Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

I tug on his belt, undoing it before he stands up with me still wrapped around him.

“Not here, Mateo is on his way over with Jasmine” Ezra manages to get out between kissing me as he walks out of his office and toward the stairs. His lips nipping and sucking at my neck before growling when I roll my hips against him.

His hands, squeezing my a$s as he races up the stairs with inhuman speed before kicking our bedroom door shut and I feel the duvet under my back as he presses himself against me on the bed.

I tug on his jeans, undoing the button before pushing them down and reaching between us and wrapping my fingers around his hardened length and stroking him. He thrusts into my hand before I position him at my entrance. He growls softly before thrusting inside me.

His cock filling and stretching me and he groans as he sheaths himself inside me. His lips going to my chin as he nips at it, his hips moving slowly as he thrusts into me and l move my hips meeting his thrusts.

Ezra grips my hands pushing them above my head before holding them in one of his, his mouth travelling down my neck to my breasts as he takes one in his mouth, licking and sucking on it. Sparks rush over my skin and I moan at the sensation building in me.

“So beautiful,” he whispers against my skin, I move my hands, wanting to touch him, wanting to run my fingers through his hair. When he pulls out of me.

“Roll on your stomach” he says pecking my lips and I do before he pulls my hips up, my a$s in the air. He runs his hands over my a$s to my hips before I feel his cock press between my folds, his pelvis hitting my a$s as he slides himself in me, making me moan loudly. This position is so much deeper as he pulls out and thrusts back in.

His hands run up my sides gently as I get used to the feel of his cock deep within my confines. He moves slowly, my stomach tightening at the feel of him slipping in and out gently. I reach back tugging on his hip wanting him to move faster, wanting to find the end of the pleasure building within me.

He pulls out thrusting in harder before pulling out slowly making me moan yet I could feel he was worried about hurting me.

“You won’t hurt me” I tell him, pushing up on my hands and pushing back against him.

“You will tell me if I do, Maddox is forward with me” he says leaning over and kissing my shoulder blade.

“Kat?” He asks slowing again, waiting for my answer.

“Yes just don’t stop” I tell him pushing against him, his cock hitting my cervix when his grip tightens slightly before he slams into me. His hips slapping against my a$s making me cry out. His hardened length slipped between my wet folds slick with my arousal and I felt my stomach tighten, my skin heating under his relentless pounding.

“Reach up and grab the headboard” Ezra whispers to me, his hand going to my stomach as he pulls me upright, his cock pounding into me as my nails dig into it.

” I want to mark you kitty” Maddox’s rough voice below my ear makes me look over my shoulder to see his onyx eyes staring at me.

“You can say no, Kat. We have already marked you” I hear Ezra’s voice through the link,as Maddox slammed into me.

“You can if you want” I tell Maddox and he kisses my cheek, Ezra’s hand grabbing my breast as he pulls me closer, his grip tight so I know Ezra has given him control, his thrusts brutal as he pounds into me. I feel his tongue run over my neck.

“I will try to be gentle” Maddox purrs and I could feel Ezra’s worry when his canines slipped out pressing against my skin.

“Gentle Maddox, slow” I hear Ezra tell him before feeling his teeth sink into my skin slowly and I could tell he was holding back as they slowly penetrated through my neck and shoulder. My orgasm reaches its peak as he sends me over the edge and I moan loudly, sparks rushing everywhere when I feel his canines hit bone.

His movements become erratic before he stills inside me with a groan. Maddox pulls his canines from me before running his tongue over his freshly made mark.

I felt his grip on me slacken and Ezra pressed his lips to my shoulder. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No the opposite” I tell him before feeling him slide out of me and pull me down on his chest as he lays down.

“You can’t fear him, Kat. I don’t want you scared of that side of me” he says kissing my head.

“He doesn’t scare me” I tell him and he grips my chin tilting my face up.

“Don’t lie, I know he does. You know I can tell right?”

“Maybe he does a little”

“Just don’t ever run from him, promise no matter how bad your instincts scream at you to run, don’t. It makes him go into overdrive. He likes the hunt, only run if Mateo says to or I do” Ezra tells me, his words making my heart skip a beat. I nod my head, thinking back to everytime he would come out I was usually trying to escape him.

“Why does Maddox think I will leave him for Mateo?” I ask, remembering his strange words and the possessive demeanour behind them.

“Mateo likes you” Ezra says with a sigh.

“Yeah he is my friend, I would hope he does” I chuckle.

“No, Kat. Mateo killed his mate for you, and not just because you’re his Luna but because he is in love with you” Ezra says, making me think back to the river when he said he was fooling around with Jasmine because he couldn’t have who he wanted. My stomach drops. Does that mean he meant me?

“Does that bother you?” Ezra asks. I don’t answer, not knowing if it does or doesn’t. I never looked at him like that.

“Do you like Mateo, Kat?” Ezra asks and I could feel his anxiety over what he asked.

“As a friend I do, he isn’t my mate you are” I tell him and he presses his lips to my head before letting out a breath. I kind of wished he didn’t tell me that, because now I will always be questioning his intentions.

“Calm down he won’t act on it, he knows you’re mine”

“Yes, but he killed his mate for me”

“And that was his choice, you never asked him too and neither did I” Ezra tells me.

“I wish you never told me that,” I tell him honestly.

“He doesn’t need to know I told you, Kat. You can still be his friend” I run my fingers down his chest, loving the feel of his hard abs beneath my fingertips.

“Can we go for a run, I want to let Kora out?”

“What now?” He asks. I shrug, she just wanted to run, wanted out.

“Will you stay with me, don’t run off. I will tell border patrol to steer clear of this side of the Forest”

“Why can’t they patrol?”

“Until I find out who took those photos for Jackson I don’t want my pack seeing your wolf” he says, running his hand down my side.

“Come on then, we can go now if you want” he says sitting up. I feel Kora come forward excited to be let out.

Ezra chuck’s me one of his shirts and I slip it on before he grabs my hand leading me downstairs.

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