Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 44

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 44
“Hey dad” I tell him, hugging him back and inhaling his familiar scent yet he smelt like me, so did mum so it only made me more confused.

“You really need to tell us the story behind her pumpkin nickname, she hates it” Mateo says, eavesdropping and walking over to us.

My father laughs, before going to answer but I clamp my handing over his mouth. My father chuckles.

“Obviously she doesn’t want you to know,” he laughs.

“I made everyone coffee,” Ezra says, walking back toward the kitchen. We follow and Mateo nudges me.

“We will find out eventually” he taunts and I roll my eyes at him. Walking into the kitchen Ezra walks into the laundry off the side before tossing Mateo a shirt. He pulled it in and I could smell it came from the dryer, also by the warmth coming off it.

My parents sat down, my mother became a little nervous and I found it hard to bring it up now they were in front of me. Luckily the Alpha had no such issues as he pulled me to sit on his lap and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“So you aren’t her parents?” He asks, getting straight to the point.

“No, I am her biological father” my father says before looking at my mother.

“But I am not the woman who gave birth to you” she says looking away but what they said only made me confused.She was his mate, how could I be his and not hers.

“You had an affair on mum?” I ask horrified, was I an illegitimate child? My father starts waving his hands trying to get my attention while I become enraged at the idea.

“No that is not it, she is my mate Kat, I would never do that” He says looking at my mother.

“Then how is she not my mother then?”

“I didn’t meet your father first, in fact I didn’t meet him till my sister was pregnant with you”

“You told me you are an only child, this isn’t making sense” I tell them, this entire conversation was giving me a headache.

“Let her explain Kat, I know this is a lot to take in but it is about time you knew” My father says. I press my lips together and fight the urge to break down, this was too much. I no longer wanted to know.

“I did have a sister and she was my identical twin, your father met her first and they were mates, your father was mates with both of us. I left the pack for a few years when your father joined and met her, she asked me to come home for their wedding. I did and discovered he was my mate. I was heartbroken and angry and I didn’t believe him or her when they claimed to be mates too. They called the wedding off while we sorted things and it took some getting used to, then you were born and she died having you, just like my mother died having us. After that you were the only piece I had left of her, so I raised you as my own. We tried for years to have more kids before finding out I couldn’t carry children, so you became our entire world, you may not be biologically mine, but you are my daughter Kat and I have never thought of you as anything but mine” She says.

“So my bio mum died having me? What was her name?” I ask, this was so much information to process and I could see it was killing my mother telling me this. My father squeezes her hand on the table.

“Her name was Kathrine, that’s where your name came from, and yes she died during labour, your mother knew something was wrong, she wouldn’t stop bleeding and begged me to cut you out, to give you a chance to survive. I called for the pack doctor and tried to hold off but once she died I had no choice but to cut you out myself. Your father and the pack doctor got there and she was already dead. Her autopsy said she died from heart failure just like my mother and grandmother, our family is cursed by the moon and history was to be repeated as punishment for cursing out the Moon Goddess or some crap” She tells me. I was numb, I didn’t know how to feel about what I was just told.

“So you’re a healer?” Mateo asks my father but he shakes his head,

“No Kathrine was, it is passed down to the oldest female child of each generation”

“Your mother was 3 minutes older than me, so she was the one that was blessed with the gift of life and cursed with death” My mother says a tear escaping and sliding down her cheek.

“3 minutes, 3 minutes determined which one of us was doomed before we even took our first breath” My mother says looking at my father who smiles sadly at her.

“I have a question” The Alpha says, making me look over my shoulder at him, he presses his lips to my shoulder before looking at my mother.

“Why did you really leave Jacksons pack?”

“They knew about Kat from the start, she was coming of age and Jackson forbade us from telling anyone, instead wanted to keep her for himself, wanted her to be his personal healer, said she was born of his pack and she is rightfully his to use, just like Katherine. So we packed up and left, we knew the only pack he feared was yours, so that is why we asked to join, luck has it you’re her mate, you were our last hope before we went to live on the run”

“He used my mother?” My father nods,

“Yes, every chance he got. I still believe he is the reason she died, Katherine healed his mate the day before, she had some genetic disease. Your mother cured her. When you were born and the Alpha discovered you had no wolf at first like your mother, he wanted to use you to heal his daughter who is a year older than you, she already has the gene and it is only matter of time before her health starts declining”

“You mean Tabitha?” I ask, a little shocked, she looked healthy.

“Yes, I refused and he even wanted his son Darian to mark you so you would do his bidding” My father says. Alpha Ezra growls loudly at the last part, his body trembling in anger.

“Over my dead body is my cousin taking you from me” He growls. Now it was my parents turn to be confused.

“Alpha Jackson is Ezra’s uncle” I told them and they seemed a little shocked but took the information in.

“No wonder he hates that we came here of all places” My father says.

“You spoke to him?” Mateo asks.

“Yes he rang me, said I either handed Kat over or he will kill my mate” My father says.

“We will organise patrols to remain on your property, but I think it might be best you move into town closer to the rest of the pack” Ezra says and my father nods in agreement.

“Can the curse be broken, will I die if I have kids?” I ask. I knew part of me being mated to Ezra meant I had to produce the next heir to take over the pack, but what would that mean if it is a girl, would I die like the rest of the women in my family?

“It said from the scrolls at home, that no woman is strong enough to carry a Lunar healer, if you have children Kat and it’s a girl, there is a high chance you will die during birth” my mother tells me.

“Can I have those scrolls please, I want to do some research and have doc go over them too”

“Of course Alpha, I will bring them over tomorrow” my mother tells him. My mother and father eventually left giving me time to process what they told me, I thought I would finally get answers but all I got was more questions and an impending death date.

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