Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 53

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 53
Katya POV

She lied, she said she died in childbirth but really she killed her, killed my mother, her own sister and my father’s mate.

Was everything a lie? Was I just a convenience to her to make it look like an accident? How could she do that? Her own flesh and blood?

I was shaking, I couldn’t wrap my head around it, my brain was running rampant refusing to shut off, I just kept seeing her enraged face coming towards me on the stairs, I couldn’t stop hearing my mother’s pleading voice as she begged her to get a doctor.

“Tell me what’s wrong love, are you in pain? I can’t read you, your emotions are everywhere” Ezra says, making me focus on my surroundings. We were back in the bedroom. I could see daylight breaking out the window.

“What time is it” I ask a little shocked, the sky lightening as daylight starts.

“Finally, how do you feel, I have been trying to get you to speak for hours” Ezra told me.

“What time is it?”

“It’s just after 6am” he says, pulling me to him.

6am? 7 hours passed since I walked out those doors downstairs?

“I’m sorry I had no choice, I know it would have hurt, Why didn’t you wake me, why would you go in the woods alone in the middle of the night?” He asks, pulling me onto his chest as he lays down.

“Kat! Talk to me, please your silence is driving me insane” he says. I didn’t want to talk about it, I just wanted to forget it. Forget everything and have my mother back, what she did I would never be able to forgive her for. I just wanted to forget the visions, wanted them taken back.

“Kat, don’t cry, please. You have done nothing but cry. Tell me what’s wrong?”

I shake my head, climbing off him, I felt gross. I could smell the dirt on my skin, my blood as it stained my skin from my shift, yet I had no wounds which was weird, I never heal.

Ezra, noticing me examining my skin, cleared his throat.

“I gave you my blood, some of it didn’t heal, which was quite difficult to get an unresponsive person to swallow” He tells me.

“Will that happen next time?” I ask, worried I was going to be torn apart everytime I shifted. He shakes his head. I sigh relieved before climbing off the bed. I see it covered in my blood. Ezra notices my stare hops off the bed.

“Go shower, I will change the linen, then will you tell me?” He asks, I say nothing. When another thought crosses my mind, how do I tell my dad, it will break him. I didn’t know if I could tell him that. Not only one mate would have been lost to him but two.

I hop in the shower, the floor turning red and brown from the dirt and blood covering me. I could hear Ezra talking in the bedroom, Mateos’ voice reaching my ears.

“Is she alright?”

“She won’t tell me anything?” I hear Ezra say. I can’t tell him, he would banish her, I know he would and as much as I hate what she did, she is the woman who raised me, she is my mother.

Which just made up my mind with my father, I wasn’t going to ruin him and what’s left of our family. I would just have to carry this secret, keep it to myself. My life is already falling apart, I don’t think I could handle my family breaking too.

“You okay?” Mateo’s voice says behind me. I look over my shoulder and see him leaning on the door looking at the wall.

“Yes, I am fine” I tell him.

“You don’t sound fine, speak to Ezra Kat. He feels bad enough, don’t leave him in the dark” Mateo says.

“Where is he?” I ask looking back at him, only to see his eyes run up the length of my body before meeting my gaze. I raise an eyebrow at him and he smirks knowing he was caught checking me out and looking back at the wall.

“Grabbing fresh linen”

“You done staring perv, I see you are no longer green” I tell him.

“Just enjoying the view and yes Jasmine helped get it off” he retorts, making me glare at him.

He looks away again and I was glad I had my back to him, he clearly had no problem looking. Though Ezra refused till I verbally said he could, the thought made me chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” He asks.

“Nothing” I tell him.

“Jasmine went home, she said to tell you she would come by tomorrow” I nod at his words when I hear a growl.

“Just talking, Alpha” Mateo says.

“Can you talk when she is clothed next time?” I hear Ezra growl. Shocking me with the anger behind his words. Mateo leaves and I grab the shampoo wondering what got into him. Nudity wasn’t a big thing in werewolf communities, though I still preferred to be clothed.

I hear Ezra muttering to himself as he makes the bed. I wash my hair and rinse it out when the showerscreen door opens. Ezra stepped in behind me. His hands go to my hips and he tugs me back against him.

“I don’t want you naked in front of other men, Kat. Why didn’t you tell him to leave?” He asks and I was a little shocked at how angry he sounded and how tight his grip was on my hips.

“It’s just Mateo. Geez not like he hasn’t seen me naked before” I tell him and he growls.

“You are mine, I won’t share you” Ezra snaps at me making me turn around.

“What’s got into you, he’s just a friend. If you’re going to be a D!ck I will leave and stay in another room” I tell him. He sighs, wiping a hand down his face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you” he says taking a deep breath.

“God possessive much” I tell him.

“You have no idea, you are mine Kat, nobody else’s” he says.

“I am not going anywhere, so calm down” I tell him and he lets out a breath before pulling me to him. I grab the soap, washing his chest. He seems to calm down, his breathing evening out.

“Are you going to tell me why you made me make your mother leave, you had no problem sneaking off to go to her and sneak out on me” he says.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I tell him and he sighs. He goes to say something when I stand on my tippy toes and kiss him, cutting off his words.

“Kat?” He mumbles around my lips as I drape my arms around his neck tugging him down so I didn’t have to balance on my tippy toes like a friggen ballerina. He pulls back and I huff annoyed at his height towering over me, I needed a step ladder.

“Tell me Kat, I want to know” he says before leaning down again and pecking my lips. I jerk him toward me, taking advantage of him dipping down. I kissed him harder, refusing to let go and he gave up picking me up so he didn’t have to bend to kiss me back. I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Kat?” He says becoming annoyed as Ignore him, instead kissing his jaw and nipping at his neck.

“Tell me Kat,” he says letting me go but I remain in place, my legs securely wrapped around him as I cling to him like a Spider monkey. He grabs my a$s when I don’t let go, hoisting me up higher so my elbows rest on his shoulders.

“You’re hiding something, I can feel it. Something you don’t want me to know ” he says holding my gaze, I look away from his penetrating gaze because he was right, yet I still couldnt bring myself to tell him, I didn’t want any harm to come to her, I loved her even though she betrayed her family.

“Kat?” He says, making me look at him.

“It doesn’t matter right now, I don’t want to talk about it, I want something else” I tell him before kissing him and sucking his bottom lip into my mouth.

His lips part granting me access and I brush my tongue on his, he groans into my mouth before kissing me back, his grip on my a$s tightening as he squeezes it.

He kisses me harder, taking control of the kiss as his tongue tastes every inch of my mouth and I moan softly, arousal flooding me. Ezra turns the taps off before stepping out of the shower. My lips trailing down his neck and I nip at his marking spot and an overwhelming urge to make him mine comes over me. I wanted to mark him.

My teeth graze his skin and he shivers when I feel him grip my hips and unwrap my legs from around him, placing me on my feet.

I growl at him and he chuckles handing me a towel. I dry myself annoyed while Ezra laughs at my pouting.

“Are you hungry?” He asks and I raise an eyebrow at him. I definitely wasn’t hungry for food that’s for sure.

Ezra drys his hair, running the towel over it. I step closer to him running my hand down the front of his chest and down his abs to his V-line when he grabs my hand before I could wrap my hand around him..

“Kat you just shifted, you should rest”

“I feel fine, I don’t need to rest” I tell him and he arches an eyebrow at me. He lets go of my hand and his lips tug up slightly, his eyes flickering to black before going back to their normal mesmerising caramel colour.

‘Just jump him, we can take him’ Kora purrs,

“Really you think so Kora? Is that a challenge?” He says, my face heating at his words, knowing he could now hear her was going to be so embarrassing, especially when she doesn’t shut up and seems to have no filter at all.

‘I don’t need a filter that’s what you’re for’ Kora tells me listening to my thoughts, I shake my head at her.

“She is eager”

‘Yes, I am. now move over kat, if you won’t hand that V-card over, I will for ya’ Kora says. Ezra laughs at her filthy mouth.

‘F*cking stop you hussy, you wouldn’t even know what to do with him’ I tell her and she starts purring. I cough and try to get her to stop and clear my chest that was vibrating when she suddenly presses forward and takes control, she all but throws me toward him. Ezra grabs my arms to steady me.

“That’s my bad that time, Maddox is taunting her” Ezra admits making me look up at him, wondering what Maddox was saying to her.

“What he say”

“Nothing your ears need to hear,” he says, his hand trailing up my back as he pulls me closer.

I pull him closer trying to reach his lips and he smiles. “What’s wrong shorty, can’t reach” he teases, and I glare at him before jerking him forward and lifting my leg, tapping his ankle and making him stumble forward. He catches himself on the bed before he growls.

‘get him!’ Kora purrs and I roll my eyes at her before I feel air rush past me. A squeal leaves my lips as he flips me and I find myself flat on my back on the bed, Ezra standing next to my head in all his naked glory, his cock just above my face.

“Nice try, you are no match for me short stuff” he says leaning down his arms braced on either side of my head. I grab his arm using his momentum as he jerks forward and wrap my leg around his shoulder and turn, forcing him on the bed pinned beneath me.

“Hmm I like this position” he says, biting the inside of my thigh. I look down at him, realising I am practically sitting on his face naked. He tries to flip me off but I move twisting and wrapping my legs around his arm, he chuckles slipping out of it, easily.

” You are stronger than you look, mighty mouse” he says, pinning my arms above my head and pushing between my legs. I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Good genes” I tell him.

“Really? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact my blood now runs through your veins?” he teases.

“Maybe a little,” I tell him as he tries to unwrap my legs from around his waist but I squeeze tighter. He struggles while laughing,

“Are you trying to de-man me”

“Just showing you who the stronger sex is,” I tell him with a chuckle as he tries to unlock my legs around him.

He jams his fingers in my ribs, my legs instantly unwrapping from around him as I try to escape his tickling prodding fingers. He grabs my ankles, jerking me back toward him.

“So much for stronger” he teases before pecking my lips softly, his nose running across my jaw to my neck as he inhales my scent. He nips at my neck where my mark is before sucking on it, sparks rushing over my entire body. The sensation makes my core pulsate in anticipation, a moan escaping my lips and I feel him press his weight between my legs. His hardened length pressed against my thigh.

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