Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 63

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 63
Jasmine jogging ahead when she recognises one of them.

“That’s Jake, Jasmine and Jake used to be bestfriend in primary school, I suppose they are still close. They still catch up sometimes” Angie tells me pointing to a blonde haired boy who jogs over to her before tossing an arm across her shoulders and pulling her onto the grass beside him.

“Okay, this is kat, that one there is Daniel” She says, pointing to the one that looked to be a little younger than Angie with dark curly hair. “That’s steve” She says pointing to a tall blonde haired guy with blue eyes and a cheeky grin. “And last but not least Myles” She says pointing to the other guy. He waves before the strong scent of weed wafts to my nose.

“Luna” They all say and I shake my head. “Please don’t call me that here, it’s embarrassing” I tell them and they nod.

“Kat it is then,” Miles says before handing a joint to Jasmine. She takes it, giving it a puff before passing it to Jake. I gave her a look. “What it’s natural?” She says. Shrugging and leaning against the tree behind her.

Great, now I am going to stink of weed. We all sat around chatting for a bit and them smoking. Jasmine’s eyes turning red as she giggled away talking to Angie, I found it quite relaxing just sitting in the sun. When Jasmine hands me a freshly lit joint. I scrunch my face up at it only for it to be plucked from my fingers making me look up.

Mateo standing above me, he raises an eyebrow at me before drawing back on it, flopping down behind me. He tosses a salad roll to Jasmine and drops one in my lap before pulling me back against him.

He drew back on the joint before handing it back to me. “Ezra won’t care, Kat” He says and I shake my head. Jasmine reaches for it, plucking it from his fingers.

“Should be called chicken not Kat” Jasmine taunts sending Mateo a wink and he chuckles.

“Technically shouldn’t you be scolding us” I ask, raising an eyebrow at him. Miles starts laughing, making me look at him. “Where do you think we got it?” He asks, nodding to Mateo.

“Does Ezra know?” I asked him a little shocked.

“Yes, it’s only weed and it grows in the forest, everyone has access to it” Jasmine nods at his words.

“Yep my dad has been making cannibis oil for some of the oldies with Parkinson’s disease” She says.

“And we have been smoking it” Angie giggles, handing the blunt back to Mateo. He draws on it before turning it in his fingers and pressing it to my lips. I draw on it before coughing my lungs up. Mateo chuckles, handing it to someone. His hand rubbing my back while I try to suck in much needed air feeling like I was going to cough my lungs out my ass.

My head is spinning. “You’re not supposed to draw so much back especially if you haven’t tried it before” Jasmine says while I continue to cough.

“Can tick that off the bucklist of Sh*t to never do again” I cough out. Jasmine hands me a drink bottle and I gulp the water down. I felt funny but didn’t understand why they all seemed to like it, it tasted like crap and burned my lungs.

The bell rings and my heart races at the idea of going to class like this, everything feeling dull. Angie digs through her bag grabbing deodorant and spraying herself before tossing it to me. I spray my clothes and hair to try to rid the smell.

“What class do you have now?” Mateo says, looking at my timetable in my hand.

“Ah history is a subject I don’t mind” He says.

“Speak for yourself, teacher is an ass” Jasmine says coming over to me.

“Well I have math, I will see you at Lunch,” Angie says giving us a wave.

“Yep, yep” Jasmine says, leading the way to history. The next two periods went by quickly surprisingly or maybe it’s because Jasmine and I seemed to be in fits of giggles the entire time. Surprisingly we never got in trouble for talking.

“Hmm I think I will like having the Luna as my bestfriend, get away with everything now” She chuckles as we walk out of the 4th period.

“Pretty sure it’s because he is sitting with us” I tell her, nudging Mateo who then messes my hair making me have to flatten it back down. We were heading toward the oval again when my mother saw me. She stops turning to make her way over to me and I was actually excited to speak to her when she suddenly stops looking at Mateo, her eyes glazed over. She drops her head before turning and walking the other way. My heart breaks at the disappointed look on her face.

“Sorry, Kat but we need to go anyway. Ezra was expecting you at 1” Mateo says and I nod letting him steer me toward the car. Jasmine follows us before tossing her arms around Mateo’s neck. I rummage through his pockets grabbing his keys before unlocking his car and climbing in. While Mateo is distracted kissing Jasmine, I mindlink my mother. I push the link and am surprised when I feel it connect , she is no longer blocking me out.

“We need to talk, Kat. Please don’t shut me out. Just let me explain” She says. I almost burst out crying hearing her voice.

“Does dad know yet?” I ask.

“No, but I am going to come clean, it will come out eventually. I just need to see you, please Kat, I know what I did was wrong, I loved her I truly did but please, am I not a good mother to you” She asks.

“No, you are but Ezra has banned me from speaking to you”

“What about the forest, I can meet you at the river, you just need to let me know and I will be there” She mindlinks me back.

I hear the car door open. “Gotta go will talk soon” I tell her as Mateo climbs in the car.

“I will pretend I don’t know you were just talking to your mother,” Mateo says, starting his car.

“I wasn’t” I lied to him when he reached his hand towards my face. He rubs his thumb over my cheekbone. “Your tears say otherwise” He says his eyes softening.

“It’s not fair, it doesn’t change that she raised me” I tell him and he sighs, dropping his hand.

“Maddox will come around, it’s only because he thinks she isn’t trustworthy”

“And what do you think?” I asked him curious what an outsider’s view was on the situation.

“I think she is your mum and no matter what you will still always love her, even if what she did is unforgivable” he says.

“So what did she say?” He asks turning onto the road leading home.

“Just that she wants to talk” I tell him.

“Are you going to tell Ezra?” He asks and I look at him.

“You’re not going to tell him are you?” I ask him, if he does he may just stop me going to school, yet after the day I have had with everyones lingering stares I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back, but if it meant seeing her I could endure it. He takes a while before he answers my anxiety playing havoc worried he was going to tell Ezra.

“I won’t tell her, but Kat please don’t tick Maddox off by sneaking behind his back and seeing her, Maddox and Ezra are right to not trust her” Mateo says, pulling into the driveway. Ezra walks out the front.

“You won’t say anything right?” I mindlink as I see him approach.

“No, kat I promise” He says back and I open the car door. I rush over to him wrapping my arms around his waist when he smells my hair. I could have sworn I sprayed enough in it.

“She smoked weed” Mateo tells him with a shrug, Ezra pulls back looking down at me. My face heating under his penetrating eyes. “I can smell it” He says though he doesn’t sound angry, just shocked as he pressed me against the bonnet of Mateo’s car.

He grips my chin tilting my face up. “And you won’t again?”

“Defintiely not made me cough my lungs up” I tell him and he chuckles brushing his nose on mine. “That’s my girl” He says before biting my bottom lip and tugging it in his mouth.

“Oi you F*ck her on my car, you’re washing it” Mateo calls to him and Ezra looks over his shoulder at him.

“Who gave her weed Mateo?” He asks. Mateo taps his chin, appearing to think.

“Technically I didn’t give it to her, but I did pass it to her and may have smoked some” Ezra shakes his head laughing.

“Oh can Jasmine come over later?”

“You don’t have to ask Mateo, it’s your house too”

“Just being considerate” he mumbles, turning and walking inside.

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