Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 48

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 48
I chuck some clothes on before walking downstairs, Jasmine was talking to Mateo in the foyer. She looks up as we walk down the stairs.

“D*mn girl, look at your eyes” She says rushing up the stairs and grabbing my face and looking at my now gold eyes.

“That is so cool, I want gold eyes” She pouts.

“Glad you think so, to me it’s a beacon saying freak” I tell her.

“You’re not a freak, Kat” She says, grabbing my hand and tugging me down the stairs. She picks up a plastic bag from near the door. She stands up rummaging through it.

“I brought facials,” she states.

“Pretty sure that’s a cucumber,” Mateo tells her, making me laugh.

“What it is, I know my fruit and veggies?” he says.

“Yes smartass it is a cucumber, it goes on your eyes, we have to make the paste that goes on your face”

“Pretty sure you’re meant to eat cucumber, not wear it” Mateo says and Jasmine slaps him with it.

“How do you live with this fool?” She asks me.

“Because I’m charming, they love me” Mateo tells her, batting his eyelashes at her.

“Really, so you’re getting a facial too?” She taunts.

“Um no, I ain’t wearing food on my face” He says.

“I thought you wanted to join our slumber party, you and Ezra have them all the time right?” I tell him. Jasmine looks at him, crossing her arms with a smirk on her face.

“You did say you love slumber parties” Ezra says with a laugh.

“Fine, but Ezra is joining us,” Mateo says, smirking at him. Ezra puts his hands up backing away before making a run for it. Mateo chases after him, tackling him to the ground and they wrestle. Ezra trying to escape Mateo’s clutches. Jasmine chuckles before grabbing my hand.

“We need bowls,” She says, tugging me into the kitchen. She rummages through her bag pulling out oatmeal and other ingredients and mixing them together.

“I got movies too” She says pointing to the bag.

“Legally blonde? Really?” I ask.

“What? I like it, it’s a good movie on girl power” She says and I roll my eyes at her.

“Mateo will approve then, you have similar taste” I tell her and she gives me a funny look.

“He likes chick flicks?” She asks, spooning the mixture into two bowls.

“Yep, made me watch the princess diaries when I first got here” I told her.

“Oh that’s one of my faves, we can watch that after” She says excitedly.

“Yep, you two are two peas in a pod” I tell her with a chuckle. She raises an eyebrow at my words. Before ducking her head out the door.

“What?’ I ask when she comes back.

“Got any glue?” She asks, pointing to the dry mixture still left. I snicker before grabbing a tube out of the cupboard.

“Tarzan grip” She says snickering.

“You’re not putting that on Ezra” I tell her.

“Not even I am stupid enough to prank the Alpha, Mateo on the otherhand” She says squeezing the tube in and mixing it.

“Oi you got food dye?” I nod checking before coming back with green food dye from the pantry and she tips a heap in.

“We need gloves. I don’t want it sticking to my hands” She says and I grab two pairs of dish gloves.

“Why two?”

“It will look suspicious if you only wear gloves to do him” I tell her and she nods and we both put them on.

“We need to be quick before it dries” She says and I grab the two normal bowls and she grabs Mateos special mix.

We both walk out with the bowls and cut up pieces of cucumber, setting them on the coffee table. Ezra didn’t look impressed at all about having to participate. Jasmine keeps a hold of her bowl so we don’t mix them up which would be hard considering her bowl was green.

Mateo hops up snatching the DVD from her. “Ooh I love this movie” He says racing over to the DVD player. “Two peas” I tell her and she chuckles, shaking her head.

Mateo grabs the remote pressing play before sitting on the lounge, he reaches for one of the bowls and sniffs it before dipping his finger in it and tasting it.

“Tastes like porridge only lumpier” He says.

“You don’t eat it, now sit back” She tells him and she moves behind the lounge while he rests his head back.

He slaps Ezra’s chest. “Come on, don’t be a spoil sport” Mateo tells him and Ezra groans but puts his head back. I grab a bowl about to walk around the back of the couch too when he grabs me pulling me on his lap so I straddle him.

“Ezra!” I exclaim.

“They don’t care” He says simply and I look up but Mateo was too busy talking away to Jasmine oblivious she was glueing his face. Jasmine was too busy red faced trying not to laugh back in his face.

I settle on his lap before covering it in the concoction Jasmine made.

“That feels nasty” He says as I rub it on his face.Jasmine uses the entire bowl on Mateo face and both of them look like they had been covered in lumpy baby vomit. Jasmine takes her bowl to the kitchen before returning.

I then do Jasmine’s face and she does mine. When we go to grab the cucumber slices though they are gone. Jasmine turns glaring at Mateo who was dipping them in the mixture and eating them. “What, you can’t watch the movie with them on” He tells her and she shakes her head before sitting next to him on the lounge. I sit between Ezra’s legs watching the movie, his fingers playing with my hair while he forces himself to watch the movie.

We watch the movie for a bit when Mateo starts to complain.

“This Sh*t is itchy and my face feels like it’s stuck” He says, opening his mouth wide and stretching his face. I press my lips together trying not to laugh and Ezra side eyes me.

“Mine is not itchy,” He says.

“Mine is itchy as F*ck, like I got crabs on my face”

“You’ve had crabs?” Jasmine asks him before snickering.

“No, I was just saying”-

“Saying that you got crabs” She teases.

“No, but it itches, maybe I am allergic to it,” He says.

“If you were you would be dead because you ate half a bowl of it” She tells him.

“You sure yours doesn’t itch?” he asks, looking at Ezra who also looks at him, Ezra shakes his head. “Why are you green?”.

“What?” Mateo asks,

“Am I green?” Ezra asks and Mateo shakes his head.

“I must be reacting to it” Mateo says and Ezra nods in agreement. While Jasmine I try not to laugh.

“Yours isn’t itching?” Mateo says, trying not to touch his face.

“Nope, mine feels fine, just a gross feeling like my face is melting off” Ezra tells him.

“Mine feels stiff, argh the itching. I need to wash it off, it’s starting to burn” He says and I chuckle, putting my head down.

“Kat?” Ezra’s voice comes through the mindlink.

“Did you do something to Mateo?”


“Did Jasmine?”

“Maybe” I tell him. He shakes his head. Mateo jumps off the lounge suddenly.

“I gotta get it off, I can’t handle the itch” He shrieks rushing to the downstairs bathroom. Jasmine bursts out laughing and so do I.

“What have girls done?”

“Any minute now” Jasmine says.

“What the Fck is this Sht?” Mateo screams and Jasmine and I laugh.

“What did you do?” Ezra asks before laughing.

“Tarzan grip and food dye” Jasmine manages to get out between laughing. Mateo comes out the stuff still stuck to his face when he notices us laughing at him, Ezra also laughs at his face.

“You! You did something, didn’t you?” He says pointing a finger at Jasmine who was holding her tummy laughing, her face purple from laughing.

“My cheeks hurt” She says.

Mateo moves toward her and she jumps up ducking away as he tries to grab her. “What is it?” He demands to know.

“Tarzan Grip and food dye” Ezra dobs.

“You glued my face?” He asks.

“Yes because you’re so charming” Jasmine blurts out before laughing. Mateo lunges at her and she shrieks ducking off.

“Get back here and get this Sh*t off my face” He says chasing after her. Ezra shakes his head before hopping up. “Come on, let’s get this off and mine better come off” He says.

“I wouldn’t do that, I have to be seen with you” I tell him chuckling.

He drapes his arm across my shoulder, pulling me toward the stairs when we see a P!ssed off Mateo, with Jasmine over his shoulder marching into the bathroom while she laughs. She clutches the door frame as he tries to drag her in with him.

“Help Kat” She shrieks, laughing while Mateo prys her fingers off.

“Bye Jasmine” I chuckle and her fingers slip off the door and she disappears in a fit of giggles.

“You’re not leaving till this is off my face” I hear Mateo say as we walk up the steps, Jasmine giggling at him.

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