Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 6

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 6

By the time I finally finished my face was bright red and my breathing was coming in short pants as I collapsed on my back on the grass beside my mother. She looks down at me.

“Just remember Kat, I am doing this for your own good. I go easy on you, the rest of the kids will be hard on you. Also I couldn’t exactly let you talk to me like that and get away with it especially in front of other students, you need to work with me here”

“But I didn’t do anything, he approached me not the other way around”

“Doesn’t matter next time, watch your tone” My mother says before walking off.

“Shirley, can I speak with you please” Alpha Ezra says, making me turn my head to the side to see him walking over to her.

“Of course Alpha,” My mother says. Alpha Ezra looks over at me dying on the ground and I look away. Jasmine walks over handing me her drink bottle and I squirt some water into my mouth before sitting up.

“Man and i thought my dad was strict, what you get in trouble for”

“Apparently my attitude” I tell her and her brows furrow.

“But you didn’t do anything” She states.

“Tell my mother that” I told her before standing, my legs felt like jelly as I walked toward the building. School finished an hour ago so I was a little shocked to run into Angie as I went to my locker. Her blonde hair highlighted to perfection, her blue eyes bright I could see why she was so popular, she was gorgeous but the snarl on her face said her nature was anything but.

I open my locker only to be shoved against it. Jasmine pushes her away but that doesn’t stop her as she grabs the front of my shirt tearing the collar.

“Stay away from the Alpha b*tch, or I will make your life miserable” She spits at me.

“You stayed back an hour after school just to tell me that, geez possessive much” I tell her, ripping her hand away and turning to retrieve my stuff.

“Angie go away, she hasn’t done anything, what is it pick on the new girl day, geez she just ran 20 laps of the field, lay off her” Jasmine tells her.

Angie grabs my hair and I hiss as I feel my hair being ripped from my skull, turning my hair painfully ripping from my head when I punch her. She shrieks clutching her nose. I was so not in the mood and besides, my mother did tell me to use my fists.

“You F*cking slut” She says wiping her lip as blood trickled down her chin. Angie swings at me but I duck and her fist connects with my locker door.

“What’s going on here?” I hear a voice and look up at Beta Mateo walking down the corridor.

“The b*tch punched me,” Angie tells him.

“Is this true?” He asks Jasmine and I.

“She started it, she grabbed Kats hair and threatened her,” Jasmine tells him. I keep my mouth shut just as my mother and Alpha Ezra walk around the corner. Angie runs to his side but he steps away from her.

“She hit me, your daughter hit me,” Angie said to my mother. I was expecting my mother to yell and scream at me at her words but I had to try and hold my laugh when she replied.

“Well then you must have deserved it” My mother tells her. That’s my mumma. On field she is tough but off field she was my mother.

“Go put ice on it and Angie stay away from Katya in the future” Alpha Ezra tells her. Angie ran off with tears in her eyes and I kind of felt bad for her but that lasted a second before my mother spoke.

“Katya trouble on your first day, gosh” ,My mother says.

“Angie attacked her first” Jasmine blurts out once again coming to my defence, and the more I am around her the more I am starting to like her.

“That may very well be but you know I don’t condone violence off field, you will have detention with me tomorrow Kat” Alpha Ezra says. My mother says nothing but I watch her lips pressed together. Jasmine ducks her head looking at the ground.

“What about Angie, that’s unfair she started it”

“Beta Mateo will deal with Angie,” Ezra says before looking at Mateo who nods.

“You may go” Alpha Ezra says and I grab my bag. I chased after my mother as she walked down the hall in a hurry.

“Always drawing attention to yourself” She mutters.

“But you said to defend myself” I tell her and she stops looking at me. I see Jasmine walk out the doors down the other end of the corridor. My mother grabs my arms looking me dead in the face.

“Yes, but we need this to work out here Kat, I know what I said but this is it for us. We have nowhere else to go, this doesn’t work out we have no choice but to go rogue”

“But we could go to another pack,” I tell her.

“No, Kat, this is it. No other pack would take us because of Alpha Jackson, it was a miracle Alpha Ezra took us in” She says.

My mother then turns on her heel storming out the doors making me chase her to keep up. Getting to her car I hop in the passenger seat. My mother says nothing to me the entire way home. She was disappointed in me and now tomorrow I had to deal with Alpha Ezra. The one person’s whose attention I couldn’t afford to have directed at me.

Getting home, I was about to race to my room when my mother stopped me.

“No go see your father first” My mother says, I groan but one growl from her I move toward the kitchen where I could hear him busily cooking.

“Hey there pumpkin” My father says as I step into the room. My mother walking in behind me walks to the fridge grabbing a bottle of water out.

“Well aren’t you going to say something to her?” My mother scolds my father, he gives her a questioning look.

“Kat” My father sighs. “What did you do this time?” He asks and I shrug because I did absolutely nothing in my eyes.

“She was annoying the Alpha when she was meant to be training, then got into a fight with another student” My mother tells him.

“Did you win?” My father asks and I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips. My mother slaps his arm and my father sends me a wink.

“What kind of father are you, she is drawing attention to herself and I was already scolded by the Alpha for discipling her”

“The Alpha scolded you?” My father asks, turning to look at her.

“Yes because I made her run laps. That’s why we are late, do you just tune out when I mindlink, I told you this already” My mother snaps at him.

“I was busy and must have missed that part” My father tells her though I would tune her out if I wouldn’t get my a$s beat for it.

“Yes, it was quite humiliating, getting reprimanded on my first day” she says and I go to sneak off. “Katya I am not done talking to you” My mother says as I go to turn and make a run for it.

“And now Katya has detention with him tomorrow” My mother tells him.

“Detention?” My father asks. “It’s a bit odd for an Alpha to be doing teacher duties” he says and comes to think of it. It was a little strange that he was leaving the packhouse just to watch me sit through lunch, how boring I thought to myself.

“You need to be more careful, we can’t have Alpha breathing down our necks for you misbehaving Kat, what if he finds out you have no wolf before we have proven you useful to the pack?” My father says. The same Bl**dy lecture, if they didn’t lie and just told him this wouldn’t be an issue. Now if we get kicked out it will be my fault as if I haven’t got enough stress on my shoulders with changing schools and trying to fit in. I was already trying to be invisible amongst the pack, maybe it would be better for everyone if I just disappear. I was starting to feel like a burden on my family. Some dirty little secret they were ashamed of.

“Okay, can I go now?” I ask, wanting to be on my own where I can be just me and not the Beta’s daughter, not the freak, just me.

“Yes you can go, but seriously Kat this is it, we F*ck this up we are rogue. You know packs don’t like to have wolf-less pack members” My father says, reminding me of my pathetic situation once again.

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