Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 47

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 47
I could feel my arousal spilling onto my thighs. His fingers prodding but not entering and I start to become annoyed.

“Ezra!” I whine.

“Oh, now you know my name?” He teases.

I feel him slide his finger inside me making me wriggle slightly at the intrusion before he stops giving me time to get used to feeling, I push against him and he slides it out before twisting his way back in,.

“So what’s my name?” He asks, his finger moving painfully slow in and out, driving me insane.

“Whatever you want it to be” I tell him not wanting him to stop as he builds up a delightful friction.

“Anything?” He laughs.

“Except daddy, I ain’t calling you that” I tell him and he chuckles.

He slides his finger out before adding another cork screwing back in and I moan at the feeling of his fingers so deep inside me as he moves them in and out and curling them upwards.

“You’re so wet” he groans as his fingers slide in and out, he was right though my thighs drenched as my walls clenched his fingers, my eyes rolling in the back of my head as his fingers rub some sweet spot that made tingles spread everywhere, and my stomach tightens.

“Call me what you want just not Alpha, you are more than my equal, understood?” He says and his fingers stop.

“Yes, yes just don’t stop” I tell him and his fingers start moving again at their leisurely pace drawing out more of my juices as they spill onto my thighs.

“Ezra!” I whine, needing him to go faster, the sensation building inside making my legs tremble. His fingers are suddenly gone. I huff, annoyed before he moves swiftly tossing me back on the bed, he gets up grabbing my tights and sliding them completely off before pushing my knees apart.

My face heats knowing he had a full view of my nakedness. His warm hands run up my thighs to my hips before he grips my hips and tugs me to the edge of the bed before spreading my legs wide and he leans over me. My core throbbing with anticipation as he leans down kissing the side of my mouth, his hand moving between my legs before he shoves his fingers in me, his thumb rubbing my clit and I arch my hips up pushing back against him as his lips travel down my jaw to my neck.

“Can I taste you?” He asks, nipping at my jaw before kissing me, his tongue brushing mine forcefully before he sucks on my tongue. I nod against his lips and I feel him smile. I would let him do anything right now as long as he didn’t leave me like this.

His hands push my knees flat against the bed. I feel my face heat up when I feel him move and knowing what I just said he could do and I feel him slide off the bed between my legs, his hands running up the inside of my thighs before I feel his breath on my thigh near the apex of my legs. His thumbs rubbing the sides of my wet lips making me want to close my legs, my cheeks flaming when I feel his breath on my core before his thumbs move opening me up to him. I feel his tongue run across my opening before dipping inside me as he licks a straight line to my clit and sucks on it. My legs try to clamp shut but his arms resting on them force them back against the bed as his elbows push my knees flat against it.

His hot mouth licking and sucking every piece as he devours me, making my legs tremble and my back arch off the bed. A breathy moan escaping me and my toes curl as his tongue swirls around my clit, then sucking on it hard before his tongue moves back to my entrance as he tastes me licking up the juices spilling onto his tongue. My stomach tightens and my walls clench as I climb higher to edge only for him to slow down before I tipped over it, pleasurable torture.

I grip his hair, my hips moving against his face as he continues sucking my flesh. I feel his hand move and he slides his finger in me before pulling it out and adding another. A growl escaping him as my walls clench around his fingers while he sucks my clit. My orgasm builds again before he slows down. A frustrated sigh leaves my lips and I feel him chuckle, the vibration making my walls flutter.

“Ezra, please” I beg not able to take anymore of his torture as I grip his hair.

He sucks harder, his fingers moving faster as they slide in and out slick with my arousal and I feel my skin become flushed as it heats. His tongue flicking over me and I reach my tipping point, he growls the vibration sending me over the edge, his fingers leaving me. My core pulsates as my orgasm washes over me in waves making my toes curl and moan to escape my lips, his tongue lapping at my juices. Leaving me breathless and feeling weightless. He stops before kissing my slit as I try and catch my breath.

Ezra moves climbing between my legs before I feel his hands go under my arms lifting me further up the bed before he settles himself between my legs. I yawn and he chuckles, kissing my lips before forcing his tongue in my mouth, making me taste myself on his tongue.

I wrap my legs around him tugging him closer and run my fingers through his hair before he pulls back looking down at me. “I love you Katya,” he whispers.

“I love you too” I tell him, my heart flutters at what I said. He smiles before leaning his face down and kissing me again only softer. I kiss him back pulling his shirt up, he reaches an arm up tugging it off and chucking it on the bed. I run my fingers down his chest to his abs before tugging on his belt.

“Kat?” I hear Jasmine yell from downstairs. I groan annoyed but Ezra sits up.

“No, come back” I tell him, wrapping my legs around his waist tighter.

“Jasmine is downstairs” he says unwrapping my legs from around him.


“Come on Kat, tonight I’m all yours, promise” he says leaning down and pecking my lips.


“Yes I promise” he says before hopping off the bed and grabbing his shirt.

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