Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 9

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 9
Katya Pov

Walking to training I was suddenly jerked into the locker room as I passed them.

A gasp of fright leaving my lips not expecting to be grabbed. Spinning around I come face to face with my mother.

“Geez you scared the crap out of me” I chuckle. But she was staring down at me with a stern face I didn’t like.

“Where have you been?”

“Detention, where else?”

“I looked for you, you weren’t in detention with Angie”

“No I was placed in the Alpha’s office”

“What why?”

“Because that where he told me to go”

“Don’t use that tone with me young lady, now listen today is wolf training”

“Okay I will tell them I am sick” I tell her but she shakes her head. I watch horrified as she pulls something from her pocket I hadn’t seen in years.

“You can’t skip it’s compulsory, but you take one of these and we can explain away why you can’t shift” she says.

“You can’t be serious mum”

“It’s the only way, we can’t have them find out till after you have proven yourself useful to the pack”

“No I won’t take it” I tell her not wanting to take the wolfsbane pill. My mother used to give them to me when I didn’t get my wolf to hide it from the Alpha at first. Then she started giving me them to build up a tolerance to them, to prepare me for when I am older. Well until dad found out and lost it. He stopped believing the excuses about how I was ingesting the worst poison to werewolves.

“You will take them and you say one word to your father, young lady” she warns.

“He will smell it on me” I tell her knowing full well my father would recognise the smell.

“Not in pill form he won’t” she says opening the black box she kept her stash in. It was the size of a wallet.

She opens it showing me the little white pills. She grabs one out hissing slightly as it burns her fingers. And to think she expects me to swallow it.

“No!” I tell her and she glares.

“I will not throw everything down the drain for a tantrum, now F*cking take it Kat”

“And exactly how do I explain I ingested to wolfsbane”

“Tell them you must have got some on you in science or something, this is all I have at the moment as an excuse. You say your sick you look weak, i won’t have you embarrass me further understood”

“You embarrass yourself ” I tell her, her palm connecting with my face.

“You dare speak to me in such a way after everything I have done for you” she says, grabbing my hand and dropping the pill in it. It burns a hole in my palm, the skin sizzling like a cigarette burn.

“Swallow it now” she yells, handing me a water bottle. I do as she says. Swallowing the pill down. This wasn’t going to work. Why couldn’t she see that I was with the Alpha all lunch and was fine, he will know and I will get in trouble with her when he finds out.

I follow her out, pain kicking in as I reach the door making me double over. “Mum!” I cry out clutching my stomach.

“You get out there even like this you can still kick their arses”

“No mum, they will be in wolf form”

“That’s no excuse, you are my daughter and your father’s, things are expected of you, so don’t let me down Kat” she says gripping my arm and all but dragging me to the field. Seeing a trash can, I run for it puking my guts up. My mother starts singing out names.

I was sweating profusely, my stomach aching and my blood felt like it was boiling.

“Hey you okay?” Jasmine asks through the mind lk. I shake my head, not able to even mindlk back. My vision blurring terribly when I hear my mother call my name then Angie’s.

Sht!” My mother gasps barely audible to my ears. Great Angie is going to rip me to pieces.

Everyone goes to their positions but I couldn’t even stand upright. Angie wastes no time lunging at me. I see just in time as her fist comes flying toward my face. I duck but stumble backwards and she goes to jump on me. Lifting my foot I kick her in the face. She staggered but now I could see two of her, my vision doubling.

I hear the snapping of bones, black dots dancing in front of my vision.

“Get up Kat what’s wrong you barely had any?” My mother mind links.

“Yes but haven’t had any in years, my tolerance is low” I manage to mindlink back barely.

“Sh*t get up!” I was too weak to mindlink back when I saw teeth and claws suddenly coming toward me. I close my eyes waiting for the extra pain. When I hear a collective gasp. I hear whimpering and open my eyes. Angie’s brown wolf head bowed in submission. I feel something drip on me and notice an arm above me. Blood pouring onto me and I look to see who it is only to find the Alpha standing there and his Beta. Angie bit the Alpha who stopped her attacking me.

“She wasn’t even shifted Angie” he growls so menacingly, my body trembles from the rage behind it.

Angie whimpers loudly.

“What’s the meaning of this and why can I smell wolfsbane?” he says, reaching down and picking me up. I try to get out of his arms but he growls, Instead pressing his face in my neck.

“Why does she have wolfsbane in her system?” My eyes start fluttering shut.

“Stay awake Kat” I heard him whisper before I thought I felt his lips brush my head.

“Katya say something?”. My mother’s voice comes through my head.

My tongue was swollen, my throat restricting as I wheezed out trying to answer. My mother’s panicked shriek reaching my ears.

“Sh*t get the pack doctor” I hear Alpha Ezra yell. Before I could feel running. I black out feeling like I’m being strangled to death as my throat closes.

My mother’s voice flitted in my head.

“I’m so sorry baby so sorry , stay with us Kat hold on helps coming”

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