Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 42

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 42
Ezra POV

I can’t believe I F*cked up like that, Maddox knew I was P!ssed at him and I shoved him out. He would have hurt her, not intentionally but I knew with him like that he would have hurt her or scared her making her hate me.

I rinse the blood off, Mateo got me good I will give him that. If he didn’t get her out Maddox would have marked and mated her on the spot. Somehow I don’t think that is how she would want to lose her virginity or remember losing it.

Getting out, I wrap the towel around my waist, relief flooding me when I realise she was back in the room. She didn’t run, I half expected her to go hide in her old room.

“You came back?” I tell her.

“Of course I did, can’t scare me off that easily. Clearly you forget who my mother is, nothing scarier than her?” She says.

She smelt strongly of strawberry soap. I grab a pair of shorts from the drawer before picking up the broken door, I would now have to fix tomorrow.

I feel for Maddox making sure he was secure. He whines at me and I know it is because he is paranoid about Mateo stealing her from us.

“Are you coming to bed or just going to stand there all night?” She asks pulling me out of my head. I feel my lips tug up at her words, she seemed fine and unaffected yet when I climbed on the bed I heard her heartbeat pick up slightly.

“I can sleep in the spare room? If you’re worried” She gives me a strange look.

“What, No I will just end up following you in there anyway” she says. I climbed in beside her relieved. I don’t think I would get much sleep with her not beside me. Especially now with her knowing I am her mate. The moment I laid down she wriggled over, placing her head on my chest. I kiss her hair pulling her closer, she sniffs me. Inhaling my scent and I feel her relax her finger tips running down my chest and abs, leaving tingles everywhere she touches.

“I’m sorry” I tell her again. I don’t think I could apologise enough though I was a little shocked by what she said.

“If you apologise once more I will be the one that needs to apologise, for beating you” she says before chuckling.

“Is that so?”

“Hmm” she hums her hand moving back to my chest as she runs her fingers through my chest hair.

“Everything feels different, stronger” she says, I think more to herself than me.

“Even your scent, the tingles are stronger too”

“You don’t like it?” I ask her.

“No, I love it. It’s just different”

“We should get some sleep” I tell her, seeing as the sun would start to rise in a few hours.

Katya falls asleep easily, once she is completely out. I hop out of bed leaving her with my pillow, hoping my scent will be enough for her not to wake.

Walking down the hall, I stop at Mateo’s door listening and can tell he is still awake. I open his door to find him sitting on his bed with a medical stapler in his hand.

“Still not healing?” I ask him.

“I’m fine, but F*ck your claws are sharp” he says. He was a normal werewolf, Alpha’s heal exceedingly fast so do normal werewolves with minor injuries but Maddox ripped into him pretty good. I walk over to him and grab the stapler from his hand.

“You know I would never take her from you or try to right?” He says. Maddox whines loudly, he let his possessiveness get the better of him, but he knows Mateo would never do anything, now that he had calmed down.

“Turn around and lift your arm up” I tell him and he does. I pinch the skin together before stapling it. The skin across his ribcage hanging down in flap.

“I know that, Maddox knows that, he is just eager to mark her” He nods before watching what I am doing.

“Should heal by morning, now the skin is holding in place” he says examining it. He was right, the edges already starting to close now the skin is held together.

“You should get to bed Ezra, Kat will notice you’re gone” he says, taking the stapler from my hands.

“Thank you” I tell him and he nods before rolling on his side on his bed.

Walking out, I go climb back in bed. Kat thankfully didn’t wake and I finally gave into exhaustion.

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