Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 90

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 90

Katya POV

I watch with avid fascination. Mateo clearly knew what he was doing as I watched them. Ezra’s eyes were closed and his grip on the bench made his knuckles press beneath his skin, and then it was all over leaving me aroused and disappointed. Really he didn’t even last 5 minutes?

“Is it weird that watching you both actually turned me on?” I ask biting into my apple when I wanted to bite into either of them, I wasn’t picky either would do. Man what is up with my libido?

Ezra’s eyes open before going wide his eyes darting down to Mateo before I watch him blush, his embarrassment coursing through me, though I found it weirdly erotic watching them. Who would have thought watching two men go at it would be this intriguing.

“Well don’t stop on my account” I tell him while Ezra scrambles to fix his pants.

“I thought he was you” Ezra says, unable to met my gaze. I laugh softly, finding his discomfort amusing considering how much he was enjoying it.

Mateo stands before stepping closer to me and pressing his lips to mine. His nose moving down my Jaw to my neck as he inhales my scent, Ezra’s voice pulling him away from me.

“I was expecting you both to have dine the deed by the time I got home” Ezra says, folding his arms across his chest.

“Mateo wanted to, but I said no” I told him, though I wanted nothing more than to be with them but I kept waiting for Maddox to lose it and I didn’t want to put Mateo at risk.

“I thought you would maybe mark Mateo mark Mateo first” I told him, I knew if he did I wouldn’t have to worry about Maddox losing it because Mateo would be officially his as well. Ezra’s eyes flick to Mateo before going back to me.

“I will mark him Kat, you don’t need to worry about Maddox he hasn’t done anything has he?” Ezra asks and I shake my head.

“Then why are you worried? he asks, stepping closer to me before wrapping his arms around me. I inhale his scent. When Mateo pecks my cheek softly.

“Where is it?” Mateo asks Ezra, making me look up at him.

“My wallet, in my back pocket” Ezra tells him and Mateo reaches into Ezra’s pocket retrieving his wallet before walking off and out of the pack house.

Where is he going?” I ask him.

“To go do something, he will be back later” I saw his eyes glaze over for a second and knew he was mindlinking. His eyes fell back on me.

For the rest of the day I watched Ezra work. Kora still wasn’t talking to me and I only got glimmers of her presence around them. Yet I could feel she was nervous about something when she did press forward, she was anxious like she too was waiting for Maddox to lose his cool.

“Ah this is boring” I tell Ezra as he flicks through the page of yet another document at his desk.

” I never said you had to watch me work, go find something to do then” he says looking at his watch. I rolled my eyes. There was nothing to do around here.

Hopping off the couch I walk outside deciding to go for a walk when I suddenly fell Kora press my beneath my skin. “Run, Please” she says Kora press beneath my skin. “Run, Please” she says almost desperately. I looked at the pack house, but Ezra was busy and Mateo wasn’t home.

sincerely, “Pardon me, sir. Who are you?” Her eyes shone with excitement and anticipation, her expression was respectful as she spoke. Huh? The entire hall instantly erupted info heated
discussion at the baffling scene.

“We won’t go far, promise just to the river and back “she says, I couldn’ t deny her. This was the first time she had come forward in ages. Stripping my clothes off, 1 give her control. feel my bones snapping and cracking as I am forced to my hands and knees as the shifting takes over.

Kora shakes out her fur before stretching. She yips excitedly before grabbing my clothes darting into the trees, her paws flicking up the soft dirt behind her, she breathes in deeply loving the smells of the damp earth and sap on the trees. She begins to slow as we get to the river. She drops my clothes before walking over and drinking from the river. Her tongue laps at it thirstily. The sun warms our fur and she lays down next to the river when we hear something. Kora cocks her head to the side listening intently for whatever the noise is before I hear a voice I never thought I would hear in anything but my dreams.

“Hello Katya” her voice clear making Kora spin to face the sudden intruder. She looked as regal as ever from where she stood beneath the tree, her long white gown flowed to the ground as she stepped toward us, she stopped in front of Kora looking down at her before gently running her fingers

down at her before gently running her fingers through her fur.

“Hello child of the Moon, I would like to speak to your human” she says her eyes gleaming back at us and Kora whines but shifts back.

I growl at Seline, our Moon Goddess, a deity but to me she was nothing but the woman that cursed my family.

“Ala ah ah, don’t be rash child, I am just here to talk and nothing more” She says and I glare at her before walking over to Where my clothes were and snatching them off the ground. I slip them on while Seline looks around at the trees and the river, breathing in the air deeply before she sighs.

“I miss this, miss this place” She says as I slip my clothes on glaring daggers at her.

“1 blessed you and cursed you with life and death not the stink eye save it for someone else” she says turning to face me.

“Why are you here?” I ask her, making me wonder if this is why Kora wanted to desperately go for a run, could she sense her presence.

“Yes, she could, I have been calling for her that is why she has been absent” Seline tells me reading m y thoughts.
“I have been watching your family for generations, but you. You child, are different” She says.

“Only one, he was the first to break the curse, the only one to break it but then made the wrong choices afterwards and it cost not only his life but that of his mates. But you I have watched grow, morph into something more than your ancestors, so I thought I would throw you a bone if you will” She says.

“You could always break the curse, you created it, you can take it away” I tell her walking over to the boulder by the river and sitting on it. She shakes her head.

“No, I can’t. What’s done Is done,’only you can figure it out for yourself, but I have been helping along the way, you just didn’t know it” She says.

“Moon Goddess lady, I have no idea what you are talking about so instead of speaking in riddles just spit it out” I tell her annoyed.

“You remind me of Marabella, the fire inside you, you two were very similar, her love trumped all even in the end when she gave her life for her son”

“Have you figured it out yet, I can feel it just sitting on the edge of your mind, trying to put the last pieces of the puzzle together” she says to me, watching me curiously.

I stare at her.

“Jealousy, love, pain, death all go hand in hand with your family. You are the first to forgive, the first to accept. I can show you your future child, or I can show you the past. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, you just need to choose which ones you can live with , which ones will haunt you a little less” She says.

What about your skeleton’s, how many do you have?” I ask her.

“Mine haunt me everyday, Marabella, Katherine, Josiah, they all haunt me but you haunt me the
most because I have seen your future and you were so close to having it all, so close to something great just like Josiah was but he chose wrong, didn’t figure it out until it was too late” She says looking down at me.

“And why is that, why do I haunt you Seline?” I ask her.

“Because you are so close, I thought when I paired you with Maddox, paired Mateo with Maddox, it would end the same, but you have proven to be quite surprising and Ezra’s love for him outweighs the bindings of his curse and yours. Your bone if
you will” She says.

“My bone, you tossed me a bone, you make no sense” I tell her.

“Everything will make sense child, it always does. And to any curse or blessing there is a loophole. A way out, a way to even the playing Field”

“Yeah, you want to show me the way or are you just going to dribble this nonsense” I tell her and she laughs “Kora is many moons old been with each of you from the start, for tile first time in generations I see hope in her, even she believes she will be free but ultimately it is up to you”

“Kora?” I ask and she nods,

“Yes, she has been here all along denying what she always wanted for the sacrifice of her human counterpart. I create the bonds but it’s up to the human to decide to keep them or throw them away, Mateo. Poor dear boy has been through so much, he has loved Ezra since he was 14, the bond forged when he was 18, his love for Ezra twisted fate and changed the course of things, and he has lived in silence well until you came along. I tamper with fate but it ultimately it’s the chosen that is stronger, why do you think we give them the choice to reject their mates, choice, choice outweighs everything”

“I don’t understand, Ezra is my mate, so how could Mateo have three?” I ask, remembering his lost mate.

“Mateo is bisexual, he always had two. See that’s where the loophole comes in, Ezra was always destined to be Mateos, destined to be yours, you are the catalyst that brings them together, Ezra couldn’t love Mateo without you, and Mateo couldn’t have Ezra”

“You make no sense, Mateo was destined to be with another” I tell her and she shakes her head.

“Yes, I like to fiddle with Fate but she was never going to last. Poor girl was a lost soul and fate had

other plans for her. Mateo already chose you the moment he laid eyes on you, knew you were Ezra’s by your scent“ she tells me and I furrow my brows.

“He was jealous, until he met you, really got to know you and forged the bond, how else would he be able to kill his destiny if not for a chosen, he chose you kat, chose you above her because his forged bond was stronger than that of fate” She says before pausing, so I was always second choice to Mateo? I wondered.

“Don’t doubt his love for you Kat, Kora needs Ares just as much as she needs Maddox The question is when it comes time to choose, who would you sacrifice?”

“Neither” I tell her and she smiles.

“Let’s hope that is true” She flicks her wrist and suddenly my surroundings disintegrate around me, warping and twisting, making me look around frantically. When I find myself in the backyard of the packhouse.

“Is this the future you envisioned because this is the path your on, only you can change it?” She says and I feel confused until I see myself walk out the back of the packhouse, two small children following behind me as they skip along, a girl and a boy. “Twins one for each mate, one cursed with death the other blessed with life” Seline says and I watch as they play, watch myself watching them before I spot movement above from the window, I look up to see Ezra staring down at them from the window a troubled look on his face as he watches them making me tear my eyes away and back to the children, the girl had dark flowing hair to her waist and resembled Ezra, the boy however looked like Mateo the same facial features just softer.

Looking at myself I watched them, though the light was gone and I looked hollow as I forced a smile on my Face, I rubbed my mark on my neck though it looked different, it was black and stained my skin. Looking back at Ezra in the window he was staring at me, though his eyes were dark clouded with something before he turned his back and walked away.

I look at Seline trying to figure out what she is talking about. “Where is Mateo?” I ask her and she looks at me.

“ Everyone has skeletons, everyone makes a sacrifice, then you pay the consequence, just remember not everyone deserves saving Kat, one sacrifice can change your entire future” She says before flicking her wrist and my surroundings disappear. I find myself sitting on the boulder again back at the river.

“Make sure you choose which skeletons to live with Kat, some will haunt you and those you love” Seline tells me.

“I still don’t understand” I admit trying two figure out this riddle she gives me and where was Mateo?

“You will understand, I hope you do kat for your mates sake and for yours, choices, something we all must make, don’t make the mistakes of our ancestors Kat, they sacrificed wrong and in turn sacrificed themselves, never sacrifice a bond chosen or fated” She says when I hear movement before hearing a twig snap. Seline smiles, when Ezra and Mateo step out of the treeline a look of relief flooding both their faces.

“There you are, we have been looking for you” Ezra says with a sigh, only then did I pick up both their fear. Mateo’s face lights up when he sees me. And my heart breaks knowing what the vision showed, yet I couldn’t think of any possible reason as to why I would sacrifice his life over someone else’s.

“What are you doing out here?” Mateo asks looking around, his voice sending shock waves through me and I throw myself at him, smacking into his chest.

“Hey what is wrong, why are you crying” He asked, wrapping his arms around me and I turned back looking for Seline, only she was gone. I stepped away from him looking around frantically for her but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Kitty?” Comes Maddox’s voice making me look at Ezra to find Maddox peering at me. He looks around alert looking for what upset me before his eyes fall on me again.

“What is it?” He asks but I shake my head pressing my face into Mateo’s chest and I could feel both of their confusion. Maddox gives Ezra back control and steps closer wrapping his arms around us and dropping his head on Mateo’s shoulder.

“What is it, kat?” Ezra asks, kissing my forehead.

“Nothing, I just missed you both” I tell them yet they couldn’t understand, I barely understood what I saw. I just know whatever I did in that vision cost Mateo his life but the look Ezra gave me in the vision, I could tell I took his life as well.

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