Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 52

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 52
Ezra POV

Waking to the bed feeling cold, I stretch feeling for Kat, my hand hitting the empty space of the bed of where she was meant to be. “Kat?” I call out to her before getting up and looking in the bathroom. I look out the window and see it is still dark outside. The alarm clock on the night stand said 4am.

‘Where are they?’ Maddox says stirring and coming forward.

‘Why can’t I feel her?’ he asks suddenly. I stop trying to pick up her emotions when I hear a blood curdling scream. Panic coursing through my veins when I am suddenly smashed with pain. Maddox tearing through the blockage Kora had put up.

I rush from the room, Mateo darting out of his room, hearing the scream too.

“Find Kat, F*cking find her” I scream at him as he races toward me skidding on the floorboards. Jasmine comes out of his room half undressed behind him when I hear another blood curdling scream and Maddox forces the shift as we get to the bottom floor and runs through the house, smashing through the glass doors leading out the back.

The doors shattering and raining glass down on us as we head for the forest.

“kat” I scream through the mindlink but get nothing but silence.

“She is in here, I can feel she is close” Maddox says running in the direction I can feel the bond pulling us too, Mateo and Jasmine on our heels as they too race toward her following us.

My heart racing, trying to make sense of why she would be in the woods. When I hear footsteps. We stop my claws digging into the earth and I feel her getting closer.

“Where is she?” I mindlink as Jasmine and Mateo to look into the trees frantically when suddenly Shirley steps out of the trees before collapsing with Kat in her arms. Her clothes were torn and she was muttering incoherently.

I shifted back, grabbing her as Shirley tried to catch her breath.

Kat suddenly screams, her bones snapping and rearranging.

“Kat?” I speak, brushing her hair from her face, she is drenched in sweat and starts muttering, again saying different things that make no sense to me.

“Get your father” I tell Jasmine and she nods rushing toward the packhouse. I scoop her up and start running. Shirley and Mateo followed and just as we hit the backyard I dropped her, her body becoming extremely hot, like my arms were on fire. Her skin burning mine.

“What’s wrong with her?” I mutter to myself.

“Kat, tell me what’s wrong baby, I can’t help you if I don’t know?” I tell her trying to rouse an answer out of her. I pull her eyelids open only to see white her gold eyes glaze over when she says “Katherine”.

“She is shifting,” her mother says, finally catching up to me.

“How long, why is it taking so long and why didn’t you tell me?” I demand.

“4 hours, it started at 12, I was trying to get her back here but her skin, it gets so hot” she says, clutching her knees as she tries to breathe.

I grab her, her skin blistering mine making me let go.

“I’m going to force her shift” I say looking up at Mateo.

“What, are you nuts?” He asks, looking at him.

“Shirley said she has been like this for 4 hours already, her pain can’t get much worse. I can force the shift, take her out of her misery” I tell him.

“you can’t do that to her” He says when she suddenly screams her back arching off the ground, white light so bright it burned my eyes as her eyes opened. Light filled the night sky as her eyes and mouth opened the light burning brightly from within her.

“Don’t you do it, Ezra,” Mateo says.

“She is my mate back off Mateo, I won’t let her suffer anymore” I tell him and he looks away, not able to meet my gaze.

“I’m sorry my love” I tell her before getting up. Her back falling back on the grass as she writhes in pain, rolling on her side, her bones snapping and going back into place but not completely the transformation.

“Katya Hartley I command you to shift” I yell at her, my Alpha Aura rushing from me and her body arches as she screams.

I shove the full force behind it, her mother clutching my arm, trying to get me away from her.

“Katya shift” I commanded when her agonised scream reached a new level. The noise is so loud I cover my ears unable to handle it, her pain smashing into me when I am blinded by light, I jump away from her, the ground burning my feet and I see Mateo jump back aswell. The ground burns when I hear every bone in her body break simultaneously. Her screams are deafening and I lose sight of her as I stumble back tripping over Shirley behind me.

I squint through the light when it suddenly goes black. I blink my eyes trying to adjust to the darkness and I then see her.

I gasp at the sight before me and I hear Mateo gasp too. She was magnificent, her wolf white as snow except her gold eyes burning brightly. Her fur was glowing and it had a blue tinge to it, it shone that brightly. “Kora!” I gasp and she shakes out her fur.

“Hello Ezra” she says, shocking me when she doesn’t use the mindlink but actually speaks.

I get up and intend to go to her when I look down at the ground around where she stood. It was black, the earth burnt. A huge round circle burned into the ground.

I take a step forward when I hear a howl before hearing the snapping of bones. She shifts back and I rush to her, grabbing her as she tries to catch her breath. She grabs a hold of me like I am her life line, clutching my arms as I pull her toward me. My legs are burning from the hot ground.

“Kat?” Her mother cries racing over when Kat pulls away from her and into me, fear hitting me through the bond from her.

“Kat!” Her mother says and I feel her body shudder against mine. Shirley reaches for her hand but Kat jerks her hand away before growling at her.

“Get away from me” she growls out, her voice shaking terribly. I look to Shirley wanting an explanation as to why Kat was scared of her. Kat’s entire body shaking and I see Mateo come over to us.

“I think you should leave Shirley” he says and Shirley looks at her daughter. Kat pushes her face into my chest looking away from her.

“Make her go away,” she says, her voice so soft. I nod, kissing her head.

“Leave!” I tell her and Shirley whimpers from the command before darting back into the forest. I pick up Kat’s naked body, clutching her to me.

“Did she hurt you, Kat?” I ask as I walk toward the packhouse. Kat doesn’t answer, just breaks down crying as she clutches onto me. I look at Mateo when I hear the front door of the packhouse burst open and I remember I sent Jasmine to wake her father.

“I will deal with doc” he says running inside.

I followed into the house before walking to our room but I was beginning to worry when she still hadn’t spoken. Instead just crying and I could feel her heart breaking, over what? I had no idea but knew she would tell me when she was ready. Right now my only priority was getting her to calm down and to safety back in our room.

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