Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 55

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 55

His entire body tensed as he took in what I said, his hands fisted the bed linen and I watched in horror as his eyes flickered, jaw clenched.

“No!” He says confusing me.

“What?” I ask, trying to figure out what he meant. Did he not believe me?

“I said no!” He growls before pushing off his hands and standing, fur growing along his arms. He walks to the door and I jump out of bed.

“Ezra!” I yell petrified by his reaction.

“No Kat that is not a promise I will keep” he snaps before turning and walking out . I scramble for a shirt, chucking on one of his before darting out after him.

“Wait you promised, you promised not to do anything please” I begged, grabbing his arm, his entire body was shaking and he was on the verge of shifting. A terrifying growl ripped from him as he shook me off a little too hard, sending me flying into the wall.

I felt the wall crack as I hit it when I looked up to find it wasn’t Ezra I was dealing with but Maddox. Mateo comes flying out of his room from the loud bang. I saw him pause out of the corner of my eye, yet I was too focused on Maddox’s terrifying glare as he stalked towards me.

Yet I could feel Ezra’s panic, feel him fighting for control back.

“You should have told us, you should have F*cking told us when you knew, I won’t have your life put at risk for your mother’s” Maddox rages, his canines protruding forbidding him from closing his mouth.

“She is my mother Maddox”

“She is not your mother!” He snarls his fist connecting with the drywall next to my head. “You don’t hide things from us, I won’t have you lying to me” he growls his claws slipping from my his fingertips as he partially shifts, fur covering his body and his face starts to elongate, he presses his face closer towering over me, my heart pumping in my ears when I feel him grab my arm.

‘Get out Kat, get out’ Kora’s panicked voice screamed in my head, her fear so strong I swallowed my throat restricting when suddenly he is knocked away from me. A feral growl tearing from him as he hits the ground with a loud thud. I see Ezra rise and realise it was Mateo who had tackled him.

Mateo scrambles away from him backwards before looking at me. “Run!” He screams using his Beta aura on me just as Ezra shifts.

I feel it wash over me, but It has no effect, my fear keeping me rooted to the spot as I look on helplessly as Maddox charges at him, Mateo shifting just in time before tearing into his flank which only seemed to anger him more.

Kora growling furious in my head as they tear chunks off each other, teeth and claws sinking into skin fighting to the death.

“Get out of here Kat, Ezra is gone” Mateo screams through the mind link. I run for the stairs, Kora fighting for control when suddenly Mateo and Ezra smash down the stairs crashing into me.

“All of us are rolling down the stairs in a heap and a shriek leaving my lips and I see Mateo smash into the wall, his claws biting into the marble floors, scratching through them. I now truly understood why people feared Alpha Ezra. Maddox was lethal, angry and uncontrollable. Maddox seems to grow impossibly bigger as he stalks toward Mateo before grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and tossing him like he weighed nothing. Mateo smashed into the hall stand on the second floor, the paintings on the walls smashing to ground.

Mateo lunges at him, ripping into his flesh and I feel Kora become enraged at the sight, her anger so bad as she watches them tear into each other that she forces the shift, a scream tearing from my lips cut off by her roar as she runs at them.

My heart skipping a beat knowing Mateo was about to cop her rage too when she suddenly pivots tearing into Maddox. Her teeth tearing into his side viciously. He snaps his head to the side, sinking his canines into her back leg and flinging her off before lunging at her as she hits the ground. I watch in horror as his teeth come straight toward us aiming for our throat.

His claws bite into the marble floors as he skids into us, his teeth and jaw wrapping around our throat yet no pressure clamps on us, recognition kicking in at the last second and he whimpers, licking her fur when she snaps at him, biting the side of his face. A growl ripping out of her that makes him cower and duck his head, his shame smashing into me as Kora shoves past him, knocking him to the side.

She was livid that he scared me, livid he attacked Mateo, livid he took control from Ezra yet I could also feel she was nervous that he could so easily, fearful of him yet she would not bow to him, refused to be beneath him and I could truly see how magnificent she was and for the first time I actually felt blessed by having her as my wolf.

Maddox howls when she walks over to Mateo, Maddox growling at her as she approaches his torn apart human form before she looks back at him and I was startled to hear her speak, just like the Moon Goddess did in my vision.

“Shift back, and give him control” she snarls at him before turning back to Mateo who was staring at her in shock or was it awe, I wasn’t sure but I was a bit in awe of my wolf too in this moment. Mateo pats her and she licks his cheek. Maddox’s growl rips out of him so loud it was deafening.

But she ignored him while I wanted her to turn around, fearful he would attack us again when she suddenly licked Mateos ribs. I try to fight her for control, knowing what she was doing was wrong when she snaps at me. ‘He would have given his life for us, quit fighting me’ she barks at me, shoving me back.

“He’s not our Mate’ I tell her.

‘I don’t care, this is what I’m for, what we are for’ she snaps at me. Yet Mateo moans as her tongue laps at his wounds when I feel hands grab her fur. Mateo pushes her head away as she licks the jagged line going from his lips to his ear. I hear shifting in the background.

“Kora?” Ezra’s voice reaches our ears as he grabs her fur, she spins around. I felt relief hit me from her when she saw him back in control, she lunges at him licking his face frantically and his chest, his wounds closing and she all but mauled him with her tongue, though the more she did, the weaker I could feel her getting, feel myself getting as our surroundings started to blur, I cry out when I feel my bones snapping yet it wasn’t like last time.

The transition not tearing my flesh, more like a slipping and popping sensation yet the shift being forced had broken my skin around my ankles and wrists and I felt blood trickle down my face from my nose as fur turned to flesh leaving me panting.

Ezra clutching me to him, his hand in my hair and I slip my arms around his waist. Mateo I could see was still trying to catch his breath across from us, his chest rising and falling heavily.

I could feel Ezra was angry but it was more directed inward at himself yet I could feel something else and Mateo hadn’t taken his eyes off him making me worry. Mateo rises clutching the window frame next to him, blood seeping from the back of his leg. Ezra lets out a shaky breath.

“Mateo?” He breathes out.

“Save it, how many times over the years have told you to get that side under control. I am sick of taking the brunt of it, Ezra” Mateo tells him, confusing me.

Mateo walks over to us, stopping in front of us. He holds his hand out to Ezra before pulling him to his feet. Ezra gripping my arm, pulling me up with him. Mateo grabs the back of Ezra’s neck pressing his forehead against his.

“Maddox said he won’t allow her to keep secrets, yet you are. You tell her or I will, I won’t let her suffer the same fate as your mother” he says before letting him go and looking down at me pressed between them.

Mateo presses his lips to my head, and I feel Ezra’s grip on me tighten, his arm wrapping around my waist securely.

I feel his chest vibrate on my back as he suppressed a growl. Mateos lips leave my head before he looks at Ezra. “She has a right to know,” Mateo tells him.

Mateo grips my chin, my heart thumping in my chest petrified they were about to fight again. The testosterone in the room is thick as Mateo forces me to look at him.

“You’re not the only one cursed by the Moon Goddess,” he says, his thumb brushing over my bottom lip.

“And I’ll be D*mned if I let his curse hurt you,” he says, making me swallow.

He looks behind me at Ezra, “Tell her” he says letting me go. He steps away before heading toward the stairs heading back up to the top floor. Ezra’s grip on me tightens as he pulls me flush against him.

‘I knew something was up with his wolf’ Kora says. I felt confused, trying to put the pieces together yet I came up with nothing. Looking over my shoulder I see Ezra bite his lip, a tear sliding down his cheek.

“What is it?” He shakes his head.

“Not now, not now Kat” he whispers before letting out a shaky breath.

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