Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 58

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 58
Ezra refused to let me speak with Maddox. The house was extremely quiet without Mateo’s constant chatter, and I found myself becoming lonely, two days had passed. Ezra remained in his office for the most part of the day and I found him to be avoiding me. Deciding I was not going to remain stuck in this empty house by myself, I mind-linked Mateo.

“Hey Pumpkin” Mateo says as the link connects.

“Don’t call me that” I retort rolling my eyes.

“What’s up?” He asks and I could tell he was in wolf form, his voice slightly distorted and muffled.

“Have you spoken to my mother?” I ask him and he goes quiet.


“Ezra told me to kick off the pack territory, she has until the end of the day to come clean with your father, or just leave. I told her to go until he calms down” Mateo tells me.

“What did she say, she hasn’t even tried contacting me, I have tried to get in touch with her but she blocks the link and shuts me out” I tell him.

“She was upset of course, she doesn’t want to leave you or your father but it is out of my hands, how has Ezra been?” He asks.

“Hiding in his office avoiding me” I tell him and I hear him sigh.

“I’m going back to school tomorrow,” I tell him.

“Ezra said you could?”

“No, I haven’t told him but I am not sitting in this house bored”

“Kat, you leave, it will tick him off, besides we had intruders last night, three of Alpha jacksons men got onto the territory, Ezra killed two of them”

“Last night? He didn’t tell me that. I also didnt even realise he left”

“Yep, they were caught in the forest near the packhouse” I think for a second knowing they were getting closer was frightening, but Ezra not telling me worried me even more.

“When are you coming home?” I ask.

“Why do you miss me?” He laughs.

“Yes, the house is quiet without you” I tell him.

“Meet me in the forest, I am on border patrol, I will be going through that way in half an hour. Ezra will bring you out if you ask, I will come find you” He tells me and I nod.

“Okay see you soon” I tell him, cutting the link and focusing back on the room. I grab some shorts and a singlet. It was pretty warm today, the sun out and the sky clear. I grab my joggers, placing them on my feet before walking downstairs to see Ezra. I push his door open before stepping in the room, he looked up at me and I could see he was on the phone.

He motions for me to go him and I walk around his desk and he pulls me on his lap before telling the person he has to go and hanging up. He presses his face into my neck.

“What’s wrong, I am busy” He says, picking up a piece of paper and reading it.

“Can we go for a run? I want to meet up with” I see his eyes glaze over someone mindlinking him and I sigh waiting for him to finish talking to whoever he was talking to.

“I have to go” He says, tapping my leg and hopping up.

“Where?” I ask as he rushes to the door.

“The high school, apparently there is a brawl on the oval between some of our pack warriors in training,” He says.

“Wait I will come with you” I tell him chasing after him when he stops making me run into his back.

“No, stay here. Mateo is on border patrol or I would have sent him, I won’t be gone long then I will take you wherever you want to go” He says pecking my head.

“Wait can I go see Mat”- He doesn’t stop instead rushing out the door. I mindlink him but he shoves me out.

‘Just go Kat, he is in a mood’ Kora tells me.

‘Yeah but if he comes home and we aren’t here he will get the Sh*ts’ I tell her.

‘We won’t be gone long, besides he can’t get cranky at us when we will be with his beta. I am also sick of being trapped here. Fresh air will do us some good’ she did have a point, he did say I couldn’t go anywhere without him or Mateo and being that I was going to see Mateo, I doubt he would have an issue with it.

Grabbing my drink bottle, I walk toward the back door before heading toward the forest. The sun was blaring outside and by the time I was halfway through the forest I was sweating profusely.

‘Geez summer is going to be a stinker this year’ Kora tells me as we climb over a log.

‘Be easier if we could just shift, instead of walking’ I tell her.

‘We can’t risk being seen, Ezra will be P!ssed if we shift without him present and I would hate to see what Maddox would do’

“Do you speak to Maddox much?” I ask her as we continue through the forest.

‘Nope Ezra has been keeping him under lock and key, everytime I have he has been P!ssed off though, wants your mother off Pack territory’ she says and I sigh.

I was nearly to the stream running along the back of the forest when I heard rustling in the trees.

‘It’s just Ares, Mateo’s wolf’ Kora tells me just as I am jumped and knocked into the water. His wolf knocking me forward and into the river. I cough and sputter before surfacing.

“F*cking D!ckhead” I tell him clawing my way out. Kora laughed while I was now drenched.I look up and see Mateo’s grey wolf, he grabs my shirt helping haul me out. I pushed him away before ripping my now wet joggers off.

“Bad boy,” I tell him, smacking his nose. Mateo laughs through the mindlink.

“Gotcha good aye Pumpkin” He says.

“Where is Ezra?” He asks, looking around.

“At the school, some fight or some Sh*t” I tell him, ringing out my clothes, on the plus side I was nice and cool.

“Nice nips” Mateo says, making me look down to see my shirt completely see through. I cover my chest with my hands before walking over to a boulder next to the stream and sitting on it.

“So Ezra knows you’re out here right?” Mateo asks and I shake my head.

“Nope took off before I could ask, he said I can’t go anywhere without him or you and here you are” I shrug and he walks closer. I pat his wolf’s head as he places it on my knee.

“Hello Ares” I tell him and he lifts his head licking my face and neck.

“So what have you been doing”

“Nothing, do you mind if I shift back?” He asks.

“You will be naked” I tell him and he shrugs his furry shoulders.

“Just close your eyes till I find something to cover myself” he says and I do. I hear him shift back before walking off and returning.

“You can open them” He chuckles and I do only to find him covering himself with elephant leaf.

“Wow, greek god, you look like you’re posing for a painting” I tell him shaking my head.

“Couldn’t find a pants tree anywhere so it’ll do” He says sitting on the grass.

“When are you coming home?” I ask him and he shrugs.

“Not sure, I have been staying in town at Jasmines”

“You and Jasmine huh?” I ask him and he shrugs.

“Well I can’t have who I want, so why not” He says.

“Your mate? I am sorry about that, you shouldn’t have had to kill her”

“Yes I did, you’re more important besides I didn’t even know her” He says.

“Yeah but she was your mate” I tell him and he shrugs seemingly unaffected.

“So what’s been happening with you?” He asks.

“Nothing just sitting in my sandstone prison, I want to go back to school but I don’t think he will let me” I tell him.

“Want me to ask him, I will sit through your classes with you, get you some contact lenses should be fine”

“You can ask but he has been in a mood, Kora said he has been blocking Maddox out”

“That won’t go down well when he gets out then, wanna go swimming?” Mateo asks me, looking at the river behind me. I shrug. I was already wet and it was hot. Standing up, Mateo does the same before I shove him, he squeals at the cold water before dunking his head under it.

“Goddess that’s nice, Bl**dy stifling” He says swimming to the centre. I dive back in before coming up back to the surface and floating on my back. Mateo grabs my feet pulling me toward him before draping his arm across me as I float.

“What time do you finish patrol?” I ask him.

“Technically an hour ago, Mathias is filling in for me”

“Jasmine’s dad?”

“Yep, he wanted to go for a run. Been at the surgery for weeks now, and missed the last two pack runs” He says.

“What does Mathias think of you being with his daughter?” I chuckle.

“We just fool around. I haven’t slept with her, besides not much he can say really. She is 18 already and an adult” I nod at his words and nearly drown myself.

“So do you want me to speak to Ezra about you going back to school?” He asks and I nod.

“What time did you tell my mother to get off packlands?” I ask him,

“She is supposed to leave by 5, but stressless I won’t harm her if she doesn’t kat, I know she is your mother”

“Can you tell her to stop blocking me?, I don’t want to tell dad because he will know something is up”

“Kat, where are you?” I hear Ezra through the mind-link, I swim upright making Mateo fall beneath the water from leaning on me.

“With Mateo,” I tell him.

“Ezra?” Mateo asks before swimming back to the side pulling me with him when I nod.

“Okay but where are you?” Ezra asks and I could feel he was getting ticked off.

“I’m on my way back, don’t get your panties in a knott, we just went swimming” I tell him as Mateo pulls me from the water.

“I’m coming to get you just wait there” He snaps, cutting off the link.

“You should probably leave, he didn’t sound impressed at me leaving” I tell Mateo, making sure to keep my eyes on him knowing he was stark naked. “I can wait with you?” I shake my head and Mateo pulls me to him.

“I will speak to Ezra tonight and maybe come home” He says, pecking my head.

“Rightio, I will see you later” I tell him and he shifts back before darting into the trees. I start walking home, the sun drying my clothes when I see Ezra walking toward me.

“Where is Mateo” He asks,

“I told him to go back to Patrol” I tell him climbing over a log, he grabs my arm helping me down as I climb over it.

“You reek of him” Ezra growls.

“Yeah, because I was with him, we went swimming” I tell him.He looks down at my clothes and my see through shirt.

“Why arent you wearing a bra?” He asks.

“Have you seen how hot it is? The last thing I want is sweaty boobs,” I tell him.

“What happened at the school?”

“Doesn’t matter, why are you out here? I told you to stay home” He says, pulling me through the forest quickly.

“Ezra let go” I tell him as I stumble trying to keep up, his fingers bruising my arm, his grip was that tight.

“I leave for a couple of hours and you wander off, you know I don’t want you wandering around by yourself” he snaps pulling me into the backyard.

“I was with Mateo, perfectly safe” I tell him,

“but since you suddenly found your voice, I need to speak to you about my mother” I tell him and he stops looking down at me.

“Not this again, get inside” He says, pushing me toward the back doors.

“Ezra!” I shriek but he ignores me.

“You deleiberately disobeyed me, I told you to stay put and you run off with Mateo of all people ” He growls.

“Ezra? Let go, you’re hurting my arm” I tell him and he looks down, he lets go before muttering an apology.

“So Mateo told my mum she has to leave, I don’t want her to leave. Can you please let me speak to Maddox” I ask him and he goes tense before shaking his head. I sigh knowing I am not getting anywhere with Ezra when a thought crosses my mind.

“Wanna shower with me?” I ask him.

“I have things to organise for the pack run in two days” he says before walking off into his office. I was about to go have a shower when I stopped on the stairs, instead turning around and stripping my clothes.

‘Kat what are you doing?’ Kora asks, though I could hear her laughing.

‘He won’t let Maddox out, then I will force him out’ I tell her, dumping my wet clothes on the marble floor before pushing his office door open. He had his head down going over paperwork and I sat on the lounge across from his desk.

“I thought you were going to have a shower?” He asks, not bothering to look up. ‘

‘You might have to step up your game Kat, touch yourself’ Kora says and I feel my face heat up. She could be vulgar sometimes.


‘Chicken’ she says and I roll my eyes before opening my legs, my hand moving between my thighs.

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