Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 72

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 72
Waking up the next morning something was squashing my feet. My arm still awkwardly stretched across Ezra’s face, yet my legs felt pinned to the bed.

I kicked my legs before hearing a grunt and someone hit the floor making me sit up. Mateo sits up shaking his head.

“What are you doing at the foot of the bed?”

“Well I was sleeping until you kicked me and I think your toe went up my ass” he says rubbing his backside as he stands.

“I saw you go to your room” I tell him.

“I did but the lights were keeping me up, and Ezra had a hard on in his sleep so wasn’t comfortable sleeping with him dry humping my back and you took up the otherside” he says.

“Seriously how can someone so small take up so much room” he Huff’s.

“I did not have a hard on” I hear Ezra mumble and roll over.

“How would you know, you were asleep unless you took a baton to bed. I am pretty sure I didn’t imagine it” Mateo says.

Ezra reaches in his pocket, pulling out a key and unlocking the handcuff. He then tosses the blanket off and I rub my wrist. Standing up, Ezra grabs the remote that he was laying on.

“There my raging hard on” He says tossing it to Mateo who catches it. Ezra raises an eyebrow at him.

“Well how was I supposed to know it was a remote, I wasn’t going to feel for it in case it wasn’t, hmm I just thought you were excited about getting me in bed” Mateo tells him and Ezra shakes his head walking into the bathroom. While I giggle at him.

“Stop laughing, it isnt funny. I can still feel your toe in my ass, think it penetrated to the first knuckle” He says, making me laugh.

“You have pants on” I tell him.

“Yeah I had to pick them out, gave me friction burn,” He says and I shake my head.

“Well if you werent such a scaredy cat, you would have been in your own bed” I tell him.

Ezra comes out of the bathroom before rummaging through the walk in.

“Hurry up kat and get dressed. I need to leave in 20 minutes” He says tossing a dress on the bed. I look at it scrunching my face up at it. When did he buy this?

“Yeah I am not wearing a dress and where are we going?” I ask him looking at the black lacey fabric.

“Alpha Meeting and if you don’t want to wear it, find something else” He says before dropping his pants and putting on some jeans.

“You still coming?”He asks, looking at Mateo and he nods.

“Of course I always do” He says getting up from his spot on the bed. He walks out, closing the door.

“Why do I have to go, can’t I stay here?” I ask him.

“You are my Luna are you not?” He asks.

“But arent we supposed to keep me hidden?” I ask.

“The point to that would be? Because last I checked you have alerted the one person who I wanted to avoid to you being a Lunar wolf and awakened. So no point in hiding it now” He says.

“But I don’t know nothing of being a Luna”

“Exactly that’s why you are coming, I don’t trust you on your own and until I do, take it as a learning exercise” He says before leaning over the bed. He grips my chin pulling me forward before pecking my lips.

“Get dressed” He says before letting go.I sigh hopping off the bed.

“Next week I want to introduce you to the pack, it is about time they knew about you” He says.

“Pretty sure they know you have a mate by the mark on my neck, and news travel fast through school”

“Yes but I would like to make sure that they understand what that means, Kat” He says pulling on a black shirt.

“So why the Alpha meeting?” I ask him.

“Just neighbouring Alpha’s, if we go to war with Jackson which I suspect we will. I want them to know, don’t need them thinking we are attacking if things spill over into their territories, just a courtesy call”

“You think they would attack?”

“No, they aren’t that stupid, but still it is good for them to be aware so it doesn’t cause conflict later” I grab some black slacks and a blouse from the cuboard before laying them on the bed. I pull off my pajamas before grabbing my bra and putting it on.

“So what do I have to do then?”

“Just watch for now, most matters Mateo and I will deal with, but you are also head of this pack you can’t avoid everything Kat. Be good for you to get out of your comfort zone” He says walking over to me as I slip my blouse on. He walks into the bathroom before returning with my hairbrush and starts sbrushing my hair while I do up the buttons on my blouse.

“Which packs border yours?” I ask.

“Moss valley Pack, howlers forest Pack and Cold Creek Pack” He answered while running the brush through my hair.

“Will their Luna’s be there?” I ask.

“No, they are all unmated, but you will be fine. Besides, if you get too uncomfortable Mateo will bring you home, but try and stay please” He says, kissing my jaw. I nod.

“So about last night, you’re”

“Not now Kat, I am still P!ssed off. Just leave it be, we can talk about it later”He says and I sigh before hearing a knock on the door.

“You can come in, she is dressed, not that you haven’t seen her naked before” Ezra says.

“Yeah well the whole school saw her naked” Mateo says before chuckling.

“I don’t need the reminder, but you have more times than I can count now, kind of seems pointless trying to hide her from you” Ezra says and my face heats at his words.

“What he has” Ezra says and I shake my head at him.

“Come we should go” He says and I follow him out and downstairs.

Feeling for Kora she stirs but once again is sluggish. ‘What’s going on with you?’ I ask her.

‘Feel so tired, and uncomfortable’ she says. She was making me nervous because yesterday I thought it was because I was drinking but now I wasn’t so sure, maybe she needed the Moon or something mum did say she becomes energised from it.

‘I’m not sure I just feel off, and so hot’ She says before huffing and wandering away. Sighing I let her rest following them out to the car. Mateo opens the passenger door and I climb in before he hops in the back behind me.

“So where is this meeting?” I ask.

“Not far from here, just on the border about ten minutes heading away from town” He says starting the car. We drove to the location which turned out to be a small office building, resembling more of an outdated house.

“Why here?” I ask looking at the run down place.

“We don’t like taking them into the territory nor do they like entering, this place is easily accessible by all of them too since this road we are now on is neutral territory, just like this place” Mateo explains behind me.

He pulls up in the small parking lot which would hold maybe four or five cars max. Getting out it looked derelict, graffitti covering half the building but when Ezra unlocks the door. Inside is clean and vastly different from its exterior. Two rooms held offices while the rest of the place had been gutted and opened right up. A small kitchenette was off to the side, and an oval desk in the centre with fabric chairs and a lounge off in another corner. The windows were heavily tinted from the outside but from here you could see out them clearly. Walking down the hall next to the two offices I find a modern bathroom.

“If this is neutral territory, who owns it?” I ask.

“The pack does, was better than leasing it so we brought for this specific purpose”

“Yeah, the place was a dump when we got, suppose the outside still is,” Mateo laughs.

Cars start pulling up and parking and men jumping out. A burly looking man with a beard and his hair tyed at the nape of his neck comes inside. He looked to be in his mid 30’s maybe late 30’s.

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