Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 81

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 81

Ezra POV

She walked away, leaving us both standing there. I knew she loved Mateo but now I was second guessing my decision or did I read it completely wrong. Mateo was staring after her and I felt terrible that I had now caused a rift between them.

“It would never work you know?” Mateo says, looking at me.

“You don’t know that, it could work. Maddox accepts it, you’re my best friend Mateo” I tell him.

“And that is exactly why it wouldn’t work, you’re straight Ezra and willing to share your Mate? Relationships only work when they aren’t divided, this whatever you were trying to do wouldn’t work because you are straight, you would get sick of sharing, I know you Ezra. I know Maddox, and what happens if she showed more attention to one, how would Maddox handle that? You expect her to mark me and everything will be fine afterwards when we are not bonded, jealousy kills you should know that by now, look at her mother” Mateo says before turning on his heel and walking inside.

‘Yep told you, and now Kat is P!ssed off with us’ Maddox says.

‘She will get over it’

‘You embarrassed her, put her on the spot, Ezra might take her awhile to get over it’ he tells me.

Walking inside, I go look for her. I head for the bedroom. Pushing the bedroom door open I can hear the shower running and grip the door handle to find it locked.

‘Yep she’s P!ssed off, she never locks the door’ Maddox growls. Looking up at the bedroom door when I hear footsteps, I see Mateo walk out of his room with a pair of shorts on, he comes over sticking his head into the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?” I ask him hoping he isn’t going to get wasted again.

“Patrol duty, they are short Steven’s mate just went into labour” Mateo says and I nod.

“Rightio, I will catch you later then” I tell him and he nods walking off and down the stairs.

“Kat, can we talk please” I call through the door when I hear the shower cut off.

“Later, I am getting ready to go see Jasmine and Angie” She says before opening the door, she steps out in just a towel before pushing past me and walks into the walk-in.

“Where are you going? I don’t like you going off by yourself without me or Mateo”

“Well you kind of ruined it with Mateo didn’t you and I know you don’t want to hang out with a bunch of girls, so I am going on my own, Angie is picking me up in 20 minutes” She tells me and I press my lips in a line. Maddox growls on edge at the thought of her going off on her own.

‘We can always follow and keep our distance’ Maddox says

“But she would know we were close, I will ask one of the guards to keep an eye on them’ I tell him and he nods.

I watch as she gets dressed in jeans and a blue shirt before she sits on the end of the bed putting her shoes on.

“So where are you going exactly?” I ask her and her eyes flick to me before going back to her hands where she was tying her laces.

“Cafe in town then Angie wants to go watch movies at Jasmines” She tells me and I nod. Well at least Mathias would be home or his mate.


Angie picked me up in her little blue suzuki swift and I could tell Ezra was P!ssed off. I was going off on my own but I didn’t care. Pulling up at Jasmine’s place she honked the horn before Jasmine came rushing out before jumping in the back.

“My ladies,” Jasmine says, sitting in the middle and leaning forward between the seats.

“Seatbelt b*tch,” Angie says and Jasmine rolls her eyes before clipping her belt in and leaning forward again.

“Are we going to CJ’s?” Jasmine asks.

“Yep, they have the best burgers” Angie says with a sigh making me chuckle.

“What they do, where is my brother?” Angie asks, her eyes going to the mirror as she looks at Jasmine making me remember that Angie’s brother was Jasmine’s mate.

“Helping my father down at the practise” Jasmine says with a shrug when Jasmine turns to me.

“How is Mateo?” She asks and I explain the entire thing with Ezra and both girls were just as gobsmacked as I was when chucked on the spot.

“Not the strangest thing I have heard, but I kinda feel bad for Mateo, would suck killing your mate knowing there are no second chance mates only chosen mates once they die” Angie says.

“Yeah I don’t get that you would think the moon goddess would have a back up plan, and my dad had two mates” I tell them.

“Yeah but his mates were basically the same person, they were identical weren’t they?” Says Jasmine and I nod.

“Are your parents talking again?” Angie asks as we pull up at the cafe, I shrug. It had red and white umbrellas out the front, and round tables. With a huge red and white sign on the roof that read CJ’S CAFE.

“Too hot outside lets sit inside” Jasmine says hopping out of the car.

“Yeah, today is an absolute scorcher. I wonder how hot it is” Angie asks as we walk into the cafe. The little bell ringing above the door as we enter and I find the place is pretty full. We managed to find a table in the far corner but weren’t too excited about being near the toilet.

“Ah gross but I am not sitting in the heat” Angie says, dumping her wallet on the table and sitting down.

“We could always go swimming at the river near your place instead of watching movies” Jasmines suggests and I nod, it was definitely hot enough. I slide along the booth seat and a woman in her mid twenties comes over with a smile that looked like it was a customer service one not a genuine one, don’t blame her the last place i would want to work in 40 degree heat would be around a kitchen.

She took our orders before wandering back off and we sat and talked and it felt good being out of the packhouse. While eating our lunch though the bell above the door opened and a familiar scent hit my nose making me look up and see my parents walk into the cafe.

“Maybe it isn’t too late to fix things after all” Jasmine says, nudging me with her elbow. My mother sniffs the air before looking around and her eyes fall on us in the back corner. She smiles brightly before touching my fathers arm and pointing us out and she walks over to us.

“Hey girls” My mother says and Jasmine drags her food to the other side and we all slide over and my mother sits down.

“Hey ma” I tell her standing up and leaning over the table to give her a kiss and hug before sitting back down. My father comes over sliding along the seat next to her.

“Girls, my pumpkin” He nods to Jasmine and Angie who both smile politely while my face turns beet red.

“I ordered for us, they said it wouldn’t take too long” My father tells my mother before stealing one of my chips.

“What are you three troublemakers up to, not going streaking again are you?” My dad asks and Jasmine giggles.

“No, but what is the go with pumpkin, Kat hates it” Jasmine asks and I shoot her a look and she shrugs.

“I bet it’s not even embarrassing” Angie says and I hoped the floor would open up and swallow me whole. My dad laughs.

“No I just think it is funny, she was only little” My dad tells her before looking at me.

“Fine you can tell them but don’t tell anyone” I tell the girls who nod.

“I promise, I will definitely tell my mate” Jasmine then says and I roll my eyes.

“When Kat was little we were decorating for halloween and hollowing out pumpkins, she was in the middle of toilet training and we left alone for a few minutes while we grabbed the rest out of the car to decorate the front verandah, came back and she went potty in the pumpkin” My mother says before she chuckles.

“That’s not so bad, why would you be embarrassed about that?” Angie chuckles.

“Oh it didn’t happen once, she refused to use the potty after and we had to constantly buy pumpkins until she was officially toilet trained, even had to cut the faces in them before she would use them, for a month all we ate was pumpkin soup so the entire pumpkin didn’t go to waste” My father tells them and I die of embarrassment.

“It’s okay Pumpkin we won’t tell a soul” Angie says tapping my shoulder with her hand.

“Except my mate” Adds Jasmine. I shake my head at them.

“So what are you girls doing afterwards?” My mother asks.

“Going swimming if you want to come?” Angie tells them.

“Where at?” My father asks.

“Back of the packhouse, just need to grab some swimmers first before we head out there” Jasmine says.

“Sounds nice, you want to go with them” My mother asks my father who nods before kissing her shoulder and I feel my lips tug up slightly.

“We can meet you out there if you want girls, so you don’t have to wait for us to finish eating” My mother tells us and I nod standing up.

“Yeah I need to swing by home and grab my swimmers anyway, and so will Angie” Jasmine says.

“Okay, say an hour and I will meet you out there?” My dad says looking at his watch.

“Sounds good, see you soon” I tell them, giving them both a kiss on the cheek and I was about to walk out when someone stepped out of the booth in front of ours and directly into my path bumping into me.

“Oh sorry” I tell them when they turn around and glare at me. Oh for the love of god. It was Ms Taylor.

“You should be” She snaps at me.

“You stepped in front of me, and I still apologised out of courtesy you rude b*tch” I tell her.

“How dare you speak to me like that, you have no right” She starts to say.

“I have every right to speak to you however I choose as your Luna. Must truly suck knowing I am the only person stopping you from being banished from this pack and you should do well to remember that, my kindness will only stretch so far Madeline. I suggest you learn your place” I tell her and my mother looks over at me, while Angie had a silly grin on her face and Jasmine pressed her lips together trying not to laugh.

“If you will excuse me” Maddeline says and I step aside for her.

‘Well you told her,’ Kora says.

‘I am just sick of being walked all over’ I tell her

“See you out there girls” My mother says, sending me a wink and we leave getting back in Angie’s car and leaving to get our swimmers.

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