Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 78

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 78

Ezra POV

It was killing me seeing Mateo like this. I don’t think he has spent one night sober in the last week, each night I have been having to drag him to bed, or finding him passed out somewhere outside. He was even brought home by two patrols two nights ago after he fell asleep while on duty. I don’t know how he does it, how he even manages to drag himself out of bed every morning to take himself to training, yet he is never late. Severely hungover but always on time.

Sitting in my office I hear someone come down the stairs. I had been pouring over the journal trying to find anything to help Kat, help us figure out what to do about Jackson. If there was some way to reverse it but there was nothing. Kat hated being a lunar wolf and I was worried about her safety given her capabilities she has barely tapped into.

Mateo’s scent wafts down the hall along with the smell of whiskey.

“Mateo come to my office please” I called out to him. I hear him stop on the stairs before he groans. My door opens and he steps into my office before sitting in the chair heavily. His hair was a mess, and he looked like Sh*t and smelled like a brewery.

“What?” He asks, leaning on my desk.

“You aren’t going to train like that” I tell him.

“Yeah right and who is going to do training?” He says getting up.

“I will, now sit down” I tell him. He growls before sitting back down.

“I’m worried about you” I tell him and he shakes his head.

“I’m fine Ezra, you don’t need to worry about me”

“Really? Because you have smashed your car, rode off your ute and the patrols had to bring you home the other night, not to mention the amount of times I have dragged your sorry a$s to bed myself” I tell him.

“You know what I don’t need this, I won’t train then. Are you done now Bro I have things to do”

“Like get drunk?” I ask and he growls getting up before walking out.

“Mateo!” I call before getting up and following him out when he doesn’t stop. He heads for the front door.

“Don’t make me command you Mateo” I tell him and I see Kat start walking down the stairs before she stops on the bottom step looking at his retreating figure.

“Command me, really Ezra you would force me to stay and watch you two in all your sickening happiness, are you truly that F*cking selfish?”

“Mateo” Kat says, shocked at his outburst.

“No, Kat. I am happy you two have each, I am. But it is awfully F*cking lonely in this house when you have no one, when you are always the third wheel. I killed my mate for you, my mate and yet, you know what I am done”- He says turning around.

“Wait where are you going?” I ask.

“To fix my Bl**dy car” He says walking out and slamming the door behind him. I looked at Kat who was a little startled but said nothing, I could feel her guilt eating at her at his words and it angered me. He made her feel guilty for his own actions, though I knew that was never his intention, he wasn’t like that. She never asked him to do that and he knows that.

“He is just angry, he wouldn’t have meant what he said Kat”

“Sure sounded like he did” She says walking off toward the kitchen.

I follow after her and she flicks the kettle on, I wrap my arms around her waist and she sighs softly my scent calming her before she reaches up and grabs some mugs.

“Don’t make me one, I have to go handle training. Will you be right here on your own, or you can come” I tell her.

“No, my father is coming over today, I want to see him and find out how he is doing with mum and everything that is going on” She says and I nod.

“Is your mother coming with him?” I ask her and she shrugs.

“I’m not sure, I don’t even know if they are talking yet” She says and I could feel her sadness of her family falling apart yet I couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for Shirley. She did it to herself.

“They will figure it out” I tell her and she nods before reaching for the kettle that has just boiled.

“Is that why Mateo is upset because you told him he can’t do training?” She asks and I step away from her leaning on the counter.

“Mateo is upset for a lot of reasons Kat, but he will get over it” I tell her and she nods before chewing on her bottom lip. My thoughts were churning violently and even Maddox felt bad for Mateo and Ares. Something had shifted with him, something drastic he was no longer jealous of how close they were like he almost accepted it.

“What do you think of Mateo?” I ask her genuinely curious. She looks at me funny.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean do you like him?”

“I thought Maddox was over that, is he really still thinking I am going to leave him?” She sighs before rolling her eyes. His jealousy and possessiveness was extreme yet he seemed unfazed by me asking her. Not a growl, nothing from him yet I could feel him listening to us.

“What’s Kora think of him?” She shrugs.

“What are you getting at just spit out Ezra, what are you asking?” She says pouring water into the mugs.

“Never mind” I tell her and she peers at me over her shoulder.

‘You know we aren’t gay right, it wouldn’t work out?’ Maddox finally speaks.

‘Yet you don’t seem opposed to the idea’ I tell him.

‘He loves her, he would help keep her safe, but we aren’t gay’ He says with a shiver putting mental images in my head of men.

‘Stop that’

‘Exactly’ he says and I shake my head before realising Kat was watching me curiously.

“I should go, I will be back at 12” I tell her, kissing her forehead before walking out of the kitchen. I could feel her confusion, but I could also feel her questioning what I just asked her. Opening the front door, I see Mateo carrying the socket set over to his car.

“I will be back at 12” I tell him and he nods but says nothing and I stop looking at him.

‘Na i am not sucking D!ck, I don’t care what you’re thinking but it isn’t happening’ Maddox says before gagging.

‘I never said we had to’

‘You would really let Kat mark him?’ Maddox asks a low growl escaping him.

‘He loves her maybe’-

‘No, it would be strange’ Maddox retorts.

‘Yet you aren’t disgusted with the idea, I can feel you Maddox and go back a month you would have ripped him apart at me thinking that, what changed’

‘He never slept with her’

‘What do you mean?’ I ask him.

‘When she was in heat, he loved her enough to fight his own instincts, loves us enough not to hurt us, he is no threat to us’ Maddox says.

“Are you leaving or just going to stand there, training starts in twenty minutes” Mateo says, making me focus on what I was meant to be doing.

“Kat is inside”

“Figured that when she didn’t come outside with you” He says rummaging through his sockets.

“I will apologise to her later, just leave me be Ezra” He says before walking around to the bonnet and popping it. I nod before turning toward my car and getting in. I huff when I realise I still hadn’t cleaned up the glass from it and the seat was wet from it raining last night.

‘Deal with it when we get home, I am eager to go kick some ass’ Maddox says.

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