Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Katya POV

“Do you think it’s a good idea leaving them two alone?” I ask as we walk upstairs.

“Mateo won’t hurt her,”

“I wasn’t saying he would hurt her!” I exclaim. Ezra seems to think for a second, catching what I meant.

“Definitely not a good idea but they are both adults, Kat and Mateo wouldn’t do anything to make her feel uncomfortable” he says pulling me into our room.

“I thought you don’t like the idea of messing with other pack members?”

“I don’t but they can make their own choices, Mateo lost his mate and Jasmine hasn’t found hers yet, it’s not that big of a deal”

“Well you changed your tune” I tell him.

“Mateo deserves happiness besides I prefer him focusing on other things then on things that are off limits” Ezra says, making me look at him as I dig through his drawer and steal one of his shirts.

“Off limits?” I ask him, confused by his words.

“Doesn’t matter Kat, Jasmine is safe with him that’s all that matters” I nod but I was never worried about her safety, Mateo was a good man and I knew he would never do anything to upset her.

I feel Ezra’s arms wrap around my waist and he presses his face on my shoulder rubbing the face mask all over me.

“Gross, you’re getting it in my hair!” I tell him, pushing his face away as he rubs his face in my neck deliberately wiping it on me.

He chuckles, kissing my neck before steering me toward the bathroom. He flicks the light on before wetting a hand towel in the sink basin and scrubbing his face with it.

“Bl**dy everywhere,” he mutters, wiping it off and splashing his face with water.

He reaches over, grabbing me and pulling me in front of the mirror.

I laugh when I see my face. It looked gross, like mushy rice bubbles covered my face. I take the cloth rinsing it before washing my face with it, Ezra pulling the mushy lumps out of my hair.

“Do you think the colour will fade?” I ask him, staring at the odd colour of my eyes. Ezra reaches around me washing his hands covered in the goop from my hair before resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Does it matter if they don’t? You still look beautiful” he says, kissing my cheek, as his hands wrap around my waist as one moves underneath my shirt, caressing my stomach.

“Yeah, but people will stare, they will know something is wrong with me” I tell him.

He seems to think for a second,realising what I am saying, that people could find out about what I am.

“We will think of something, you could always wear contacts” he says and I nod at his words, his hand underneath my shirt moving higher and he grabs my breast squeezing it, I lean back against him, his other hand sneaking inside the waistband of my pants,his fingertips slipping into my underwear as his fingers rub my slit. His lips travel down my neck as he rubs my clit.

“I want to mark you?” He whispers against my neck between sucking and kissing my skin.

His fingers teasing as they move between my folds, wet with my arousal. His hand squeezes my breast and I move my hips against his hand before I feel his finger stroking around my core and he pushes a finger inside me, his grip on me getting tighter as I move my hips riding his hand.

His teeth grazing my skin as he nips at the spot where his mark will be. He pulls his finger from me before adding another and I moan at his touch, his tongue running across my neck.

Kora stirs to life, pressing forward eagerly. “Hello Kora ” Ezra whispers, making me wonder how he knew she was so close to the surface when I see my eyes burning brighter, almost fluorescent. My eyes are eerie looking, I shake my head shoving her out creeped out by the sight of them.

Ezra chuckles turning me around, his hand slipping from my pants before he grips my hips placing me on the sink basin. “Lift yourself,” he says, gripping the waistband of my pants and pulling them off.

Ezra stands pushing my legs apart before moving between them and tugging my shirt off over my head and kissing me, one hand pulling me closer to the edge while the other unclips my bra. His lips devour my skin as he nips and sucks on it almost urgently.

“I am not losing my virginity on a sink basin, next to the toilet” I tell him as he grinds himself into me before pulling my legs around him.

His teeth grazing my skin as he drags his canines down my neck and across my shoulder making me shiver.

“No you’re not losing that next to the toilet” he chuckles, pulling back and shaking his head. His hands go under my thighs as he lifts me.

I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He rolls my hips against him, so much for our shower I thought to myself.

I feel the mattress suddenly under my back as he places me on it pressing himself between my legs, he pulls back and I notice his onyx eyes before they flick back to his, a shiver running down my spine as he dips his face into the crook of my neck and runs his tongue over it before sucking hard on it, his teeth pricking my skin as they go to hard points.

“Let me mark you?” He mumbles against my skin. I pull his hips closer.

“Kat?” He says, pulling back looking down at me.

“It will hurt”

“I will be gentle,” he says, pecking my lips.

“Pretty sure, there is no gentle way to bite somebody” I tell him and he chuckles.

“It will only hurt for second” he says,

“Yes, because you have so much experience in marking someone” I tell him.

“Well, no but I heard it feels good after a few seconds,” he says, pecking my lips and nipping at my chin.

His hand trailing down my side as he hooks my leg around his waist and presses himself against me, making me moan softly.

“So is that a yes?” He asks, grinding himself against my core.

“Yes!” I breathe. I feel his lips trail over my neck as he inhales my scent. Kora trying to push forward, going ballistic when I feel his canines press against my skin, sharp like razors. Kora forcing forward, and shoving toward the front alarmingly fast.

‘He can’t yet, not yet we have to be outside’ she screams.

‘What?’ I asked her, slightly panicked but it was too late. I feel his canines sink into my flesh so deeply they hit bone, a whimper leaving my lips as pain tears through my shoulder and neck.

Kora’s being shoved back her voice becoming an echo in my head.

Tears running down the sides of my face at the sudden pain and black dots dance in front of my vision. I feel his teeth leave my skin before he runs his tongue over my mark, tingles rushing everywhere but not enough to stop the darkness smothering me.

“Kat?” Ezra says and I feel his lips brush my cheek before he pulls back. The darkness sucking me under.

“F*ck Kat?” He panics before everything goes black, my entire body felt like it was on fire, catching alight and my blood was blazing in my veins.

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