Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 71

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 71
“To get a drink” I lie and he nods letting me go before snuggling back into his pillow. I wait a few minutes for him to fall back asleep.

I walk to the walk in grabbing one of Ezra’s shirts from the hanger.

“You have drunk too much Kat, I don’t think I can shift, I feel queasy” Kora says. Great, now I had to run, I felt fine though. Grabbing some track pants and a jumper, I slip them on, ditching Ezra’s shirt on the floor before sneaking out.

Going down the steps, I forget about the third one and it creaks. My heart almost stopped at the loud noise, made louder by the deafening silence that had fallen over the house.

It took me thirty minutes, quicker than last time to get there and I stayed for around an hour when my mother told me to head home because I couldn’t stop yawning. Trudging back we part ways when I am halfway back home.

Kora was off making me wonder if me drinking affected her and not me, because I felt completely sober while she felt sluggish. Hearing a twig snap. I freeze, sniffing the air, my heart hammering in my chest and Kora stirs nervously.

‘What is it’

‘Must have been an animal’ I tell her and I keep walking yet I felt like I was being watched.

I move quicker and start running when I hear movement behind me making me run faster. When I hear another twig snap off to the side of me.

My eyes darted around looking between the trees when I saw Mateo walk towards me before stopping his arms folded across his chest.

“I’m sorry Kat, you left me no choice” he says.

“What did you do?” I ask him, taking a step back when I hear footsteps behind me. I spin around to see Ezra walking toward me from amongst the trees.

His eyes blazing in his fury. I look at Mateo. He was leaning on a tree watching me before his eyes darted to Ezra.

“I was hoping he was wrong, clearly I was wrong for trusting you” Ezra says.

I feel tears threaten, Mateo gave me up, how did he even know?

“Kat?” Mateo says.

“Save it Mateo you’re supposed to be my friend”

“I am your friend Kat, but you are also my Luna, my job is to keep you safe, keep Ezra safe and I can’t do that if you are running off into the woods of a night, my job is to protect you even if it means protecting you from your own poor choices ” Mateo says.

I felt cornered, Ezra reached for me, his fingers wrapping around my arm gently.

“Have you shifted out here?” I don’t say anything. Instead swallowed and was about to say no.

“Don’t lie to me” Ezra says and Mateo steps forward holding out something.

“I was going to give this to Ezra tomorrow, hoping I was wrong and that it was from the night you shifted, until I felt you climb out of bed. You lied to me Kat, I nearly had a heart attack when I woke up and you weren’t back from getting a drink” Mateo says.

He passes it to me and I look down at it, to find it is a photo of me with my mothers wolf, me also in my wolf form.

“You put yourself at unnecessary risk Kat” Ezra growls.

“Where did you get this?” I ask, looking at Mateo.

“Jacksons men” he answers and I hang my head. F*ck!

I shrug off Ezra’s arm, “I am trying to hold it together right now Kat’, but I suggest you start walking home” Ezra says. I sniffle before pressing my lips together and walking ahead. Both Ezra and Mateo following behind me. Getting to the house, I know I was in some deep Sh*t. I felt betrayed by Mateo, why did he have to involve Ezra?

“Kat, I’m sorry but you can’t be out in the woods alone” Mateo says, grabbing my arm, he pulls me to him wrapping his arms around my shoulders while I try push him away.

“I would never do something to hurt you kat, but I can’t always be your friend. Not when you do something as dangerous as leave without telling anybody” He whispers before kissing my forehead. I growl at him annoyed, he could have just got me. I dont see why he had to wake Ezra up.

“Don’t be P!ssed off at him, he was only doing his job. You brought this on yourself” Ezra says from where he was watching us from the doorway. He nods to Mateo and he lets go walking upstairs.

I walk upstairs noticing all the lights were on and start flicking them off. I could still Mateos bedroom light on and knew he was too chicken to sleep with it off as I walked toward our bedroom. Ezra silently followed behind me, and his silence was almost worse than his raging fury. At least when he was screaming I kknew what was going to happen, his silence felt lethal, deadly and if I couldn’t feel the raging storm brewing within, I wouldn’t have realise how angry he was at me.

I walk into the room before getting in bed and Ezra waits by the door before I see Mateo pass him something. My stomach drops when Ezra closes the door before walking over to me with a set of handcuffs in his hand.

“You can’t be serious?”

“I can’t have you running around while I am asleep, don’t argue with me and be happy this is all I am doing right now”

“Happy? You want to handcuff me?” I tell him as he cuffs one to his wrist before clamping the other on mine.

“It’s better than the alternative” He growls, pushing me to the centre of the bed.

“And what’s that Ezra, you going to let Maddox have me? Put me in my place?” I snap at him when he grabs my face.

“Don’t tempt me” He says, his grip loosening as his eyes flicker, he rubs his thumb below my eye before letting out a breath and pressing his forehead to mine.

“Just go to sleep” He says before letting go and laying down beside me. He pulls on the cuff forcing my arm around him and making me lay with my head on his chest.

“Don’t ever do that again”

“You wouldn’t let me see her”

“With good reason too” He says, I could feel his body trembling beneath me as he fought to keep Maddox at bay after a while it stopped.

“I won’t have you running off, you want to see her take Mateo with you, I don’t trust myself not to kill her” he says kissing my head before he reaches over turning the lamp off.

“Now go to sleep”

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