Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 89

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 89

Ezra POV

I was excited to get home, I knew Kat marked Mateo and I was worried that it would upset Maddox but it only made our pull to Kat stronger and I could feel Mateo was ecstatic though it worried me because he hadn’t marked her yet making me wonder why.

We wanted him to, I couldn’t explain it but it felt right, though I couldn’t really wrap my head around the fact that he was a man and I wanted to desperately mark him myself. The feeling was foreign making me wonder if Mateo had always been ours and he knew all this time. From the feeling through the bond, I think Kat was the key to breaking through the bond to me.

If Mateo hadn’t lost his mate I don’t think he ever would have spoken up about the fact he knew I was his all along, I had no doubt he knew and it explains after all these years and what he endured at Maddox’s hands why he stayed. I was never his second chance Kat was, and he loved her on his own before the bond between them formed. Now I know why he ki!led his mate so easily. It wasn’t just for Kat, it was for both of us.

I owed him this, owed myself and Kat this. No matter how strange the situation, this was our chance for total happiness and for the first time in my life, Maddox felt at ease and completely calm within me.

It was lunch time when I pulled up at home. I was excited for two reasons,one I was home to see my mates and two, one of the patrol warriors found Kat’s necklace, which will go well with what Mateo organised for her.

Opening the front door, I could smell their scent coming from the kitchen. Maddox pressed beneath my skin urging me to find them. Stepping in the kitchen, I see Kat’s plump ass in the air as she digs through the bottom of the walk-in pantry. The sight of her a$s in the air made my dik hard instantly as she bent over digging for something under the bottom shelf. The door cut off my sight of her beautiful face as I leaned on the counter watching her. I could smell Mateos scent all over her, though I knew they hadn’t had sx, I would have felt that.

‘She has a nice a$s’ Maddox purrs at me and I roll my eyes at him. He was right Kat as the nicest ass.

‘And tits, I like those too, such perfect little button nip*les’ Maddox says. I knew she must be cleaning something, I could hear the sweeping motion of the dustpan and broom along the floor.

‘Never realised how muscley her legs are though’ Maddox says, making me look away from her butt. My eyes roaming down the back of her. Hmm I never noticed that either, fu*k her legs nearly put mine to shame.

‘Are her legs normally that hairy?’ Maddox says and I look trying to see what he is talking about. Kat’s legs were usually smooth when I noticed hair out the bottom of her leggings.

Not just hair but lots of hair her skin was also darker too making me cock my head to the side to look at her better.

‘Damn you better tell her to shave or I am waxing her in her sleep’ Maddox says. She suddenly stands smacking her head on one of the shelves before I hear Mateo’s voice swear, making my eyes widen.

The door closes and Mateo stands up coming into my view with the dustpan and broom in his hand.

“When did you get back?” He says, looking at me. I step further around the counter.

Maddox howled with laughter in my head. “You pitched a tent over Mateo,” he chokes out while laughing. My face pales as I glance down my dick erect in my shorts, indeed a tent in my pants.

“You okay Ezra?” Mateo asks, dumping the spilt flour in the bin. I try to hide the raging hard on, I got turning to the corner of the bench and hiding myself away from his eyes as he steps around the counter. My face reddened the closer he got. Maddox was near crying. He was laughing that hard and rolling around in my head.

Mateo walks toward me before opening the cupboard door next to me and I feel my stomach drop when he glances at my hands trying to shield myself away from him.

He looks up at me and smirks, my face heating ridiculously.

“Now I know it wasn’t the remote in my back, did I make you hard Alpha” he says before laughing.

“No!” I told him.

“Then what’s that?” He asks standing up.

“I thought you were Kat” I tell him and he raises an eyebrow at my words.

“My scent didn’t give me away?” He chuckles.

Now that I think about it, It kind of did but I recognised her tights because I loved when she wore them.

‘Obviously you love it when Mateo wears them too’ Maddox howls in my head, his laughter making me more embarrassed.

“Want help with that?” He asks and I turn around crossing my arms across my chest.

“I thought you were Kat,” I tell him. His hand suddenly grabbed me through my pants.

“Damn I really got you going?” He says and I look away from him, this was so awkward.

“Ha ha very funny” I tell him when he suddenly drops to his knees in front of me.

“What are you doing?” I ask, looking down at him horrified and looking around to make sure no one was witnessing my shame.

“Helping, I caused it, I might as well fix it for you” he says.

“I’m not gay” I tell him, though even I am questioning that these days.

“It’s not gay if you don’t look down” Mateo tells me.

“What kind of logic is that?” I ask when I feel him pull my pants down, I try to jerk them up when he suddenly grabs my co*k, sparks rushing everywhere making me shudder and I groan at the feeling.

“Pretend I’m Kat then” he says, not giving me a chance to answer when he wraps his hot mouth around my c*ck.

‘This is so strange, but he is like a vacuum’ Maddox says as I grip the bench behind me with both hands.

His stubble tickling my balls made me pull away when I realised what I was letting him do, only for him to grip my hips pulling me back to him. God that feels good!

Okay this is happening, yep it’s definitely happening, this isn’t gay. Nope just a man su*king off another man, definitely not gay, I like women well one woman. But by God he knew what he was doing. I felt my balls tighten before I suddenly exploded in his mouth. My head was swimming with what just happened, what I let happen, I had no doubt he would have stopped if I told him to but I didn’t really want him to, and I didn’t know what that meant.

“Is it weird that watching you both actually turned me on?” Comes Kat’s voice making my eyes snap open. She was leaning on the bench staring at us before she bit into her apple.

“Well don’t stop on my account” She says smiling at us.

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