Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Ezra POV

They just kept coming, as I got to the packhouse. Worse still these were my men and killing them has to be a last resort but keeping them back was another thing entirely.

And Andrei was relentless, we have been stuck out outside the packhouse for over an hour now, I couldn’t get in without opening the shutters which for now was no longer an option.

Maddox was growing weary, yet Andrei still kept coming.

‘Behind you Maddox’ I tell him and he pivots just in time to see Nicolas had awoken and caught up to us. His claws ripping down our side as Andrei sinks his canines into my other side, losing our breath in a wheeze as I feel my lung collapse,my rib breaking from the pressure.

We couldn’t keep this up, Maddox won’t last much longer, our ability to heal slowing with each blow.

Mathias and Jasmine shooting each dart with precision taking down our patrol’s while I am being torn apart by two Alpha’s.

“She’s not mine” is all I keep hearing through the mindlink, yet concentrating on it was distracting me and Maddox before I feel our front shoulder ripped into by Nicolas. I was done for, as they both attacked. Could feel our flesh being torn, feel teeth sink into the soft part of our torso.

‘Mateo will keep her safe’ Maddox says to me, even he knew this was how we would die as felt my back leg dislocate. So many injuries, not enough time to heal before the next as they both try to rip me to pieces. I see Andrei lunge for my throat when suddenly he is hit from the side and knocked into Nicolas taking them both down.

“Get to my daughter” I hear through the link before seeing her sandy wolf. Shirley attacking them. Andrei sinks his teeth into her neck and Maddox pulls himself to his feet, forced to run on three legs while Shirley is forced to shift back.

“Can’t leave her” I tell Maddox. Kat would hate us if we left her to die. Before I could even get to her I see Derricks wolf take on Andrei and Shirley staggers to her feet just as Nicolas lunges at her but I will give her one thing, her reputation for being the best female warrior in history was well deserved as even injured she still was willing to take him on in human form.

She steps to the side kicking him in the face just as Maddox tears into him.

Derrick tearing into Andrei blow for blow, when I see Jasmine rushing toward us out of the corner of our eyes. She raises the dart gun firing for four into Andrei, he grunts from the impact but still keeps going, how Jasmine is able to aim accurately without hitting Derrick was beyond me before she turns and I duck out off the way as I hear the click, the darts smashing into Nicolas chest as he tries to sink his teeth into me before falling limp on top of me.

Derrick ripping him off me and we stand, Derrick’s wolf dropping his head pushing us upright. When Shirley comes running toward us. Maddox growls at her.

“She just saved our life Maddox” I tell him yet he still growls before taking a step toward her, Derrick however shoving in front blocking him.

“She is still my mate and Kat’s mother” he mind-links.

Shirley stares at him and he looks at her before turning back to me.

“Get to your mate” Derrick says and I look around to find only a few wolves left, Mathias and Jasmine taking them down with the tranquilizers.

Maddox shifts back yet still refuses to hand over control. Mathias shrieks when he sees our injuries that slowly were healing. Maddox, using my hand, places it on my stomach to prevent my organs falling out.

“Ezra here” Mathias says and Maddox looks at him. Mathias takes a step back.

“Sorry Alpha, I thought it was Ezra” he says, noticing Maddox still had control.

“I’m fine thanks to…Shirley” he says looking at her as much as he hated the words it was true, as much as he hated her we owed her for saving our life. Maddox walks to the car before pulling on the handle. The car locked when he punches the window in on the passenger side, the glass shattering before ripping the door completely off the glove compartment and retrieving the spare remote.

“How does it work?” He asks me.

“Yellow button will undo just the door shutter” I tell him and he presses it before turning on his heel and heading for the house.

“Maddox give me control please, Mateo is in there with her, you hurt him I won’t forgive you” I tell him, yet he ignores me trying to shove me back. I see Jasmine out of the corner of my eye and Maddox too stops when he catches sight of her running into the arms of another, he sniffs the air.

“She is marked, and not by Mateo” Maddox growls before walking over to her. Angie’s older brother staring warily.

“Mateo know?” Maddox asks her, she glanced nervously at her mate before shaking her head.

“You make sure you tell him then” Maddox snaps at her. She nods before baring her neck to him. Her mate staring at her oddly.

Maddox turns heading for the door, yet I could feel how on edge he is as he refused to give me control back. Opening the door her scent smashed into us and Maddox growled before hitting the button in the remote and shutting the shutter again. Locking us inside with them.

“Maddox please”

“No” is all he says as he walks up the steps taking them two at a time, his hand still holding our stomach together. The bedroom door was open and he followed their scents into the bathroom.

“She is not mine” we hear Mateo muttering as we walk in to find them on the shower floor. Mateos head resting on the shower wall, his eyes closed before opening them when he picks up our scent in the room. Kat in his arms and she lifts her head sniffing the air before turning to look at us. No recognition in her eyes as her instincts registered our scent yet Mateo doesn’t let her go like he was afraid to move even as she thrashed in his arms trying to get to us.

Maddox opens the shower screen, crouching on his feet before reaching for her.

“I didn’t… we haven’t done anything” Mateo breathes. One hand under her a$s the other securely around her shoulders.

“I know, I would smell if you had,” he says, prying Mateo’s arm off her. She turns nearly knocking us backwards as her body hits ours in a blur. Maddox groans at the pain of her body colliding with ours as her legs locked around us, her lips going to our neck. Maddox wraps his arm around her, and I could feel our injuries healing as she attacked us.

“Enough kitty, you will grow weak” Maddox growls at her. Mateo frozen, his entire body tense as we forced forward back to the crouching position with her tucked in our lap.

Maddox stands walking to the room, before grabbing the handcuffs off the bed and securing one to her wrist and the other to the bed head.

Kat whimpers as we step away from her. “Hang on kitty, I will give you what you want, I just need to deal with Mateo” he says and I try to shove forward as he turns to the bathroom.

Mateo is still on the floor not moving, his entire body tense and locked in the same position as Maddox bends, crouches standing on our toes in front of him. My heart skips a beat when Maddox grabs the back of his neck. Mateo resigned to the idea of his death when Maddox pressed his forehead to Mateo’s.

“Thank you” Maddox says, shocking not only me but Mateo.

“We don’t deserve a friend like you, we don’t deserve her. Yet you never took her, and thank you Ares” Maddox says. Mateos eyes flickering black.

“We serve for you” Ares says, Mateo’s voice becoming rougher deeper as Ares answers.

“No you stand with me, always have even when we don’t deserve you by our side” Maddox tells him and he nods before giving Mateo back control.

Maddox lets him go, and we could hear Kat’s cries in the room behind us, feel her agony.

“Do you need help or can you walk out of here”

“I can’t move,” Mateo says and Maddox nods.

“Just do it” Mateo breathes out.

Maddox nods his fist clenching.

“Wait! Just not the nose, I don’t want it to heal crooked can’t ruin my sex appeal” Mateo says as Maddox raises his fist. Maddox chuckles.

“No we don’t want that” he says and Mateo chuckles, dropping his head forward.

“On 3” Mateo says and Maddox nods to him.

“One” Maddox says before punching him in the temple and knocking him out cold.

“You didn’t kill him,” I tell Maddox.

“I meant what I said” Maddox answers before grabbing Mateo and tossing him over his shoulder. He stands walking out the bedroom and our room, heading for Mateo’s bedroom and placing Mateo on his bed before pulling his blanket up, he nods before turning and walking out, shutting the door behind him.

“Now let’s go help our mate” he says walking toward the bedroom and I feel him give back the reins and move back to the shadows of my mind.

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