but loved him even longer than that. I would have taken him as my chosen mate at 14, I have always loved the man, but now with Kat things were different, I loved her just as much but I knew if push came to shove and I had to choose. I would choose her, because I know that is what Ezra would want and also what I wanted, she was ours to protect, ours to love, just like we are hers.

“Since when do you get tongue tied Mateo, usually I can’t get you to shut up?” Ezra asks and I realised I was just staring at him yet hadn’t agreed or denied what she said. I swallow suddenly overwhelmed at the thought.

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