Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 91

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 91

My mind was conflicted the entire walk home, I couldn’t picture my life without either of them. Yet I was also sad for Kora, how many lives of disappointment did she live through?

‘Is this why you have been hiding away, did you know all this time we had two mates?’ I ask her.

‘ I knew we had two, but I don’t remember my past lives Kat, just the feeling of knowing I get sometimes, this is as new to you as it is to me’ She says before wandering off.

Walking inside the packhouse, Mateo and Ezra followed me upstairs. “Kat, why were you in the woods?” Ezra asked me and I could tell that was really puzzling him.

“Kora wanted to go for a run, she hadn’t spoken to me in days so I thought she would come back if I let her out” I told him.

“Did she?” Asks Mateo.

“Kind of” I tell him, pulling my top off and heading for the shower. I step in, turning the water on before reaching for the soap. Ezra walks in stripping his clothes off before stepping in the

shower, his hands going to my hips and he kisses my shoulder.

“Where is Mateo?” I ask, moving over for him so he could step past me to the other shower head.

“Behind you” Mateo says, opening the shower screen and stepping in, I move closer to Ezra allowing him in and Ezra tugs me against him, his chest flush against my back. My eyes roaming down Mateo’s muscular body before I reach my hand out running it down his chest and abs, feeling the hard ridges of muscle under my fingertips. Ezra’s lips press to my shoulder and I see Mateo step closer, he watches Ezra’s hands move up my sides to my breasts while he nips and sucks my mark enticing a moan from me.

Mateo’s eyes darken before he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, his hand going to my hair as he tangled his fingers in it, pulling my face closer as he sucked my bottom lip in his mouth. I kiss him back, my tongue playing with his when I feel his hands grab my thighs lifting me up and pressing me against Ezra. My arms going around his neck tugging him closer as I kiss him harder. Ezra’s hands run over my thighs, everywhere they touch igniting a fire inside, goosebumps rising on my skin as sparks wash over me making my toes curl and I roll my hips against him, his hardened length slipping between my wet folds and hitting my clit making me moan against Mateo’s lips at the

sudden friction.

I feel Ezra’s hand move behind me between my legs before he shoves two fingers inside me from behind, pulling them in and out slowly, my walls clenching his fingers. Ezra’s lips on my neck as he nips and sucks on my flesh. Mateo pulls his lips from mine and I throw my head back enjoying the friction building inside.

“I wanna watch him f*ck you” Ezra growls before sucking my earlobe in his mouth before he nibbles on it, his fingers slowly teasing me but not giving me enough.

“Do you want Mateo, Kat?” He whispers his voice rough against my ear as he curls his fingers inside me, and I roll my hips against Mateo, feeling his erection pressing against me.

“Yes” My answer is a breathy moan as I become lost in the sensations of their hands on my body.

“That’s our girl” he says before Mateo lips find mine again and I feel him move, Ezra’s fingers slipping from me and I hear Ezra cut the water off a s Mateo walks out of the bathroom before he sits on the edge of the bed with me straddling his lap. His lips devour my skin when I feel a towel rub over me.

Looking up, I see Ezra drying me, he leans down kissing my lips, his hand going to my throat pulling my head back as he deepens the kiss, Mateo lips wrapping around my nipple before he bites down on it making me moan into Ezra’s mouth. Mateo grips my hips rolling them against him and Ezra pulls away, letting me go and Mateo looks up at him when Ezra presses his lips to Mateo’s. A growl escapes Mateo when he kisses him back. The sight made my walls pulsate in anticipation. Mateo pulls away his lips going to mine almost desperately as kissed me urgently before moving and shoving me on my back, his body pressed impossibly close and I could feel every line of muscle pressed against me, feel his erection pressed against the inside of my thigh when I feel his lips move down my neck and chest before he sucks my nipple his mouth making my back arch off the bed.

Feeling the bed dip near my head, I see Ezra climb on the bed before leaning down and kissing me, Mateo lips moving down by body when I feel Ezra grip under my arms yanking me out from under Mateo. Mateo growls at him as Ezra leans back against the headboard with me on his lap, he hooks his legs under mine before bending his knees and forcing mine open.

“Come and get her then ” Ezra tells him and I see Mateo’s eyes flicker to Ares before going back to their hypnotic green. Looking up at Ezra he had a smirk on his face and I realise he was playing with him before I feel Mateo’s hands run down the insides of my thighs making me turn back to watch him as he settles between my legs, his hot breath o n my core before he sucks on the inside of my thigh. Ezra’s hand wraps around my throat and he squeezes slightly pulling my face up to his before pressing his lips to mine. His tongue running along the seam of my lips wanting access, when I feel Mateo’s hot tongue run a straight line from my ass t o my clit before he sucks it in his mouth making me buck my hips against his face.

I try to close my legs when Ezra pulls his legs further apart, preventing me closing them on Mateo’s head. His hot mouth devours me licking and sucking relentlessly and I roll my hips against his face and he growls. The vibration nearly sending me over the edge as he slips his tongue inside me.

My skin heats and my stomach tightens as he brings me closer to the edge, arousal coursing through every piece of me as I tug on his hair. He sucks on the inside of my thigh before sitting up and gripping my thighs, jerking hips toward him before leaning over and kissing me, his tongue moving between my lips and I could taste myself on his tongue.

I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer and running my fingers through his hair, his erection pressed against me before he runs his length between my swollen lips, coating his cock in my juices. His hand moved between our bodies and he adjusted himself at my entrance. His tip pressing against me before I feel him sheath himself inside me, stretching me around him, my walls clenching him and he stills for a second and Ezra drops his legs releasing mine and I wrap them around Mateo’s waist tugging him closer and moving my hips against him, rolling them up and down his length.

“f*ck” He breathes before I feel Ezra reach down, pinching my nipples between his fingers and rolling them. Mateo pulls out before thrusting back in, slowly finding his rhythm as he speeds up, thrusting in harder. My breathing picking up and his lips crashing against mine swallowing my moans. I move my hips meeting his thrusts and feeling the friction build up, my walls squeezing his length as it slips in and out, my arousal coating my thighs as his cock slips in and out slick with my juices.

My skin heats and my stomach tightens, as sparks rush everywhere my entire body tingling with the effects of the bond. I feel Ezra move out from under me and hop off the bed when Mateo grabs my hands shoving them above my head and into the mattress, holding them in one of his as he rams into me making me cry out at the pleasurable feel building within me when he slows down, pressing his forehead to mine.

“Let me mark you, ” He whispers and I nod my head before lifting it and kissing him. I feel him smile against my lips before he releases my hands and rolls pulling me on top of him as he sits up against the headboard. His hands go to my hips as he rolls my hips against him as I ride his cock, my nails digging into his shoulders as I feel my orgasm teetering dangerously on the edge waiting to be tipped over.

Mateo’s lips press against mine softly before kisses and nips his way down my chin and I turn my face giving him better access to my neck before feeling

him kiss Ezra’s mark making me moan. I feel him suck on it, his grip on my hips tightens as he moves them faster against him, His cock slipping in and out and I feel my skin flush and my muscles tense as my walls clench him. My pussy pulsates as my orgasm ripples over me in waves making me moan. I feel his tongue run over my mark prolonging the feeling. I feel his teeth graze it before he sinks canines into my neck just as he stills inside me and I feel his seed spill into me, coating my insides. His arms slip around my waist holding me against him as they sank through my flesh hitting the bone. I feel my senses dull, slightly as he pulls his teeth from m y neck, the room going darker and I feel myself go limp in his arms.

“Ah Kat”?” I hear Mateo whisper, his voice growing more frantic as I start fading away and I feel him shake me.

“She is fine, she did the same when I marked her” I hear Ezra reassure him before feeling fingers brush my hair from my face. My body going numb all I see is darkness before I am plunged into oblivion.

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