Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

I tried mindlinking my father all night to check on him but he kept shoving me out, trying again as I climbed in bed he finally let me in.


“Not now Kat, please stop, I just need quiet” he says, cutting the link off. I sigh, everything seems so dramatic right now. Things couldn’t get much worse than they are right now.

‘touch wood, are you trying to jinx us?’ Kora says as I pull the sheets up.

‘kat serious, touch F*cking wood’ I reach over and touch the bedside table.

‘happy?’ she huff’s going to the back of my mind. Ezra climbs in bed beside me, pulling me over to him.

“Mateo didn’t come home” I state, and Ezra presses his face in my neck.

“He went to the whore house, he and Jasmine had a fight,” Ezra says.

“They had a fight?”

He nods his lips trailing over my shoulder, as his hand slid under my top.

“Yeah he asked if he could mark her, mind linked me earlier” Ezra says while tugging his shirt up I was wearing.

“And I take it she said no?” I ask him, staring at the ceiling. They would make a good couple, I was hoping they would get together.

Ezra doesn’t answer, instead biting my breast and using his knee to push my legs apart before climbing between them.

“You right there? I was hoping to sleep” I ask him as his lips continue attacking my skin before he sits up on his knees and tugs my panties down,he tosses them over his shoulder before pressing himself against me. His mouth goes back to my neck and nips at it before adjusting himself, his hard length pressing against me before he slides into me making me moan at the fullness.

“Still want to sleep” he whispers below my ear while slowly moving in and out.

My walls flutter around him and I move my hips wanting him to move faster, enjoying the friction but needing more.

“Didn’t think so” he laughs softly before thrusting into me harder, his cock slipping in out of my wet folds slick with my sudden arousal.

His pace increases and I roll my hips trying to meet his thrusts, his hands moving to my hips pulling me down the bed before grabbing my leg, halting my movements as he lifts my leg placing it against his shoulder.

“You’re more flexible than I thought” He says kissing my ankle before slowly pulling out and pushing back in watching me.

“I’m not hurting you am I?” I shake my head before reaching up and grabbing his face, pulling his lips back to mine, he sucks my bottom, his tongue plunging into my mouth as he devours my lips refusing to let me control it. I tug on his side, and he speeds up ramming into me and I feel my muscles tighten, my arousal coating him as I feel myself getting closer.

“That’s it baby” He growls, biting my lip and slamming into me.

“F*ck you’re so wet” he breathes as my nails dig into his side and he hisses as they break his skin just as I reach my peak, and tumble over it making me moan. My temperature skyrocketing and my body tenses before releasing as my climax ripples over me, my walls squeezing him and he suddenly stills inside me, releasing himself inside me , his face against my collarbone as he tries to catch his breath. Both of us are breathing heavily and I feel like I just did a round of yoga that came with a happy ending.

Ezra rolls off me, his cock sliding out of me as he rolls on his back, he looks under his arm along his ribs. “You got me good” He says, making me sit up.

I look at his side to see claw marks across his ribs, his blood trickling down his ribs to his hip. I look at my fingertips not realising they even come out. Leaning over him I reach out to touch them when he grabs my arm stopping me.

“Give me a few seconds, I can heal you can’t, especially while you are in this form” He says. Pulling me against him.


“Why are you sorry, take a bit more than a couple scratches to hurt me” he says kissing my forehead. We laid there for a bit. Ezra’s fingertips trailing up my side when he gets up and walks into the bathroom. I hear running water before he returns with a wet cloth in his hand.

“Open your legs” he says, leaning over the bed and hovering above me.I do before feeling the cloth between my legs, his fingers moving gently between my folds, he pecks my lips before walking off and tossing it in the dirty hamper in the bathroom. He pulls on some boxer shorts before tossing me some panties from my drawer. I slip them on and watch as he flicks the light off only leaving the bathroom one on but closing the door so it doesn’t flood the room with light before climbing in bed beside me.

“Go to sleep, we need to get up early” He says, pulling me against his chest.

“I’m not going” I tell him.

“I can fire her Kat, you won’t have to see her again” he says pressing his nose to my hair.

“No, I think I might just do my exams, everything else I can do online” I tell him.

“So you don’t want to go now?” He asks and I shake my head.

“Fine by me I like having you home” He says before rolling me on my side and spooning me.

It didn’t take long before he fell asleep then I just had to fight my own tiredness to stay awake. Getting up, I still had an hour but was thirsty so climbed out of bed before walking down the hallway heading for the stairs. Turning onto the stairs I nearly jumped out of my skin when I ran into Mateo.

“F*ck you nearly gave me heart attack” I tell him clutching my chest. I was about to walk past him when he grabbed my arm.

“Why aren’t you in bed?”

“I’m getting a drink, you ok?” I ask and he lets go of my arm.

“I’m fine, hurry up and get back to Ezra” He says and I scrunch up my face, I am confused by his strange mood. I walk downstairs before grabbing the juice from the fridge and pouring a glass. I drink it before rinsing the cup and placing the juice back in the fridge. Turning around I headed back upstairs to see Mateo still standing there, his arms folded across his chest and he looked P!ssed off.

When I reach the top step he nods toward the bedroom door. “Get back in bed Kat” He says.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing but I am wondering why I just saw your mother not far from here when I was driving home, now get in bed or I will wake Ezra” he says.

“She is probably out for a run, she had a fight with my father” I tell him hoping he believes me. Technically it wasn’t a lie.

“I will feel a lot better once I know you’re in bed with your mate, now go” He says, pushing me toward the room. I give up stalking off toward the room and closing the door hoping he falls asleep before I have to leave.

I climb back in bed and Ezra pulls me over. “Where did you go?” He mumbles half asleep.

“To get a drink” I tell him, snuggling back down in bed.

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