Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 43

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 43
Katya POV

Waking up, it was to my mother’s voice in my head.

“How are you feeling this morning?” She asks.

“Good,but we need to talk,” I tell her and she goes silent.

“So you got your wolf then and know about the Alpha?” She asks.

“Yes, I know he is my mate…..Am I adopted?” I ask after a few seconds of silence, I felt it best to just blurt it out, pull the bandaid off if you will.

“What no Kat, I can explain. Just give us a chance to speak to you. We have been dreading this day since you were born”

“So you knew all this time and didn’t think to tell me?”

“We were trying to protect you, if people knew Kat”- she doesn’t finish, just goes quiet.

“We should really do this in person”

“Yes, I will come over today. Are you and dad home?”

“Yes we knew with the full Moon you would have questions, both of us are home” She says.

“I will get dressed and head over, and mum?”

“Yes Kat?”

“This doesn’t change anything, your still my parents”

” And you are still my daughter” she says back before she cuts the l**k.

I was finally getting some answers. I just wasn’t sure, I was going to like them but stranger things have happened, the Alpha being one of them. Rolling over, I face him. Kora coming forward and peering out at him licking her chops like he was a piece of meat she wanted to devour, purring like a Bl**dy cat.

‘Will you stop that, it is embarrassing’ I tell her but she only gets louder. Ezra’s lips tug at the corners, a silly grin on his face.

” Are you just going to purr or do you want something?” He asks and I feel my face heat.

“You can hear her”

“Bit hard not to when you’re doing it too” he chuckles, his eyes opening and looking at my reddening face. I wanted the bed to open up and swallow me. Stupid horny wolf!

Ezra jerks me on top of him. “Morning!” He says his eyes sparkling back at me. I lean forward kissing him, his hands going to my a$s and he squeezes it.

He kissed me back, rolling my hips on him and I could feel his erection pressing against me. I kiss him harder, his hands slipping under my shirt before he tugs it off and sits up with me still straddling him. The blanket falling down to my hips. He nips and sucks at my chin, his lips moving down to my neck making me moan softly at his touch.

He growls in return before I feel his tongue run over my nipple before he sucks it into his mouth making it harden. I slip my hands into his hair loving the feel of his lips on my body, his hands squeezing my a$s and I feel my thighs becoming damp with my arousal.

“Kat?” My mothers voice says, echoing in my head. Argh why now? I pull Ezra’s face away, unable to answer when I can only think of his lips on my skin.

“Yes mum?”

“You okay, you sound annoyed?” She says.

“Nope everything is fine, what’s up?”

“Your father said, we will come over to you” I climbed off Ezra’s lap.

“Okay what time?” I ask her.

“Be there in about half an hour,”She says.

“Okay see you soon” I tell her, cutting off the l**k.

Focusing back on Ezra he was watching me before realising I was no longer mindlinking. He grabs me pulling me closer and shoving me on my back and moving between my legs before kissing me. His lips go back to my neck and I feel his erection pressing against my core, as he kisses me. I pull back, grabbing his face.

“My parents will be here soon” I tell him and he groans annoyed.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” He whines, thrusting his hips against me.

“Sorry?” I tell him and he huffs before pecking my lips.

“Fine” He says, climbing off me and letting me up.

“Tonight, maybe?” I tell him. I need to get dressed before my parents get here.

“It’s fine Kat, I will get you to myself eventually” He says, leaning over and pecking my lips. I grab his face kissing him and he growls before pulling away.

“Don’t or your parents will be waiting downstairs having to listen” He says before laughing.

“Go get ready while I get rid of this” He says looking down at his pants. My eyes followed and I felt terrible knowing he had been waiting since I met him and now he still has to wait.

He hops off the bed before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. I grab some clothes out of the drawer, chucking them on quickly before racing downstairs and turning the kettle on. Mateo walked in just as I finished making three cups.

“Morning Kat” He says pointing to a cup and I nod at him letting him know it was his.

“Where is Ezra?” He asks before taking a sip.

“Shower, pretty sure he is rubbing one out” I tell him before laughing.

“I’m shocked you’re not up there helping” He says with a silly grin on his face.

“I had every intention to, then mum said she was on her way over” I told him.

“Are you going to ask about your bloodline?” He asks and I nod, noticing the staples sticking out of his skin. The wound healed but it left a huge scar.

“Yep, that from last night” I ask him pointing to his ribs and he looks down.

“Yep, healed just gotta pull the staples out” He says walking over to the fridge and grabbing some pliers off it.

“You’re going to use pliers?” I ask him.

“What else, I am not going to the hospital to get them pulled out”

“Sit, I will pull them out then” I tell him, holding my hand out for the pliers. He hands them to me before pulling a chair out and straddling it, resting his arms on the backrest. I set to work pulling them out as carefully as possible. There were around 30 going from the shoulder blade to the front of his lower ribs. I had pulled around ten out when Ezra walked in.

“That healed nicely” He says walking over and looking at.

“Got a wicked scar though” Mateo says and I chuckle when the Alpha rolls his eyes at him.

“Want me to get the rest out?” He asks and I nod handing him the pliers. He takes them from me before taking my spot and removing the rest while I drink what was left of my coffee. Turning the kettle on again. I hear the doorbell ring. All of us looked toward the dining room.

“I will let them in” I tell them and Ezra nods, pulling the last staple out. I walk to the front door and open it to find my parents standing there. My mother looked worried and I could tell she was nervous. My father however was his normal self. “Hey Pumpkin” He says, stepping inside and hugging me.

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