Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 76

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 76

Katya POV

Waking up I felt like I had been hit by a truck, every part of me felt broken. The rooms smelt like a brothel and I scrunch my nose up at the scent when everything smashed into me at once. Like a bad horror movie yet I starred in it. I could remember every detail yet it was like it wasn’t me, like watching an old fuzzy memory you aren’t sure is really yours.

I remember me attacking Mateo yet even that didn’t feel like it was me only I knew I did it. Remember Maddox and the Alpha’s. Everything but it wasn’t me, like someone else had the controls and I was purely an observer to my own actions. Shame and guilt pushed me up right in bed before I broke down. I assaulted Mateo, my own friend and cheated on Ezra.

“Woah lay back down, you are pretty badly banged up” comes Ezra’s voice beside me. I looked at him shocked he would even come near me after what I did.

“Hey, why are you crying?”

“Because I…” I couldn’t even bring myself to say it, the shame I felt at what I subjected Mateo too. The guilt I felt at what I put Ezra through.

“Kat, stop. Breathe” Ezra says, each sob took my breath, agony radiating up my side.

“Kat, you need to stop crying, your ribs are badly bruised, that’s why it hurts to breathe, I can get you some pain killers” Ezra says and I look at him.

Painkillers, why the F*ck would he get me painkillers, how could even look at me after what I did.


“I cheated, I assaulted Mateo” I blurt out before crying and he flops back on his back with a sigh.

“You didn’t assault Mateo and you didn’t cheat on me, is that really why you’re crying? You were in heat Kat”

“But that doesn’t change what I did, how can you even look at me, Maddox must hate me”

“I don’t hate you and I told Mateo to stay with you. Anything you did or didn’t do is not on you or Mateo” Ezra breathes. His hand rubbing my back.

“I will get you some pain killers”

“I don’t need painkillers that is not why I am crying”

“Kat, look down” Ezra says, confusing me. I did and my skin was black and blue and I tried to remember how I got so badly bruised when I remember Mateo healing me.

Looking back at Ezra, I notice his entire chest and torso was littered in scars, the deepest down his ribs matching the bruising across mine.

“You look like you got put through a blender” I gasp.

“Thanks, nice to know. You healed me and we tried to heal you back but you were to busy trying to take what you wanted from me, Maddox was too weak to shift to heal you that was the best we could do”

“You tried to heal me after what I did?” I asked a little shocked.

“Oh my goddess Kat, you did nothing wrong”

“Mateo get in here” he yells out.

“What? Don’t call him, I can never look him in the eye again after what I did” I tell him, though I hear Mateo walking down the hall before the door opens.

“I’m naked” I squeak, ripping the blanket up to cover myself.

“Kind of defeats the point when you had your cooter rubbing on me” Mateo says and my face heats embarrassingly.

“Mateo do you feel assaulted, Kat thinks she assaulted you?” Ezra says waving his hand in his direction.

“Huh?” He chuckles.

“Oh right, you’re talking about when you were dry humping me in the bathroom, and gave me a massive case of blue balls to wake up to?” Mateo said, though he was smiling.

“Cheers for that by the way, my hands are so calloused from all the wanking and don’t get me started on my soldier, practically rubbed the skin off it,” he says.

“I’m so sorry” I tell him my face must be beet red, I could feel how hot my face was, like all my blood rushed to that area.

He winks at me, “it’s fine Kat, you can rub on me anytime. I won’t complain, though probably will not be advised with Mr cranky pants right there”

“I’m not cranky?” Ezra says.

“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that’s just your normal face, whoops” Mateo says and Ezra lobs his pillow at him. Mateo shuts the door, the pillow hitting it before he opens it again.

“But as payment for my now broken D!ck, you two lucky people get to watch Finding Nemo with me tonight, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, how exciting for you both right?” Oh my gosh he was an idiot, a loveable one though, not a serious bone in his body.

“Fine” Ezra says and Mateo squeals like a girl.”Really? finding dory is on there too, movie marathon” Mateo squeals hurting my ears.

Ezra laughs, shaking his head.

“Well I shall leave you two lovebirds, oh and by the way I hope you haven’t got chapped lips, because there is no vaseline left and if you go into my room don’t touch the socks on the floor” he says, shutting the door and walking back out.

“See perfectly fine, so stress less” Ezra says tugging me down on his chest.

“Is Maddox mad?” I ask him tracing my finger over the scar on his chest.

“No, he seems different,” Ezra says.

“How so?”

“Calmer, it’s hard to explain,” he says.

“Kora?” He asks after a couple of seconds.

“Asleep, I can hear her thunderous snoring in my head, sounds like a freight train” I tell him and he nods, his brows furrowing.

“I saw your mother last night” he tells me and I sit up worried.

“She is fine, she took on Nicolas and”

“And what?” I ask nervously wondering if Maddox hurt her.

“She saved my life” he admits. I raise an eyebrow at him.

“That surprises you?”

“Well yeah actually it does, I can see why she has the reputation she has, I have also decided you can see her again, but she comes here for now, I don’t want you going off with her. Not yet at least” he says and I nod, a silly smile slipping on my face at his words.

“What happened to the other Alpha’s?” I ask him, remembering that they chased me out of the office.

“Harley went home, Nicolas and Andrei were sedated and locked up, though Andrei we aren’t on good terms with anymore”

“Why, because you attacked him?”

“No because he wants you to be on his beck and call if he helps with Jackson, I said no by the way”

I rolled my eyes at his words, I was over people wanting to use me like I was some tool.

“He won’t get near you, pack warriors will escort him off the territory when he wakes” I nod pressing my lips in a line.

The day seemed to slip by quickly and we remained in the room for most of the day. I was too sore to do much else, only slipping on our pajamas as the day ended and just before Mateo rushed in jumping on the bed and making himself comfortable.

“You seem in a very good mood” I tell him.

“Yep, Jasmine finally messaged me back wanting to get coffee tomorrow, and I got to pick the movie” he says grabbing the remote. Ezra looks at him from the dresser.

“You know you have us right?” Mateo looks at him funny before Ezra’s voice flits through my head. “I know about Jasmine” he says his eyes darting to me and I give him a nod.

“Yeah I know that, why are you being weird? Of course I have you guys, you would die of boredom without me” he states before hitting play.

“Have we got popcorn?” Mateo asks and I felt bad knowing tomorrow Jasmine would devastate him.

“Yeah I will go grab it, Chinese? The one down the road delivers” Ezra asks and Mateo shrugs not caring before yanking my pillow out from under my head.

“Hey that’s mine” I tell him and he pats his chest and I roll my eyes leaning on him.

“Don’t get two comfortable, I will be back”

“Yep if you’re nice you can snuggle into my other armpit” Mateo tells him.

“Hard pass” Ezra tells him,

“I will let you be big spoon, even though you get hard for me” Mateo tells him, wiggling his eyebrows at him.

“That was the remote”

“Sure it was, you just don’t want to admit you want this” Mateo tells him.

Ezra shakes his head before walking out to order dinner and retrieve Mateos popcorn he asked for.

Mateo spent the night mimicking the movie, he knew every word making me wonder how many times he had actually watched it. He then made us watch finding dory twice before he finally crashed along with Ezra, getting up I pack up the popcorn bowl before using my hand to removes the crumbs they managed to spill on my side before taking the dinner plates to the kitchen, coming back to the room, I had to hold in my laugh when I found Ezra with his leg chucked over Mateo and Mateo snuggled under his chin breathing in each others faces, Mateo’s arm chucked awkwardly over Ezra’s.

‘And they think they don’t have a bromance, they look quite comfortable breathing in each other’s face’ Kora chuckles.

‘Welcome back about time you woke up’ I tell her climbing in bed.

‘Heat is exhausting’ She says,

‘But you didn’t have to do anything’ I tell her pulling the blanket up.

‘Don’t make this competition on who is more tired, I needed a nap’ she tells me when we hear this long high pitched sound like a balloon pinched between two fingers as the air is expelled, I look around trying to find the noise when the smell hits me and a warm draft reaches my legs.

‘He didn’t? Please tell me that wasn’t real’ Kora says. Mateo shifts the smell wafting out from under the blanket.

‘Oh my Fcking god, kill it, kill it, Fcking banish him’ Kora gags in my head while I peg my nose.

I thought you said you wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting’ I tell her remembering when she first came to me and was checking him out.

‘I change my mind something is dead inside him, I can almost taste it,” Kora says disgusted,

“ But by the looks of Ezra he doesn’t seem to mind the stench, look he’s even snuggling closer’ I tell her shaking the blanket to rid the smell.

‘Great now we have to smell stale arse all night’ Kora says as I lay down.

‘Gotta love him farts and all’ I tell her. getting comfortable.

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