Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

Ezra led me toward the house.

“There is someone waiting inside for you” Ezra whispers, making me pull back from him.

“He is in the living room, I pulled him from work”

I Chuck my bag at him before running inside, I hear Ezra laugh behind me as I slide across the floor, my shoes losing grip and I only just managed to catch myself on the door frame.

“Dad!” I squeal before throwing myself at him.

“Pumpkin” he says, squeezing me tight.

“I missed you,” I tell him.

“How could you miss me, it’s only been a few days, oh the Alpha marked you, did you tell your mum yet what did she say” my dad asks.

“Where is mum?” I ask, ignoring his comment.

“At work I asked if she wanted to come, but said she had pack training” he says with a shrug.

“That’s alright” I tell him and Ezra side eyes me, I could feel the tension coming off him in waves thankfully my dad didn’t seem to notice.

“Coffee?” I ask, trying to get my father away from a brewing Ezra.

“Sure” he says following me into the kitchen. Ezra unfortunately also follows. I was suddenly uncomfortable with him being near because mates tend to talk about their mates so I knew it wouldn’t be the last time my father mentions her.

“You should come over for dinner on Thursday before the pack run on Friday”

“I have to cancel the pack runs for a bit, having trouble with Jacksons pack” Ezra answers walking in.

“Well Friday would work better for me anyway. How about Friday night I can make Tacos” my father tells me and I smile. I loved taco’s.

“This week is no good, Kat will be busy” Ezra answers for me before I could even say anything.

I stare at him, is he being for serious right now, “what day do you have off?” I ask my dad.

“I have Saturday off, or Friday”

“Maybe I can come over Friday morning”

“Okay I can tell your mother to start late” my father says with a shrug.

“Kat has school” Ezra says and I bite the inside of my lip to stop the profanities I wanted to scream at him.

“I will come over Friday dad, Ezra can drop me to school afterwards” I tell him.

I don’t bother looking at him. I know the disapproval I will find on his face. I could feel he was seething inside at my words.

“What the F*ck do you think your doing?” Ezra mind-links.

“It’s my dad” I tell him.

“And he said your mother will be there”

“And I said you could come” I deadpan before cutting the link and shoving him out of my head.

‘that probably wasn’t a good idea’ Kora tells me before my father clears his throat, awkwardly.

“um Kat, are you ok?” He asks, making me focus on what I was doing. I was in the middle of handing my father his cup and didn’t realise I was spilling it everywhere while my hand trembled in anger.

“Sh*t sorry, I will make you another” I tell him, grabbing a tea towel and wiping up the spilt coffee.

“I’ll make it” Ezra says, coming over and taking the cup from me while I clean up the mess I just made.

“You ok, you seem off” my father says,

“Yep fine, how’s work”

“How’s work? You never ask about work, what’s going on Kat?”

“Nothing dad, just stressed with classes I have fallen behind” I lie.

“Don’t blame her, her classes are so boring” Mateo says, coming in and cutting the weird tension. I could have kissed him when he walked in, completely distracting my father.

“Ha that’s right you’re sitting through her classes while we figure out this whole lunar wolf thing” my father says.

“Speaking of that, have you had a chance to find those old scrolls?” asks Ezra.

“Shirley said she couldn’t find them, I will ask her to have another look. I take it you are keen to break the curse. Start pumping out those heirs” my father asks, wiggling his eyebrows at me. My face heats and I know I must resemble a tomato.

Little does he know there is no curse, his mate is just a murderer.

“Yep can’t wait for grandbabies the sooner you break the curse the better” my dad says.

“Dad I’m 18”

“Your mother wasn’t much older than you” he shrugs.

“Maybe a few years down the track” Ezra says and I feel relief flood me at his words.

“Yeah gotta survive your first heat yet, hated that part. Thankfully Shirley never went through it would have been nice to give you a brother or sister though” my dad tells me.

“What are you going to do when she goes in heat, be hard with you living here” my dad asks curiously looking at Mateo.

“Huh?” I ask confused.

“Mateo, he is unmated” my dad says yet I was still struggling to wrap my head around what that has got to do with anything.

“Come on Kat, your mother had this chat with you already”

“Yeah but I don’t know how it affects Mateo, dad. Heat will only make me horny” I tell him before my face flushed at what I just said.

“Yes but it won’t just affect you and Ezra, any unmated wolf will seek you out Kat, why do you think wolves in heat remain home with their mates”

“But it will only affect Ezra” my mother did not tell me this bit.

“Yeah and any unmated wolf that catches your scent, I could have swore she told you all this”

“I may have tuned it out” I admit, like does anyone really listen when there parents try to talk to them about sex.

“Seriously I have to have this discussion with you too, bad enough I had to explain your periods to you, hopefully you have a boy when you have kids less talks” my father chuckles.

“Ha you had a period talk with your daughter” Mateo laughs. I roll my eyes at him.

“Yep Shirley was away for a few days, most awkward thing as a father I have ever done”

“No the most awkward would be you buying me pads, then you watching that stupid video trying to show me how to use them” I tell him.

“Hey YouTube is the best invention I swear, can get any tutorial on there” my father says, making me laugh.

“You could have just handed them to me, I didn’t need you to show me, it was so embarrassing” I tell him.

“I am so glad to be a man, my dad only told me the 3 F’s” Mateo says.

“The 3 F’s, you use the 3F’s too” I ask wondering if his was the same 3 F’s I was told.

“Yep, find them, F*ck them, forget them” he announces, I pull a face.

“Shirley’s version is a lot cleaner than that” my dad chuckles.

“Mum’s is the shower version she used to say to me, always wash your Face, fanny, feet” I laugh. That time Mateo and Ezra both pulled a face.

My dad laughs, shaking his head.

“Anyway if you need somewhere to stay when she goes in heat you’re welcome to stay with us, I know it can be uncomfortable for unmated mated males” my dad says.

“Thanks, I should be fine though. Ezra will lock her away and I will just lock myself in the room” Mateo tells him and Ezra nods at his words.

I completely forgot about going into heat, the one thing women dreaded about being werewolves and finding your mate is the heat, until you got pregnant every few months you would go into heat, basically the she-wolf turns into a hormonal whore my mother said.

But I didn’t know that meant it affected the unmated males, I just assumed it made you want your mate and them you. Now the idea of it scared me. Honestly I didn’t think I would ever have to worry about going into heat because I didn’t think I had a wolf.

“Well I better go, your mother should be getting home soon”

“We will see you Friday morning” Ezra says, making me look at him, though I was also excited about being able to see my mum.

“You don’t leave my side” Ezra adds through the link. I nod before following my father out.

Ezra pulls me to him as he drives off and Mateo ducks out to his car.

“Going to pick up Jasmine, I will catch you guys later” Mateo says

“Have fun” I tell him, I was glad he was finally finding some happiness after killing his mate, made me feel less guilty since he did it for me.

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