Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 59

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 59

‘Oh my god you’re really going to do it’ Kora Snickers.

‘You told me too’ I deadpanned.

‘Yeah but I didn’t think you would, want them pics from our flick bank, I can whisper sweet nothings to you if you want?’ she says and I roll my eyes at her, shoving her away.

Ezra was still writing away, ignoring me like he has for the past two days. Fine then I will help myself, I thought to myself.

I run a finger through my folds before slipping it inside before removing it and adding another, curling them upwards. Completely forgetting my task at hand and becoming lost in the dangerous feeling building inside me.

Moving my fingers quicker as I dip them inside my tight walls, building up the friction, my juices spilling out and coating them before slipping them out and rubbing my clit. My legs opened wider and I could feel my arousal building as I squeezed my breast with my other hand, the sensation making me moan softly as my fingers traced my slit and back up to my clit.

My face heated as my breathing increased. “Kat!” I hear his voice growl before hearing his claws scrape down the wood on his desk. I open my eyes to see him looking directly between my legs, watching my fingers as I tease myself and him.

His gaze makes me more aroused and I watch his eyes flicker, his hands gripping his desk and his knuckles turning white.

“Kat stop!” He snaps yet I could feel how aroused he was getting, just from watching me touch myself.

“You could always help me” I tell him, pushing my legs up and resting my feet on the couch forcing my legs wider for him.

“Kat!” He warns his eyes flickering black, his entire body shuddering.

“Hello Maddox” I smiled, knowing it was working as my heart skips a beat as much as it scares me, it thrilled me the same way.

I slip my fingers into my core, arching my back as heat floods me, my stomach tightening as I curl them inside me.

Ezra regains control, forcing him back before standing, then stopping halfway to me, Maddox pushing against him, wanting to remain forward with him and I watch as Ezra grits his teeth fighting for control.

“You’re going to be the death of me, love. Now stop” Ezra warns.

“Make me” I moan. His control snapping, his eyes going pitch black as Ezra is thrown at me. My heart thumping in my chest yet I was also buzzing seeing that I was able to force Maddox to take control. His body smashing against mine, as he grabs me, pinning me against the couch, his lips going to my neck as he sucks on my mark tearing the skin, yet the sparks rushing over me, stop the pain searing from his bite.

“My kitty!” he purrs, pushing between my legs before grabbing my hands, pushing them above my head and holding them in one of his. His lips travelling down to my breasts before he bites one, throbbing pain from his canines sinking in makes me cry out.

“Kat, I warned you. Why don’t you listen” Ezra says, trying to take control back from him.

“Leave him, I can handle it, I will be fine as long as he doesn’t shift” I snap back at him. Maddox teeth grazed my stomach before sinking into my hip yet he still didn’t let go of my hands as I struggled under his grip.

I wrap my legs around him, stopping him from going lower, not wanting him to bite me down there. He growls pushing against me.

“Open your legs for me kitty”

“You’re hurting me, Maddox” I tell him softly and he growls before looking up, his eyes roaming over my body and his bite marks. He whimpers before licking my breast, I moan at the sensation, his mouth moving higher, licking my skin and healing his wounds before going to my neck. He sucks on my mark and I turn my head kissing the side of his face.

He purrs loudly before kissing me and letting go of my hands trapped in his as I kiss him back. His hands grab my legs as he pushes his hips against mine and I relax my legs from around his waist.

“That’s it, gentle” I breathe around his lips and I see his eyes flicker as he lets Ezra come back, letting him in, his grip on my thighs loosening.

“I love my kitty” he purrs before sucking my nipple, I run my hands through his hair and he sits up, his eyes flickering back and forth between caramel/amber to black.

I push on his shoulder and he looks at my hand and growls at it, thinking I am pushing him away.

“Roll on your back” I tell him, leaning forward and kissing his lips. He growls softly but rolls pulling me on top of him so I straddle his hips. He grabs my hips rolling them against him, his claws sinking into my skin and I grab them, prying them from my body and placing them on my heavy breasts. He squeezes them and I lean down kissing his lips and sucking his bottom lip in my mouth and he growls.

“Maddox!” I ask between kissing him. He grunts one of his hands going to my hip and I have to fight the urge to scream when I feel his claws sink into me painfully.

He sits up pulling me flush against his chest. His hands gripping my hair as he pulls my head back, licking and sucking on my neck.

“Maddox!” I moan, sparks rushing everywhere, his erection straining his pants as he rubs himself against me.

“Stop Maddox, wait. I need to speak to you” I tell him and he lets my hair go.

“You want to speak to me?” He seemed genuinely shocked that I wanted to talk to him, making me wonder if Ezra even told him I had been asking for him.

He grabs my face in his hands. “My kitty” he growls before sucking my lips and I have to wait for him to stop before being able to speak.

“My mother” his grip tightens on my face. “No!” He growls menacingly and I feel one his claws cut the tip of my ear as they elongate from his fingertips.

“Please listen,”

“No, she deserves death kitty”

“No, Maddox. You hurt her you hurt me” I tell him and he seems to think. It was so strange seeing his eyes through Ezra’s, so strange feeling how rough he is compared to Ezra’s gentle touch.

“I don’t want to hurt you” he mutters to himself I think more than to me.

“I will stay away from her, but please let her stay” I ask him, his eyes snapping to mine.

“No!, She will take you from me, I won’t let her hurt you” I shake my head at his words.

“I will stay with you, just let her stay please, I won’t ask for anything else” I tell him.

“You will stay, you won’t run off with Mateo” he snaps.

“Huh? Why would I run off with Mateo?” I ask him.

“You promise you stay, you stay with me, me only”

“I promise, I won’t leave you” I tell him, grabbing his face.

“I’m yours, all yours” I tell him confused about his Mateo comment, was that why Mateo left? Did Maddox threaten him thinking I liked him more than a friend?

“Will you let her stay?” I ask him. He seems to think, his eyes watching my face and his grip loosens before a low growl rumbles from his chest, his face going to my neck as he inhales my scent, his tongue running over my mark making me shiver, yet he was being gentle despite his tight grip.

“You don’t go near her, you stay with me. You tell Ezra to let me out” he asks, his lips moving against my neck and I nod. I would agree to anything if it means my mother can stay, especially now I know Maddox can be reasonable, he suddenly didn’t seem so frightening making me wonder if his intentions were just misunderstood by Ezra. I pull his face from my neck, his onyx eyes watching me as he leans forward and bites my lip. “Mine” He growls.

I kiss him, his lips parting as he kisses me back when I feel gentle hands run down my arms making me pull back to see Ezra’s eyes peering back at me.

“Where did he go?” I ask expecting Maddox.

“He gave me back control” Ezra says with a smile on his lips as they crash against my own.

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