Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

The front door opens and a giggling Jasmine and Mateo walk in, stopping when they see us. Jasmine’s face turned red and I chuckled, shaking my head at her flaming cheeks as she held Mateo’s hand.

“We are going for a run if you want to come,” Ezra tells them.

“We might meet you out there, have fun” Mateo says before grabbing Jasmine and chucking her over his shoulder and heading for the stairs.

“Kat!” Jasmine calls out as he climbs the stairs, holding her hand out to me.

“Use protection” I taunt, letting Ezra tug me toward the back of the house.

Ezra pulled me with him to the forest edge, the sun was going down, yet the heat made the breeze warm as it washed over my skin. I watch as he mind-links everyone on patrol before focusing back on me.

“Stay with Maddox, Kora. No wandering, we can’t go past the river, so stick close” He says grabbing my face, she agrees and he lets go tugging his shirt off and dropping it on the ground next to the tree before stripping his shorts off.

He tugs my shirt off over my head and I cover myself looking at the trees wondering if the patrols were gone. “No one is out there Kat, you can shift” He says pulling my face back to his.

“Can you turn around, I don’t like you seeing me shift” He presses his lips to my head before turning around and shifting himself. I feel Kora press forward before I feel her shift, the gross sensation of our bones dislodging and snapping, as they realign makes a shiver run up my spine, my face elongating and my hands turning to paws. Kora digs her claws into the soft earth before stretching herself like a cat.

“You can turn around” I tell Ezra as he turns around in wolf form. Maddox jumped on her and rubbed his face along her neck, masking her with his scent as he rubbed himself on her like a cat. Kora starts purring before she licks his face.

“Ready?” Maddox growls and Kora answers him talking as if she were a person.

“Yes lead the way” She says, biting his tail as he ducks his head between her legs. He whimpers before pulling away licking her face and she bites him playfully.

“Maddox, you’re meant to be taking her for a run, not mauling her” Ezra tells him, making me laugh.

“Shall I lead the way, Alpha cling on?” She tells him and he growls at her nipping her ear.

“Mine” He snaps at her.

“Yes, yes you keep saying that, anything else in your vocabulary?” Maddox bites her muzzle softly and she smacks him with her paw.

“I am trying to stay with you but if you don’t move and start running. I will ditch you and leave you behind” She tells him as he keeps trying scent her.

“Maddox run with her, we can’t keep patrols off for too long” Ezra tells him and he growls wanting to play with her. She jumps on him, biting his ear when he still refuses to lead the way.

“I will race you to the river” She says before jumping off him and darting into the trees. I could hear him chasing after her which spurred her on more, Maddox heavy feet catching up behind her and she ducks under a log only for him to jump over it and in front of her before taking off. Kora chasing after him.

“Come on Kat, keep up” Ezra taunts as he gets further ahead. Kora picks up her pace, pushing her legs faster, the breeze moving in her fur as she gives chase. Maddox beats her to the river when Kora barrels into him, shoving him in. He drops under water and she looks over the edge yet he doesn’t come up.

‘Where did he go?’ she asks looking in the water and up and down the stream, she starts running up the side in panic.

‘Calm down, I’m sure he can swim,’ I tell her. Kora panicking when still doesn’t surface when suddenly hands grab her fur ripping us into the water. A yelp leaves her as drops beneath the icy surface. She kicks her legs before arms wrap around us pulling us back up. ‘F*cking knobhead, I thought you drown’ she tells Ezra.

“Give kat control” He tells her laughing as she kicks her legs, he presses his head to hers and she licks his cheek before shifting back. I wrap my legs around his waist and place my arms around his neck.

“How long can we stay out here?” I ask him when I hear trees rustling making me look back. A black and white wolf stepped out of the trees followed by Mateo’s grey one.

Ezra looks up and smiles, Jasmine suddenly shifting back to human form not a care in the world that she was naked. Her boobs jiggling as she runs toward the river “Cannon ball” She screams running and bombing the water beside us. I see her white a$s fly over the top of us as she hits the water with a huge splash, a few seconds later Mateo jumps in after her and yanks her back under the water as he goes beneath. Ezra laughs at them before they suddenly appear again, Jasmine coughing and spluttering and she splashes Mateo’s face with the water before dunking his head under it.

Jasmine squeals when Mateo swims between her legs lifting her onto his shoulders. She grabs his head. “Dude my vag is on your neck” She says, smacking his head. Mateo shrugs.

“What’s it matter? It was sitting on my face earlier” He teases and I chuckle at her reddening face. Ezra drops below the water doing the same nearly making me tip backwards except Jasmine grabs my hands steadying me. I grip her fingers trying to shove her backwards and off his shoulders and it becomes a game of wrestling, trying to push each other off the others shoulders.

Jasmine gets me down twice before I finally get her back, falling backwards into the water with a squeal. I slide off Ezra’s shoulders and beneath the surface of water wetting my hair. Ezra and Mateo go off talking while I move to the edge of the water with Jasmine.

“Mateo said you want to come back to school” She says, and I look at Ezra who had his eyes on me as he listened.

“We can get her contacts” I hear Mateo tell him and Ezra presses his lips in a line not happy about the idea.

“You want to go back?” He asks and I nod.

“You know they will know you’re my mate now, I have mated and marked you?” He says and “I know” I tell him.

“No, training, remember what you promised Maddox Kat, you can’t go near your mother” He says and I completely forgot but maybe it was an opportunity for me to see her without him knowing.

“What happened with your mother,” Jasmine asks, I tell her and she seemed a little shocked.

“And your dad doesn’t know?” She asks and I shake my head.

“Hmm tough one, I know she raised you but I do see Ezra and his wolf’s point, you don’t know what she is capable of anymore Kat”

“She is my mum Jas” I tell her. And she gives me a shrug.

“So what’s going on with you and Mateo?” I ask, wriggling my eyebrows at her.

“Tomorrow at school not here?” She whispers and I see Mateo smirk at her words.

“Come on guys we need to head back, patrol hasn’t been done over here in two hours now, I need to let them pass” Ezra calls, coming over and grabbing my hips.

We watch them leave before Ezra climbs out pulling me with him. “Maddox was good” I tell him as he grabs my hand leading me through the forest.

“Yeah he has calmed now that he knows you don’t have feelings for Mateo” Ezra says, pulling me to him and draping his arm over my shoulders as we head home.

“Hopefully him and Jasmine”

“Jasmine hasn’t found her mate yet, things change when you find your mate, Kat” Ezra says, cutting me off.

“They would make good mates though”

“Well see what happens, maybe if she doesn’t find him after a while, she may let Mateo mark her as his” He says kissing my head.

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