Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 69

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 69

I kept watching the alarm clock, ticking down the minutes, every second coming closer the more nervous I got wondering if Mateo was asleep. After running into him on the stairs, I knew if he saw me leave he would alert Ezra, yet I said I would meet her and from what Mateo said she would be already waiting for me. When it was 11;40PM. I carefully unwrap Ezra’s arm from around my waist before climbing off the bed.

‘We will need to shift to get there on time’ I told Kora.

‘Sure that’s a good idea, he will be more furious we shifted, then he would be of us meeting her Kat’

‘No one will be up this late and we are far enough from the border patrols’ I tell her. She didn’t seem happy but also didnt say no either. I quietly sneaked down the hall walking to Mateo’s room before listening for movement, I could hear him snoring so I knew he was asleep.

‘Let’s go’ I tell her as we crept down the stairs, making sure to avoid the third step that creaks sometimes when weight is put on it.

Walking through the house as quietly as possible I go to the door leading out the back before stripping the shirt off, knowing Kora will carry it for me. I shift, the transition gettig easier each time as I feel my muscles bunch before releasing, my bones snapping and my face morphing.

Kora shakes out her fur before stretching her claws and digging them into the earth, she grabs the shirt in her mouth and moves through the yard before stopping. We looked up at the house to make sure no lights had suddenly turned on. None were on so we darted toward the treeline.

In wolf form it was so much quicker, Kora was lithe on her feet and fast, extremely fast when allowed to be let loose. Her paws barely made sound on the dirt as she moved smoothly through the forest weaving in between trees. I felt like nothing could catch us, the moon shining between the leaves energised us and I could feel the longer we were outside the stronger we seemed to be getting. When we reach the river, Kora stops dropping my shirt while having a drink, the moon shining down on us and she shivers as her tongue laps at the cool water of the river. It felt as if the Moon was almost warming us.

Hearing a twig snap, she looked up just in time to see my mother step out of the trees. She too had brought a shirt with her and I could tell it was one of my father’s by the fact it said dad is the best on the front.

“She is magnificent” My mother whispers, looking at Kora. Mum points to the Moon and we follow her finger and look up.

“The more you’re under it the more you glow. Your mother used to glow so bright just like the Moon, her eyes reminded me of the stars. Your wolf is just like hers. You probably feel stronger too, on a full moon no one will be able to outrun you, no one will be able to catch you, the Moon is like a battery source and never ending life force for you, that is why they call you a Lunar wolf” She says as she approaches.

My mother bends down in front of us rubbing Kora’s face. Kora purrs rubbing her face in her hands.

“You will protect her when I no longer can,” my mother whispers before kissing Kora’s furry head. She stands and I shift back before retrieving the shirt and slipping it on. Turning around, my mother hugs me before pulling me toward the river. She sits on the grass and I sit beside her.

“Did you find dad?” I ask her and she nods.

“Yeah he is staying at his colleagues place for the night, said we could talk tomorrow” She says and I place my head on her shoulder.

“I knew one day everything would come out, knew one day he would turn his back on me” She says with a sigh. I don’t say anything instead just letting her talk, letting her get it off her chest.

“I did love her Kat, she was my sister and my bestfriend, just my jealousy was stronger. I never wanted her to die, but once I saw her hurt I panicked. I knew your father would hate me so I covered it up” She tells me.

“There is something I need to tell you Kat, but please remember I wasn’t in the right mindframe when I agreed” She says and I pull away from her before looking up at her.

“Jackson helped cover it up on the promise I gave you to him, I had no intentions of giving you to him though. I honestly didn’t think he was serious but when you came of age, he told me he was going to tell the pack he was bannishing you so your father wouldn’t know, then he was planning to lock you away. I told your father we needed to leave before he could banish you and well obviously we came with you. I had to make sure we got you away so I asked your mate, knowing it was the one pack Jackson feared. I told your father I asked the others because he was worried about coming here. I knew this was the safest place, Jackson fears Ezra because”

“Because of his wolf” I answer for her and she looks at me.

“You know, he told you?” She asks and I nod my head.

“Yes, he told me and I have dealt with his wolf a few times. He isn’t so bad” I tell her and she seems to think.

“Stay with your mate Kat, he can protect you. Jackson won’t give up, he needs you not only because of his daughter but Darian asked to have you” When we left I got a text message saying he wouldn’t keep you prisoner that Darian agreed to mate you, so you could be free. I knew that was a lie though, you would never be free from him Kat, especially if Darian gets his paws on you” I nod, thinking of the vile Alpha’s son, he was cruel and an arorogant arsehole. I nod leaning back agaisnt her.

“Ezra needs the scrolls mum” I tell her and she squeezes my shoulder.

“If I had them I would give them to him, but after your shift I panicked and destroyedknowing if your father actually read them he would know I lied about there being a curse on childbirth. I should have come clean but I was scared about losing him, you are gone now and he is all I have left” She says.

“You destroyed them?” I ask incredulously. Sh*t Ezra is not going to like that.

“I’m sorry kat, I know I have been a terrible mother lately, fear makes you do stupid things some times” She says and she was right, everyone reacts differently when scared of something.

“Dad mentioned before our fight that had discussed you going into heat” She chuckles changing the subject..

“Yeah what is up with him being around for the awkward talks, I swear he enjoys embarrassing me” I tell her and she laughs.

“Yeah I think he does Pumpkin” she says and I nudge her with my elbow.

“Dad said you never went into heat, is that why you couldn’t have kids?”

“Yep, I don’t produce the pheromone or have ovaries, I have most of the parts just not the important ones, being a twin to a lunar wolf cost me a lot of things kat, one of them being able to have children, I was a very sickly baby my dad said, spent months in hospital after I was born from issues surrounding the birth” She says.

“Isn’t so bad, I feel bad for you. Every few months going through that”

“For the rest of my life?” I ask.

“No, only till he knocks you up”

“Great unless pregnant I suffer” I tell her and she laughs.

We sit and talk for a bit before I know I have to get back before Ezra notices me gone. I shift and she follows me to the treeline out the back of the house watching to make sure I get home alright. I climb the stairs on the back verandah and I shift back before waving to her telling her she can go, I see her duck her head before darting off into the trees while I sneak back inside the house. Creeping up the stairs, I feel relieved knowing they were still asleep and hadn’t seemed to notice me leave.

‘We reek of her scent’ Kora tells me and I sniff my shirt. I go back downstairs to the bathroom on the bottom level before stripping off and showering, tossing my shirt in the basket for Marge to wash. I showered quickly before wrapping myself in a towel and heading back to bed.

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