Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 86

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 86

Mateo left to go get Angie, I hoped Madeline Lied but I knew she didn’t, she barely put up any fight against my command. I also hope Jasmine didn’t hate me given Angie was her sister in-law. Mainly because I felt close to her recently it felt wrong, yet betrayal rarely comes from those you hate, that’s why it is called betrayal, you have to trust them first before they can betray you.

“Do you want to talk about funeral arrangements?”

“We will wait till my dad comes back”

“Kat he may not come back” Ezra tells me but I know he will, it’s just a matter of when.

“We can’t leave her in the morgue that long Kat, I will give you another couple of days or so but you have to tell me what you want to do” Ezra says and I sigh. Everything felt unreal, like I was living someone else’s nightmare not mine.

“Fine if he isn’t back in a couple of days then we will do something” I tell him.Hearing the front door open, I look to the bedroom door.

“Ezra?” Mateo calls from downstairs, Ezra jumps up and I could hear arguing downstairs.

He darts off to Mateo and I follow listening while I walk downstairs, when I reach the second level and the top of the stairs. My stomach sinks when I see Angie’s dad, his grey hair pointing in every direction and he was drenched in sweat like he ran all the way here. Mateo pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration before he throws his hands up in the air.

“He Bl**dy followed me here” Mateo says.

“Please Alpha, she made a mistake, she knows that now, she is young”

“Marcus, you need to leave. I will let you see her after I have spoken to her”

I step down a step trying to hear better as Ezra tries getting him to leave when Marcus looks over his shoulder spotting me on the stairs and run overs, shoving past them and up the stairs before dropping at my feet and clutching my shirt. My heart was breaking for him, I could see his desperation.

“Please she is my only daughter, she is your friend Luna. She only helped once the rest was Madeline, please please don’t kill my little girl” he says clutching onto me. Mateo and Ezra grab his arms and Ezra growls at him.

“Enough, Kat go back to the room” Ezra tells me but I couldn’t move, frozen on the spot.

“Luna please, please have mercy on her” he begs and I look away from him.

“If what you say is true” I whisper. Unable to meet his eyes, it was obvious how much he loved her, how much she means to him as any child does to a parent.

“I promise, I promise she never went ahead with what he asked, she couldn’t do it, that’s what she said, didn’t she Beta” he said looking at Mateo who lets him go.

He nods but shrugs and I could tell he wasn’t sure whether or not he believed her.

“Ezra will speak with her tomorrow, but if I let her stay I never want to see her again” I tell him and he nods, grasping his hands together.

“Time to go Marcus I will see you tomorrow, don’t make me command you, I don’t want to hurt you” Ezra tells him and Marcus looks at him, his blue eyes showing his desperation. He nods before getting up. He looks at me but I look away seeing him bare his neck to me out of the corner of my eye.

He reluctantly leaves and I would probably be the same if our positions were reversed.

“You didn’t hurt her?” I ask Mateo.

“No, of course not. I know you don’t want that Kat” Mateo says and I nod. Hearing clanging dishes I look over the bannister toward the kitchen.

“It’s Marge, she cooked lasagne and brought it over” Mateo says and I nod.

“You right Marge?” Ezra calls out.

“Yes dear just heating it up” she says before I see her head sticking out the kitchen door. She looks up at me leaning over the bannister.

“So sorry about your mother Luna, I didn’t know her but it is never nice losing a mother” she says softly. I press my lips in a line giving her a nod. I didn’t know what to say to her words.

“Sorry, I probably should have told you she was here, I told her to go through the back door, so as not to disturb you guys” Mateo says.

I nod scratching my neck when my fingers touch nothing, I rub my hand around my neck realising my necklace is gone. I always had it on unless going for a run.

Walking upstairs, I look in my wallet, which is usually where I put it when I take it off in the change compartment but only the earrings were there. I check my makeup bag I don’t use in the hopes I put it there when Ezra walks in.

“What’s wrong?” He asks as I frantically look for it before stopping as I try to remember the last place I had it.

“My pumpkin necklace” I tell him when I remember I had it on at the river, it kept getting tangled in my hair.

“Where did you have it last?” He asks, going to my wallet and looking in it.

“It’s not there I checked, I had it yesterday, it must have broken when I shifted” I tell him, feeling tears pool at the thought of losing it.

“We can find it, I will tell the patrol’s to keep an eye out for it”

“It could be anywhere I don’t even remember which path I took home” I tell him, frustrated that I didn’t take it off before I went swimming.

“Worst case scenario, I will get the whole pack out if I have to looking for it” he says though that sounded ridiculous but I didn’t doubt he would do it, the thought making me chuckle.

“See we will find it” he says tugging me to him, I wrap my arms around his waist before hearing him open the mindlink telling everyone to keep an eye for it.

“A necklace with a pumpkin?” I hear someone reply.

“Rightio Alpha” came from another voice making me relax slightly.

Ezra POV

I needed to do something about Andrei and Jackson, I couldn’t let things keep going like this, couldn’t keep having her put at risk and I am now kicking myself we didn’t do something sooner. We became complacent when they never stepped over the border.

“Alex, I want you to send as many men as we can spare to Jacksons pack, want eyes on them till we make a move” I tell him. They would be foul, it wasn’t exactly a short trek through the woods, they were the closest pack to us but 5 hours was a long distance to travel in wolf form, but if Jackson’s men were willing, mine would be. They wanted revenge for the rogue attack, making me wonder what he offered them to get them to agree, most rogues tend to live off the land and prefer their wolf form which after a while turns them slightly crazy, so it made me wonder what he offered them in return for their compliance.

“I can send 12, anymore we will be running double shifts” Alex replies.

“Send them and expand the patrol out further I want nothing crossing that border not even a rabbit, anything steps across, kill it”

“Yes Alpha” he says before cutting the link.

Marge walks in with a tray, Lasagne wafting to my nose. She always made the best homemade lasagne. Mateo and I loved it when she cooked for us.

“Here you go honey, bet these boys only feed you take out” she says giving me a look and I shrug.

“Thank you” Kat says and Marge leans down, giving her a side hug. Marge hands me my plate.

“There are leftovers in the fridge, I will head home but if you need any help with funeral arrangements Luna, I can help if you need me” Marge tells her and Kat nods to her. I could feel how awkward she felt when people mentioned Shirley like she didn’t know what to say.

“Well I will leave you to it” she says before walking to the door just as Mateo walks in with his plate and three bottles of coke under his arm. He tosses me one before handing Kat one.

“We really need to stop eating in bed, the crumbs always end up on my side,” Kat says, using her fork to cut her lasagne.

“I don’t think I have ever eaten dinner at the dining table, had breakfast and lunch there but never dinner” Mateo says making me think, I can’t even remember the last time I used it for dinner, even when I had Alpha visits we always used the outdoor one.

We eat dinner And Mateo runs our plates down before coming back up. I slip my boxers on getting out of my jeans before dropping them in the basket.

Mateo slips into his room before coming in with his flannelette pajama shorts on and his pillow under his arm.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just leave your pillow in here, you hardly sleep in your room” Kat says with a yawn.

“Because I’m not sure if you two want me in here all the time” Mateo says, chucking his pillow on the bed next to hers.

“Just leave it in here, Sh*t I can give you a draw if you want” I chuckle.

“You have to woo me first before I agree to that commitment” Mateo says, sending me a wink. I shake my head at him. And he grabs the remote off from under the TV before flopping on the bed beside Kat.

I climb in bed and am shocked when Mateo goes to the horror section, making me raise an eyebrow at him.

“What I’m feeling generous” he says and Kat plucks the remote from his hand and turns on the series we were watching.

I tug her over, spooning her and she grabs my hand and kisses it. Mateo pulled the blanket up. Kat looks at Mateo, before feeling like she was leaving him out all the way over there, but I could tell she also felt safer with us both close.

“You can come closer and be my little spoon Mateo” Kat says and I kiss her shoulder.

Mateo looks at me and I knew he was asking for permission not that he needed it, there scent together oddly smelt right like this was how it was supposed to be from the start, just Maddox and I were to clouded to realise, but another thought had been popping up for the last few days, one I don’t think I am ready to admit yet, but I felt a weird pull to him, I am straight so I was finding the feeling very alien to me.

“You don’t have to ask” I mindlink him, feeling Kat’s rejection when he doesn’t move closer to her.

“I just don’t want to cross boundaries with Maddox,” Mateo replies.

“You’re not, I have told you this”

“Yeah but I know Maddox is fine one second then wanting to chew my a$s the next”

“She wants you to,”

“But do you?” I think for a second when Maddox flits through the link.

“You are ours now” he says. Mateo’s head snapping in our direction.

“Your bi?” He asks, of all the things he gets from Maddox, that’s what he asks.

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m still straight. Why would you ask that, you’re not fazed by his words?”

“No, I have known since my mate died, my pull was to you first even though I loved Kat, I have always loved you, You know that, just checking you haven’t switched sides” he mind-links back.

“Okay now you’re both being rude with your secret conversations, either share the gossip or stop mindlinking, creepy watching Mateos eyes glaze over while watching a ghost show, he looks possessed” Kat says and I press my lips to her shoulder.

Mateo moves over closer to her and she drapes her arm across his waist putting her head on his chest and going back to watching the show.

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