Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 74

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 74

Mateo POV

Ares was struggling with not attacking her, her scent getting in our head. Heat has literally caused wolves to go insane, there is no reasoning, no commanding that will stop a heat crazed wolf and now I was locked in a house with her while her mate was locked out fighting off three Alpha’s and half our patrol’s.

If I hadn’t lived with her and become accustomed to her normal scent. I would be alongside them wanting to mate her at any cost. Running into the kitchen while I still have some wits about me, I grab the duct tape before running to my room.

I close the door, locking it, before jamming shirts under the gap below the door and duct taping it in place before using the tap to cover the side and top, anything to stop her scent getting in the room.

“Is she home?” Ezra rushes through the link.

“Yes but we have an issue, I am stuck in the house with her”

“All mated wolves get to the packhouse and hold your brothers back” I boom through the link, their voices flitting through my head as they rush to help. I wondered how many would be killed, we didn’t have time to alert them to stay away. Her heat came out of nowhere.

Not even Ezra can command a crazed wolf once locked onto a scent.

“She is injured, I couldn’t check her, but she is bleeding, badly you need to get here” I mind link. The howls outside were deafening. And I could hear her in pain down the hall, yet I could do nothing to comfort her, all I could do was stare at the door.

She was still in the first faze, if Ezra doesn’t get in the house faze two won’t be good, especially with me trapped in the house with her. Faze two is uncontrollable lust, she will want to mate, be forced to, to stop her agony. So not only will Ezra be fighting to get in, he will also be fighting her to get out.

“Keep my link to you open don’t close it, you can do this Mateo you can fight it, if not for me you can for Kat” Ezra links before I hear Maddox get the air knocked out of him.

“What’s going on?” I ask needing the distraction.

“Harley ran, he found his mate but hasn’t marked her, but was able to leave. Nicolas is unconscious but won’t be for long, Andre Maddox is currently dealing with him” Ezra says.

“How many patrollers were there outside?” He asks.

“Around 20 maybe more now it’s awfully loud out there” I tell him clutching my hair as her scent gets stronger not even the duct tape was helping.

Ares was on edge and my body starts to tremble.

“Mathias and Jasmine are on their way with her mother and tranquilizers to put them down but we may not have enough” Ezra says but I was too consumed with the war inside me to answer.

I could smell her blood from her injuries and she had fallen silent.

“Mateo?” Ezra calls.

“Mateo, I am struggling to feel her” he says, snapping me out of my head.


“How badly was she injured?”

“I….I.. don’t know, I was trying not to touch her, how far away are you” he goes silent and I could tell he was distracted.

“Ezra!” I yelled at him.

“There are so many,” he says before the link is lost.

“Ezra?” I call forcing the link, only getting nothing like the teether was gone.

I hear gunshots going off, and yelling before feeling the link click back in place.

“You right?”

“Not really, you need to check her. I can’t feel her. I don’t know if it’s me or her” he says, yet his voice sounded like he was struggling to breathe.

“I can’t go in there?” I tell him, I know all too well what it’s like to get locked onto a scent.

“I can’t help her right now, go Mateo”

I stood up pacing, her scent was already overwhelming without being in the same room as her.


“I can’t Ezra, you know what will happen”

“I rather her alive then dead get in that F*cking room” he commands.

“Keep her alive” is all he says as I try to fight his command. I walk in there not even Ezra’s commands will work on me.

‘What if she is hurt badly like he thinks’ Ares says restless, he knew what would happen yet even he was fighting against his own instincts when he suddenly forces his way forward. My limbs moving against my will as he takes over.

‘I can do this,’ he says, ripping the tape off before he howls at her scent.

“Keep it together Ares” Ezra tells him.

Our hands shake as we reach for the handle. Throwing the door open, I see her door slightly ajar. She never locked it. Panic kicking in when I see her blood seeping out from under the door when Ares shifts so quickly I don’t have a chance to hold him back, my bones snapping and rearranging before he runs toward her room.

I drop back not able to watch as he bursts into the room, the door hitting her and she groans in pain. I could almost see just by the sounds. When I hear her pained noises turn to moans and I try to force control, forcing forward to find her back torn to shreds, her ankle broken and also torn apart.

“More shockingly he wasn’t trying to mate with her, he was trying to heal her, making himself weaker in the process.

‘Her side Ares’ I tell him and he uses his nose, moving her arm away to get at the gaping claw mark down her ribs to her lower back.

She rolls regaining consciousness and looking up at Ares. “Mateo, get Ezra” she murmurs before passing out. Her body temperature was so hot the room had gotten even hotter.

‘Ares? We need to shift back and lock her door’

‘I’m not leaving her till she is conscious’ He says, nudging her with his nose.

‘You seem almost calm, how are you controlling it’ I ask confusedly, her heat was radiating out of her like a beacon. Inviting and delicious yet he was fighting his own desires.

‘Your not the only one that loves her, who loves Ezra’ he says before whimpering in my head and shifting back. I try to grasp on his teether and force him back, not trusting myself but he retreats leaving me bare with her.

“Mateo, how is she?”

“Ares healed her” I tell him and he goes quiet. Only mates are supposed to do that, it wasn’t my place.

“But is she ok?” He says though he didn’t sound too good himself when I hear gunshots going off outside.

“She is fine, just hot”

“Put her in the shower” he says and I shake my head, not willing to touch her, when her eyes open suddenly. Glowing brightly, blindingly bright before she growls and I realise instantly what it was.

She was in Faze two, her head snapping towards me and she no longer cared I wasn’t her mate, running on pure instinct and instinct only. All rational thought is gone when she lunges at me.

I jumped to my feet backing up toward the door, but she was quicker as she threw herself at me.

“No Kat,” I tell her, holding her arms as her legs wrapped around me, knocking me backwards. Her touch ignited instant arousal as I fought the need to to mate her. Her lips crashed against mine, yet I refused her entrance as she kissed me, feeling her tongue brush my lips as she tried to.

Shoving off the wall I was pinned against, I forced her closer and felt her licking and sucking on my neck, her hands grabbing and touching as she sought relief from her agony.

I turn the shower on cold, trying to ignore her grinding on me and pulling her higher up away from my throbbing erection. I sit under the stream of cold water and lean against the wall, hoping that bringing her temperature down may ease her discomfort. My hands under he a$s to keep her off me. She would hate me if I let her do this, her hips moving and I squeezed her trying to stop her hips from moving against me.

“She not mine, she not mine” I keep repeating, ignoring her licking and sucking my skin as she seeks release, release I am not supposed to give her.

“She’s not mine”

“She’s not mine”

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