Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 66

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 66
Kora wanted blood and I felt the first twinge of her forcing control. When I feel a hand drop on my shoulder. Mateos scent hit my nose as he crushed me under his arm to his chest.

“Do you need help leaving Madeline?” Mateo asks, his grip on my shoulders so tight and Kora knows shifting would mean hurting him. I feel her release the hold she has on me, my body relaxing and the trembling stops.

“Madeline leave” Ezra commands, a strangled whimper leaving her lips as she rushes past me while sending me a glare from the rejection.

Mateo lets me go. “You need to get yourself under control Kat, you can’t shift at school, you could expose yourself”

“So what, you expect me to watch her throw herself at you? I can’t believe you let me sit through a class with a woman you have clearly screwed, you Fcking jerk. I just sat through an hour of her being a btch only to find her practically sitting on your F*cking lap” I scream at him.

“Kat!” Ezra warns when a couple of teachers stop in the hall staring into the office.

“What the F*ck are you looking at?” I snap at them and they duck into the closest rooms.

“Kat, stop we can talk about this at home” Ezra says.

“I thought you don’t mess with pack wolf’s” I tell him.

“I don’t, she lost her mate, and I didn’t realise she was one of your teachers or I would have had your timetable changed, Mateo shut the door please” he says.

“Don’t bother I’m leaving” I tell him, pushing past him and heading for class.


“F*ck off Alpha” I spit as I race down the hall.

“Jasmine, where are you?” I mindlink.

“On the oval with Angie, what’s wrong?” she asks, alarmed.

“I don’t answer,”

“I’ll find you” she says, cutting the link as I try to see where I am going with my vision blurred from the tears threatening to spill.

Rushing down the corridor leading outside, I run straight into my mother. She grabs my arms to steady me.

“Where are you running too?” She asks before realising it was me.

“Kat?, Sh*t Kat what’s wrong?” She asks, wiping my tears with her hands.

“Honey, tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to go home” I tell her.

“Is someone picking on you, I have been trying to find you all morning to talk to you” she says pulling me against her. Her familiar scent wafts to me, and I hug her back.

“Tell me which student honey, I will make sure it stops. Just jealous little b*tches sweetie comes with being mated to an Alpha” she says.

“It wasn’t a student, it was Ms Taylor” I sob and she goes tense.

“Ms Taylor?”

“Yes, she was with Alpha Ezra, I was wondering why she had it out for me and then I just catch her throwing herself at him”

“What the Alpha do?” She asks, pulling me into the janitor’s closet.

“Told her to leave, but he yelled at me because Kora tried to shift” I sniffled.

“Oh honey, don’t you worry about Ms Taylor I will handle that, but you need to realise the Alpha has a past before you, you can’t hold it against him for who he was with before he met you, I am sure if knew she was your teacher he wouldn’t have allowed her near you” she says. I nod against her chest letting her soothe me, gosh I missed her. Sometimes you just need your mum to make everything better.

“Mum we should probably hop out before the janitor comes” I tell her before realising I was now covered in her scent. Ezra was going to lose it.

“Dad said you’re coming over on Friday?” I nod.

“Have you told Dad yet, if you do Ezra might let me see you more” she sighs and I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes, she would risk losing him to keep me.

“I promise I will do it tonight,” The bell rings, signally the end of the recess break.

“We need to go. I am sure the Alpha would be looking for you” my mother tells me. I nod and she opens the door before looking out.

“Coast is clear, I will handle Ms b*tch for you”

“Wait, what are you going to do?” I ask her as she starts walking off toward the teachers lounge.

“Need a sparring partner for training, I think she will do just great and saves you getting trouble for doing something” my mother says and I feel myself smile.

‘get her mum’ Kora growls her mood perking right up at her words.

“There you are I have been looking for you everywhere, what happened, who’s a$s am I kicking?” Jasmine says running around the corner and into me.

“Wait, is that your mum?” She asks, looking at me.

“Did she do something?” She asks and I shake my head before telling her what happened as she drags me to class. Walking in, I find Mateo sitting next to my desk.

“Where’s Ezra?” I ask.

“In his office” he says before reaching into my bag and grabbing my perfume out of it before stealing my jumper, tugging it off over my head.

“Use it, I can smell her all over you” Mateo says. I take it from him and he stuffs my jumper inside his shirt.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“Better he find you with my scent all of you then hers” he says before folding his arms over his chest and waiting for my teacher to enter the classroom.

The next two glasses dragged on, and I was in too much of a bad mood to focus on what the teachers were even saying, though by the time it was the lunch break I was over it. Jasmine and Mateo both tried cheer me up but I was dreading having to go home yet the thought of staying here didn’t sit well with me either.

Walking toward the parking lot, I head for Mateo’s car only to find he parked next to Ezra. I turn around about to head back to school when I see Ezra leaning against his car waiting for me.

“Kat don’t you walk away from me, you just caused a scene in front so many people now get in the F*cking car” Ezra snaps at me.

“Nope, I will get a lift home with Jasmine”

“Kat!” Ezra growls when I continue to walk away from him.

“Katya get here now” He commands, and I feel his Alpha aura smash into me. My feet became rooted to the ground, unable to take another step. I grit my teeth fighting his command, I feel sweat run down the back of my neck before I cry out at the intense urge telling me to submit to him. Kora whimpers in my head trying to urge me to what he says.

“Ezra! You’re hurting her” Mateo says to him.

“Stay out of it Mateo she didn’t accuse you of Sh*t in front half the staff, now Kat come here” Ezra says though he drops the command. A shudder runs through me as I feel it drop. Suddenly I hear an uproar of yelling and screaming coming from the training grounds.

“Mateo go see what’s going on, Kat now” Ezra yells at me.

Mateo heads toward the training grounds before I hear his voice flit through my head.

“Just go Kat, I will be home soon” Mateo says before rushing off. I turn around and walk back toward Ezra. His aura was intimidating as I approached him, he had his arms folded across his broad chest an angry look on his face.

He lets out a breath and I feel his aura drop slightly as he takes a step toward me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was one of your teachers, I didn’t hurt you, did I” He asks, reaching for me but I pull away from him. He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Just get in the car” He says, turning on his heel and hopping in the driver’s seat when I hear running coming up over the small hill leading to the carpark. Ezra rolls the window down

“Kat get in the car” He says, making me look at him. I sigh, grabbing the door handle and dropping my bag in. Just as I go to hop in. I see Ms Taylor step into the carpark looking rather frazzled, her clothes torn like she had been in a fight and on the losing end of it. I press my lips in a line to hide my smile. By the amount of blood on her face she clearly had her nose broken and a cut across her eye though she was mostly healed.

She turns glaring at me, before heading for her car while I climb in Ezra’s and put my belt on. Ezra tears out of the carpark at an alarming speed.

‘That’s our mumma’ Kora howls in my head.

“Do you have any idea how angry I am with you right now?” Ezra says, snapping me back to the situation at hand.

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