Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 54

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 54
His lips move across my neck to my shoulder before moving lower, nipping at my skin before his lips latch onto my nipple, his hand tugging my leg up and I wrap it around his waist. His hand moves over my thigh to my a$s and he gives it a squeeze, his teeth teasing my nipple and he rolls his hips against me, pressing his impressive length against me before his lips move lower.

Arousal flooding me as he licks and sucks on my skin before hooking my leg around his shoulder, his face moving between my legs and he pushes my knee on my other leg opening me wide for him. I feel his breath on my core before he licks a straight line from a$s to my clit before sucking it in his mouth.

He growls softly the vibration making my walls clench, his hand moving down my thigh, the other gripping my hip pushing my leg higher up as it rests over his shoulder, his mouth devouring and tasting every piece of me as he licks and sucks, dipping his tongue in my core making me moan loudly.

My hips moving against his mouth when I feel him slide a finger inside me, curling it upwards before sliding it out and adding another. His fingers stretching me, building up a delightful friction causing my skin to heat while he sucks my clit. His fingers sliding out of my pulsating core, slick with my arousal, a breathy moan leaving my lips and he adds another finger, I squirm at the intrusion and he sucks my clit harder, sliding them out before plunging them back into my soaking wet heat. I roll my hips and ride his fingers, while he sucks my flesh.

My skin heating, and my stomach tightens as he curls his fingers inside me, hitting that hard to reach place and making my legs tremble. I reach down, my fingers sliding into his hair and I cry out as my orgasm ripples through me, washing over me in waves and my walls clench his fingers as my pussy pulsates around them. He slides them out and dips his tongue in my core, licking and sucking up my juices, his nails digging into my legs as he laps at me, leaving me breathless when I feel him suck my clit before kissing it and moving up my body, positioning himself between my legs, his cock sliding between my wet swollen lips as he leans down kissing me. Forcing his tongue into my mouth and making me taste myself on his tongue.

I kiss him back, pulling him closer, his hand pulling my leg up higher and wrapping it around him, his hard length sliding between my wet lips making me moan and roll my hips against him.

I feel his hand move between us adjusting himself, his lips going to my neck as he sucks my mark.

“If I am hurting you, you tell me” he says below my ear before kissing my jaw. I roll my hips against him, wanting him inside me.

I feel him press the tip in and I move my hips against him when he pushes in further, my eyes watering and I clench them shut. My entire body tensed and I grip his arms. He stills before pulling out slightly.

“It’s going to sting, you need to relax Kat, just breathe” he says pressing his forehead to mine.

“Just breathe baby” he says, kissing my lips and I let out the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding, my body relaxing and I open my eyes, tears slipping down my face.

“Please tell me it’s in” I choke out and he chuckles, shaking his head.

“Barely” he breathes and I nearly choke at his words when he kisses me, pushing back slightly and I wriggle beneath him trying to get away from him. I knew he was big but the burn, by God my pussy was on fire.

Ezra stills, letting me get used to feeling of him stretching me before slowly pulling out before thrusting back in gently working his massive length into me, his lips moving to my mark and he sucks on it, a moan leaving my lips at the sensation as tingles rush to my clit and I move my hips against him, my juices coating his cock.

Ezra growls softly letting me move against him. “That’s it baby, just keep moving” he whispers against my neck, his hand grabbing my hip as I move them, rolling them against him and I could feel myself getting wetter, arousal flooding me when he pulls out and he thrusts in meeting my movements, his length slipping in me deeper stretching me around him, a breathy moan escaping my lips at the friction building when he kisses me hard.

His tongue fighting mine for dominance and he presses his weight down on me, sheathing himself inside me, making me gasp at the sting before stilling, and giving me a second before pulling out and thrusting back in slowly. He moves at a slow pace, his cock slipping in and out slowly building up a pleasurable friction, his cock rubbing my walls making them clench around him.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” He breathes next to my ear and I shake my head, my hand tugging his hip, wanting him to move faster. Ezra’s hand goes under my back pulling me with him as he sits up so I was now straddling his lap as he sat on his knees. He moves and leans against the headboard.

His hands run up my sides before going back to my hips and he leans forward sucking my breast, a breathy moan leaving my lips feeling his mouth on my body. He rolls my hips against him lifting me up and down his length. I grab his shoulder moving my hips to the movement, his hands guiding me up and down his length before he removes them letting me set the pace.

His hand goes to my breast while the other moves between us, his thumb pressing down on my clit as he rubs it and I move my hips against his hand and find my own rhythm.Feeling myself building up my walls clenching his length.

“F*ck! That’s it, baby” Ezra breathes before grabbing my hips and slamming me down on him, moving my hips faster, his cock hitting against my cervix and rubbing against my g spot. I moan, my nails digging into his shoulders as I feel myself climbing higher, reaching my peak.

The only sounds are my airy moans and the wet sounds of our bodies connecting. Ezra reaches up, grabbing a handful of my hair and tugging my head back, his lips trailing down my neck and over my shoulder, his other hand squeezing my a$s as I move up and down his hard length, his cock filling me as I feel my stomach tighten, my skin becoming flushed and I cry out at the overwhelming feeling building inside me.

Ezra lets go of my hair, palming my breast while sucking on the other one, his tongue flicking over my nipple and I pick up my pace before feeling the hot wave of my orgasm rush over me, making my walls clench him before I feel his teeth sink into my flesh, prolonging the feeling and my pussy pulsates around him. I drop my face to his neck and the overwhelming urge makes my gums tingle before I feel my canines protrude before sinking them into his neck. His blood filling mouth and I feel them tearing into his flesh and muscle before feeling a strange rush roll over me, crashing into me, like the flick of a rubber band as the bond solidifies, his emotions rushing into me full force.

Ezra holds me to him, his grip tight when I feel his cock twitch inside me, finding his own release, his seed spilling into me and I pull my teeth from his neck breathless and left panting. Ezra’s face resting against my collarbone, he kisses my skin before pulling back and looking at me before pressing his lips to mine softly.

“I love you”

“I love you too” I tell him trying to catch my breath when he rolls pushing me onto my back before pulling out. He sits up pecking my lips and walking into the bathroom when I hear him curse.

I drape my arm across my face exhausted and I hear him walk back out before feeling something warm press between my legs as he cleans me. I move my arm to see him lean over me and kiss me, yet I could feel his worry hit me, the feeling foreign but no doubt his.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, his worry was so bad I thought he might make himself sick.

“I wasn’t wearing protection,Kat” I didn’t understand at first, when I realised that not telling him about my mother meant I hadn’t told him she was lying.

The curse wasn’t childbirth. It was those around us that caused their deaths. We were blessed with life and cursed with death but it was never by our own hands but the hands of others, the curse of being a lunar healer wasn’t childbirth it was greed, fear, and jealousy and last of all sacrifice. Everyone else taking too much until there was nothing left but our burned broken souls.

Cursed to die, for giving life, shunned by those who didn’t receive it and killed by those who wanted more than we could give.

“Babe, did you hear what I said?” he says, gripping my chin and forcing me to meet his gaze.

“It’s fine Ezra,”

“No, Kat it isn’t, I know the chances are low given your not in heat, but the curse isn’t broken” he says standing up and I sit up as he curses tearing himself to pieces, his guilt hitting me like he just signed my death sentence.

“There’s no curse my mother lied, childbirth won’t kill me” I tell him and he spins around to look at me.


“My mother lied, that’s not how they died”

“You don’t know that Kat, how would you know, you can’t possibly know that, your mother said childbirth killed off your entire bloodline of healers, I think she would know what she is talking about” he says running his hand through his hair before clutching the back of his head with his hands.

“I do know because I saw it, I have been having visions, reliving their deaths, only to move to the next one and suffer their torment too, only one died from childbirth and that was my grandmother Ezra, you haven’t killed me”

“You saw it?”

“Yes, when I shifted, the Moon goddess cursed me with their deaths and I suffered their Fates as I relived them”

“But your mother died during childbirth” Ezra says and I realise nothing I said he was understanding all because of one lie, a lie my mother told.

“My mother didn’t die from childbirth” I whisper before swallowing the lump that formed in my throat at my words.

“You’re not making sense Kat, just tell me what’s going on” he says, grabbing my knee and looking at me.

“You need to promise you won’t do anything and you will leave it be and you can’t tell anyone” his brows furrow confused and he shakes his head.

“Promise me you won’t banish her”

“Banish who, what are you hiding?” And I could feel his anger rising that I was hiding something from him.

“Promise me!” I tell him and he gets up, annoyed.

“No, because whatever you are hiding, you know I won’t like, so spill Kat. I’m not promising you something if I don’t know what it is your hiding”

“Then I can’t tell you,” I tell him.

“No, you don’t get to do that. I don’t want you hiding things from me Kat” he says climbing back in the bed.

“Tell me now” he growls but I shake my head, I couldn’t tell him. Ezra was a man of his word so until he promises not to react badly I won’t give up my mother.

His eyes flicker and I see Maddox come forward. “Is this why Kora has been off?” he growls his voice rough and gulp before Ezra shakes his head, his eyes returning to normal.

“Sorry, he is a temperamental B*stard sometimes” he says before pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. He sighs looking up, his hands going to either side of my hips.

“Promise me please” I tell him.

“Why do I have to promise?”

“Because I know you won’t break it” I tell him.

“What are you hiding? Is this why you were upset over your mother because you saw her die?” He asks. I say nothing and he lets out a breath of frustration.

“Fine I promise not to do anything but don’t think I won’t react if someone has hurt you” he says.

“That’s the same thing” I tell him.

“Take It Or leave it Kat” he says annoyed.

I look away, his hardened gaze making me nervous.

“She killed her” I whisper.

“Who killed her, the Moon Goddess?” He asks and I could feel his confusion.

“No my mother, she killed her sister, my mum. Shirley killed her and covered it up with Jacksons help. She didn’t die from having me, my mother tore me out of her killing her” I tell him.

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