Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 62

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 62
The next day, I woke to Mateo singing out from down the hall before he shoves the door open. “Wakey wakey hand off snakey” He calls over to us. I groan suddenly, not wanting to get up.

“Come on pumpkin, time for school” Mateo calls and I grab my pillow and I lob it at him. He ducks the pillow, hitting the wall. Ezra rolls over and out of bed and I raise an eyebrow at Mateo when his eyes roam over his muscled body.

“Oi stop checking out my mate” I tell him and he smirks.

“I can look, just can’t touch” He says, wiggling his eyebrows at me. Ezra yawns rubbing his eyes, how is it even possible for him to wake up dead tired and look like a god in just his boxer shorts, while I look like I got attack by some angry racoons, I try flatten my hair getting up myself.

“You really want to go?’ Ezra asks as I reach for my toothbrush.

“Better than watching you work” I tell him and he shrugs, grabbing his own and brushing his teeth. When I am done, I rinse my mouth out before Ezra turns to face me.

“You finish at lunch, I don’t want you near your mother and Mateo will be in all your classes”

“About that” Mateo says walking in.

“Seriously you need to change your electives, I am not sitting through childstudies and sewing, why would you pick those subjects?” He asks.

“Because they are the easiest,” I tell him. He groans. “I will go get ready then, oh and by the way is Jasmine in all your classes?” He asks and I nod, his eyes lighting up

Ezra reaches into the bathroom cabinet. Pulling out a white oval case before opening it.

“This is the closest we could get to your normal color” He says, showing me the contact lenses. He grabs my hips, placing me on the sink basin.

“I mean it Kat, I don’t want you near your mother” He says pulling my eyelid up and popping the contact in. I blink rapidly, my eye watering.

“Did you hear me?” I nod.

“Yes, I heard you I will stay away from her” I tell him, rolling my eyes.

“Attitude, you don’t speak to me that way” He says, pecking my lips. “Save that for Mateo,” He adds before reaching up and pulling my other eyelid up while I look at the ceiling. He pops the other in before closing the little case they were in. His hands running up my thighs.

“How long do I have to stay away from her” I ask and he eyes me.


“I will stay away, besides Mateo would dob anyway. But how long. I can’t avoid her forever” I tell him. He doesn’t answer and I jump off the basin, only for his arms to wrap around my waist, tugging me back against him.

“Stay with Mateo, and if you need me, mind-link me, I don’t want you wandering off” he growls nipping at my mark.

“I know, I know” I tell him, unwrapping his arms from around me.

‘Wait, can I still see my dad?” I ask, stopping at the walk-in.

“Yes, if he comes here” I grab some shorts out and a singlet.

“You’re not wearing that” he says, glancing at the shorts.

“It’s stinking hot outside. I am not wearing jeans” I tell him, tossing them on the bed. He walks over before grabbing them and tossing them in a bin.

“Knee length, any shorter I will send you in a burka”

“Meow cat fight” Mateo taunts walking back into the room fully dressed, in jeans and a black t-shirt. Ezra walks into the walk-in rummaging through my clothes before coming out with 3 quarter jeans. I huff, snatching them from him before grabbing my singlet and stalking into the bathroom.

“Thank you” I hear him call out as I slam the door. I get changed before walking out and downstairs. Mateo talking to Ezra on the stairs. My bag tossed over Mateo’s shoulder and they both looked up as I walked down the stairs.

“Happy?” I ask as he looks over what I am wearing before nodding.

“That’s completely outrageous, you will be the talk of the school wearing such scandalous clothes” Mateo says and Ezra sighs. “I can see your ankle,” Mateo whispers and Ezra chuckles. I flipped Mateo off.

Ezra grabs my face in his hands.”See you at 1” He says pecking my lips before walking off only to stop.

“And make sure she eats on the way to school” He calls to Mateo.

“I know” Mateo calls back, draping his arm across my shoulders.

“Now, to sit through your boring a$s classes” He mutters before opening the door and pulling me toward his Black BMW. “You’re not taking your truck?” I ask him.

“Nope, it’s in getting fixed” He says before unlocking his car. I climb in the passenger seat and clip up my seatbelt. We got breakfast from McDonalds on the way before pulling up. We ended up being ten minutes late as we walked to my english class.

Everyones heads turned to look at me as I entered the room. The teacher turned and glares at me. Mr Nagi was a real jerk and hated tardiness.

“Kat, nice of you to grace us with your presence after skipping last week” he says waving his ruler in my face before slamming it down on his desk. He suddenly steps back straightening up as Mateo walks in behind me. I couldn’t help the smirk on my face at his petrified one.

I could see Jasmine giggling in the corner when Mateo dropped his hand on my shoulder. “That’s Luna to you and is there a problem because I can call the Alpha down if necessary” Mateo asks. Mr Nagi sniffs the air when Mateo embarrassingly flicks my hair over my shoulder revealing my mark. I tried to swipe it back in place but the entire room saw it and I felt my face heat up having everyone’s attention directed at me.

“No, problem at all Beta Mateo” Mr Nagi says, offering his neck in submission. I walk toward my desk where Jasmine was sitting, everyone’s eyes going to me. “Was the Luna bit necessary?” I whisper to him.

“He should know his place, and now everyone does,” Mateo says, leading me to my desk. He grabs an empty chair pulling to where Jasmine and I are and sitting down in it. Thank god we were up the back of the class, anyone turning around to glance back at us was met with Mateo’s glare so after the first couple, no one dared look back at us.

Poor Mr Nagi’s hands visibly trembled as he wrote on the chalkboard and I actually felt terrible that Mateo called him out.The day went painfully slow, everyone stealing glances and I found everyone was too scared to even approach me except for Angie and for once, I was glad to have her attention directed at me as she walked toward us during first break.

“Kat Jas” She says walking over.

“Hey, “ I tell her, giving her a wave.

“See the Alpha finally made it official and since you are currently the hottest topic in school, I would advise you to avoid the cafeteria” She looped her arms through mine and Jasmine’s. I look down at her arm looped through mine. Mateo following behind us.

“And where should we go, if not the cafeteria?” Jasmine asks.

“My brothers are on the oval, though I doubt anyone would mess with you while Mateo is around, but down there it is away from prying eyes”

“How many brothers have you got?” I ask because I always thought she was an only child with how snobby she was when I first come here.

“5, only four are here though, my oldest brother is away on pack training” She says leading the way.

“Kat, Ezra won’t like you skipping meals” Mateo says before rolling his eyes when I turn to face him.

“Fine you go, I will go grab your lunch. Oval and no further and stay with Angie’s brothers” I nod letting her lead me to the oval.

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