Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 46
Katya POV

“Yeah, just like you aren’t your mother’s Kat, yet that didn’t stop her from loving you and you her. I am not rejecting you just because you are convinced you won’t be having kids, you are mine and I am yours nothing will ever change that and I mean nothing Kat” Ezra says. Yet how can he say that when I know children will be out of question, I couldn’t tell him to make that sacrifice for me.

“You say that now, but”- His lips cut off my protest as they devour mine. His tongue tasting and searching every inch of my mouth refusing to let me speak. I push on his shoulders trying to get him to listen. Kora had also been quiet, not even she felt deserving of him when we couldn’t give him the one thing mates are for.

“Alpha!” I mumble against his lips before he growls pulling back.

“Call me that once more and I will turn your a$s red, I am not your superior” he growls, his caramel eyes angry as he looks down at me. I feel my face heat and turn away from his penetrating gaze.

“You need someone”- his fingertips grip my chin tilting my face back to him, only it was Maddox staring back at me having come forward. Kora stirring nervously before peering out my eyes.

“No more talk of rejecting you kitty, I won’t accept anyone else, you are mine and anymore talk of it and I will mark you to prove it, understood?” he growls, his voice so much rougher than Ezra’s.

‘D*mn girl, P!ss him off just So I can hear him keep speaking in that voice’ Kora purrs, making the sound vibrate out of me. His lips tug up in a smirk.

“My kitty” he growls, running his nose across my cheek

I gulp having him so close to my marking spot, before I feel his tongue run across my neck to my ear before he sucks my earlobe in his mouth.

Kora’s earlier worry is now gone as she continues purring like a fricken cat.

‘Stop Kora, remember what happened last time?’ I told her.

‘Hey I was down for last time, bring on last time’ she says and I roll my eyes at her, stupid horny wolf. He pulls back, kissing my jaw before pecking my lips and I watch his eyes flicker as Ezra tries to take back control from him.

Kora pouting that Ezra was coming back, before forcing forward unexpectedly. “Alpha!” She forces out my lips before I could shove her back. Ezra moves so quickly, ripping me across his lap.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, Maddox” I blurted out, after having the air knocked out of me from his swift movement. I wriggle trying to get off his lap. His hand rubs up the back of my thighs and over my a$s before I feel him hook his thumb under the waistband of my tights and pull them down my legs.

“Ezra!” I squeal not wanting to be spanked by his Bl**dy wolf.

‘Look at what you did’ I yell at Kora, when I hear him laugh as I feel my pants sliding down.

“I warned you about calling me that” I looked up realising it was Ezra’s voice not Maddox. Thank the Goddess. I try to hop up when I feel him shove me back down.

“Ezra?” I squeak.

“Yes?” He whispers next to my ear, his face so close I feel his breath fan my neck making me shiver.

“It was Kora, I swear I didn’t say it” I tell him. He chuckles and I push off with my feet. His hand grabbing my bare ass.

“Still the words left your lips” he says, pushing me back down. Kora pacing like this is the best thing she had ever witnessed, while here I am sprawled across his lap being punished for what she said, not me.

“Smack her not me,”

‘Oh this will be good, take one for the team kit Kat’ Kora purrs in my head.

‘F*ck you, you take one for the team it ain’t your ass’ I tell her when I feel his hand run over my ass, so gentle as he carressed my skin.

“So what is my name?” Ezra asks.

‘Alpha, Alpha’ Kora chants and I clamp my lips shut, refusing to utter a word in case she taunts him more.

“No answer?” He says though I could tell he was smiling by the change in his voice. His hand moves before I feel the sting of it coming down my ass, making me buck and hiss at the sudden burn before I start laughing. I don’t know if I was laughing because it hurt and I couldn’t believe he did it, or I actually thought it was funny he just spanked me.

“Stop that Bl**dy hurt,” I laugh, my eyes stinging with tears. His hand rubs over the spot he smacked, tingles spreading across my bare ass.

“Are you laughing?” He asks, amusement in his voice.

“No!” I chuckle when I feel his hand lift off my backside again.

“I’m not laughing,” I shriek and his hand comes down harder, burning pain radiating across the back of my thighs this time, yet I couldn’t help it, I still laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation I was in. I can’t believe he is spanking me.

“Pretty sure that sounds like laughing,” he says before laughing himself.

“This is meant to be a punishment, clearly I need to get more creative” he says. Tears escaping my eyes and my cheeks hurt from laughing as I squirmed on his lap.

“Hmmm” he hums, his fingertips trailing up the inside of my thigh before cupping my pussy. My laugh dying out as tingles rush south toward his fingers, arousal flooding me. I moan as sparks rush everywhere his fingers graze, his fingers rubbing my slit when he stops. I push against his fingers.

“So is that a yes, you want me to keep going?” He asks and I push against his fingers again wanting them inside me. He leans down, his mouth next to my ear.

“Say yes Kat or I will stop” he says .

“Yes” I say my words coming out more a moan.

His fingers slide between my wet folds teasingly before he rubs my clit in circular motions so slowly I push against his fingers wanting him to move faster.

“And I think, I found a new way to punish you” he says, before feeling his fingers move to my entrance.

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