Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 65

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 65
Mateo never came home, which meant we had the place to ourselves. We spent most of the night watching movies, and Ezra is helping me catch up on the mountain load of homework I missed from the previous week.

“Homework should be banned” I mutter as I look at the English homework Mr Nagi gave me. I swear he gave me extra for Mateo embarrassing him.

“Stop whining and just do it, you wanted to go back to school. And school means homework”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one having to do it”

“When does it have to be in by?”

“Not till the end of the week,except this Bl**dy one. Mr Nagi is trying to get back at me, he wants it tomorrow”

“Well it is getting late, you can always skip tomorrow” he says taking my pen I was happily chewing on.

“Up, bedtime” he says, slapping my butt where I was laying on the living room floor.

“I still have to finish this” I tell him.

“What is it on?”

“Someone old dude called Eziah Mathers, Mr Nagi wants 2000 words on his accomplishments and life story or some crap and because I didn’t check the assignment, I never bothered with the library so have no information and G****e has nothing” I tell him.

“Sounds more like a history assignment, then a English one and why would you find information on a alpha on G****e or do you think we are just spilling our secrets to the human population?”

“See? Mr Nagi is out to get me, huh I think I will just take the F and tell Mr Nagi to get F’ed” I tell him.

“You will do no such thing, ask for an extension”

“Yeah right, have you met the old fossil, now thanks to Mateo I am going to fail English”

“I think you forget who you are, you can always tell him to give you the extension”

“I already get enough stares from the other kids. I don’t need them thinking I get away with everything just because you’re my mate” I tell him, closing my English book.

“You could always say your wolf ate your homework” Ezra says and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“That was a dad joke, my dad would be jealous” I tell him.

“The only thing I’m jealous of, is the pen you have been slobbering on for the past hour, now if you want something to suck on, I have just the thing for you”

Yawning, I stand up before dragging myself to bed. I was dreading school tomorrow.

‘remind me again of why you insist on going’ Kora asks as I flop face first on the bed.

‘because it’s boring and our only chance to see mum’ I tell her.

Ezra climbs in beside me before jerking me over to him.

“Why do I have to always be little spoon, roll over your squishing me” I tell him.

“Because you are small and can’t escape me” he says yawning before tossing his leg over mine.

I try to get comfortable before finally falling asleep.

Waking the next morning to hands running up my side, I roll trying to block the light from burning my eyeballs out of my head.

“Up, you have school”

“Nope, I fake sick” I tell him.

“If you’re going to fake sick, best not to tell the person who is taking you to school you’re faking” Ezra says making me sit up.

“Wait Mateo didn’t come home?”

“Nope, he spent the night at Jasmine’s. He is also filling in for border patrol” Ezra says.

“Then I’m definitely not going, I am not having you sit in my classes”

“You don’t have a choice, so get up or I will drag you out”

“Can’t you fill in for Mateo on border patrol?” he raises an eyebrow at me and presses his lips in a line.

“Fine I won’t sit in on your classes but I will be staying” he growls at me before muttering under his breath.

“Fine!” I tell him, getting up.

Ezra drove me to school, just as I was climbing out of his car, I spotted jasmine. She waves rushing over to me.

“Please tell me he isn’t sitting in our classes” Jasmine whispers nudging me.

“You know I can hear you?” Ezra asks her.

“No he isn’t”

“Ah thank the goddess, no offense Alpha, nothing more nerve wracking then having an Alpha breathe down your neck”

“Try living with one” I tell her and she chuckles.

“Nope Mateo is bad enough, B*stard took up my whole bed”

“How are you and Mateo going anyway”

“Hmm it’s fine, though he is a little clingy”

“A little clingy?”

“No, actually a lot clingy. He also made me follow him to the bathroom last night Bl**dy sook was scared of the dark”

“I take it you watched horror movies?”

“Yeah and it was crap, wasn’t even scary, the graphics were terrible” she says as we make our way to first period.

Walking through the corridors we notice a few stares. “What the F*ck you looking at Tammy?” Jasmine asks as the bimbo eyes us.

Everyone gives us side eyes. As we approach our classroom. Just as I am about to walk in I find myself jerked backwards by my bag.

“Forgetting something?” Ezra asks.

“Well that explains the stares, I thought he left” Jasmine mutters.

“Nope, have everything” I tell him looking at my bag when he jerks me closer. His lips crashed against my own before he pressed me against the brick wall, his tongue invading my mouth.

My face heats at his public display and I hear Jasmine snort with laughter. “Ezra!” I squeak around his lips. He pulls back, chuckling at my embarrassment.

“Have fun” he says before walking off down the corridor.

Jasmine whistles low. “Well that was something”

“Something embarrassing” I mumble.

“Katya Hartley, if you are done disturbing the rest of the class please take your seat” Ms Taylor says giving me a look of disgust.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning” Jasmine whispers as we find our seats.

Class was boring, what can I say I was quickly losing interest in school. Ms Taylor was a right b*tch for the entire class period. Walking out Angie catches up to us.

“F*ck what was up with her, she really has it out for you Kat, she looked like she wanted to claw your eyes out” Angie says as we make our way to english.

“So it wasn’t just me that noticed then?” I ask, here I was thinking I was imagining it all because I was bored.

“Nope, she was being a b*tch” Jasmine says. Walking into Mr Nagi’s class I wanted to run back out. His evil beady eyes lighting up when he spots me.

“Katya, hope you have that homework done?” He says, holding out his hand expectantly.

“I need an extension, I haven’t finished it yet” I tell him, that was a lie. I barely started it, literally wrote one line and that was his name.

“Hand over what you have down then, let’s see how bad our future Luna is failing classes” he says clicking his fingers.

‘Tell the old fossil to get stuffed, Kat. Seriously, what is up with your teachers today?’ Kora growls. I roll my eyes at her.

“Without the attitude young lady,” Mr Nagi says and I realise he thought I did it to him. I handed him my English book, waiting for the scolding I knew I was about to receive. Mr Nagi flicking through till he stops, he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Take your seat” he snaps but doesn’t give me my book back.

I sigh, going to my seat, when I see him reading before tapping the chalkboard with his ruler.

“Start on Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 3” he says pointing to the Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter title on the board. I pull the book we had been working on and finding the Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter before I start reading. Jasmine intently reading hers, I never met anyone that loves learning as much as she does. Halfway through class a shadow falls on my desk and I look up to see Mr Nagi standing over me.

“Well, it seems you can focus when not distracted,” he says, dropping my book on my desk and walking away. I look at the page he opened it to. And nearly choked on my own spit. I flick through the pages of the completed assignment. Typed up and glued to the pages.

‘Well we didn’t do that’ Kora says,

‘obviously it was Ezra’ I tell her looking at the A scribbled on top.

When the bell signals for our first break, I grab my belongings before going in search of Ezra.

Walking to the faculty lounge, I head for the corridor leading to his office. Only when I approach I see the door is slightly ajar and can hear a woman talking, a voice that screeched at me all through first period, Ms Taylor.

“Madeline don’t you have students to teach?” Ezra asks her.

“Nope first break, come Ezra be like old times” I hear her say.

‘old times? What does she mean by old times’ Kora growls.

First I have a run in with students and now I need to be worried about the F*cking teachers trying to take my mate?

“I have a Mate Madeline, now get out” I hear Ezra snap at her just as I push the door open. Ms Taylor jumps, turning to look at me, a devious smile on her lips.

“Miss Hartley, this is a teacher’s only area, back to the student areas please” she says.

‘F*cking claw that sluts eyes out Kat’ Kora growls the noise tearing out me.

“Madeline out now, she has every right to go where she wants now, get out of my office!” Ezra says.

“Of all the people Ezra, you choose her. You left me for her, some teenage brat?”

‘what’s she talking about Kat?’ Kora whimpers in my head at the thought of Ezra being with this woman.

Kora pressing beneath my skin forcing me to step into the room when all I wanted to do was run from what I just saw. Kora though was refusing to have it, refusing to step down against her.

“Kat, don’t you shift, she is leaving” Ezra mind-links when my entire body starts to tremble.

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