Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

Ezra had me up nearly all night, trying to keep me awake while all I could think of was sleep, making me sit on that couch which I hadn’t realised was so uncomfortable until I spent hours stuck on it.

“Please can we go to bed?” I yawn desperately needing rest. It was 10pm and I had been up since sunrise, watching movie after movie, and I was now bored and over it.

“Just stay awake a little longer, just till midnight” he whines trying to tug me back down on the couch as I get up.

“Nope I’m done, I am going to bed either come or don’t but I’m tired” I tell him yawning for the hundredth time.

“Aren’t you tired?” I ask him.looking back at him on the couch. He grabs my hand as I walk past the back of the couch, and squeezes my fingers.

“Stay awake with me”

“Why? I am sick of looking at the TV and Kora is driving me nuts with her talking, nobody ever said how annoying it is having a wolf. I guess people leave that part out” I yawn again. My eyes felt like sandpaper and were watering constantly as I fought sleep.

“It’s because you’re not used to having one, after a while you won’t be able to imagine life without your wolf, they feel like a piece of you” he says.

“I’ll take your word for it, I’m going to bed now Alpha. Go annoy Beta Mateo” I tell him trudging up the stairs.

“Kat…. Kat” Ezra whines and I chuckle, shaking my head before walking to his room and falling face first on the bed.

‘Yes roll on his bed, get his addictive scent all over you’ Kora tells me.

“Sleep!” I mumbled to her, hoping she would just shut up.

‘No, I’m too wired’ she yaps. Oh my gosh the yapping, I swear she wasn’t a werewolf she’s a freaking chihuahua.

‘Come on Kat stay up’ she whines bouncing in my head and giving me a headache on top of my exhaustion.

“Can you whine quietly, some of us need beauty sleep, gosh I feel so tired. Why do I feel so tired” I tell her clawing my way to the top of the bed, my jeans strangling me as I button them before forcing them down my legs and tossing them off the side of the bed.

‘Your no fun, doesn’t he smell Divine though? steal his pillow I could get high on his scent’ why won’t she just shut up.

I grab his pillow hoping she will shut up,but she doesn’t stop talking.

“Please Moon goddess take her back, I want a refund she talks to much”

“Is she still talking?” Comes the Alpha’s voice.

“Yep she talks more than Mateo, I didn’t think that was possible, she proved me wrong” the Alpha chuckles before climbing on the bed.

“Did you steal my pillow?”

“No Kora did, blame her” I tell him.

“She likes my scent?”

“Apparently you smell Divine, her words not mine. I suppose you smell alright?” I tell him, trying to get comfortable when his pillow is suddenly gone from underneath me.

“No she whines more, give it back” I tell him. He laughs climbing under the blankets.

“You don’t need my pillow for my scent, when you can cuddle the real deal” he says tapping his chest with his hand. I groan but wiggle over and drop my head on his chest.

“Geez just catapult ya head around”

“You stole my pillow” I tell him, running my hand over his chest and running my fingers through his chest hair.

“No, I stole my pillow that you stole off me” he says running his finger through my hair. I found it soothing, my wolf finally relaxing. I feel his hand move down my back before feeling him unclip my bra through my shirt. I sit back up pulling my arms out of the straps before pulling my bra through the arm hole and flinging it across the room. Ah freedom, nothing felt better then removing your bra and setting your titties free. The Alpha chuckles as I flop back down on him. Kora finally calms down as I melt against him, his warmth seeping into me. His scent wraps around me and I hear her start purring loudly.

‘Stop that, you sound like chainsaw’ I tell her.

“Better now?” The Alpha murmurs pulling me closer against him, I nod my head against his chest and snuggle closer, his hand running up and down my arm leaving a trail of sparks everywhere his fingers caress. Kora quiets down eventually and I feel myself drifting, floating away into the oblivion of darkness finally allowing sleep to take me.

My sleep is plagued with dreams as I tossed and turned, the Alpha’s grip tightening and I hear a weird noise leave him similar to a whimper. I was aware that I was dreaming, somehow even asleep I knew it was all a dream, or more of a nightmare. I was in that part of sleep where I was aware I was dreaming, yet couldn’t quite wake myself up, the Alpha’s grip tightening around me the deeper I got, unable to pull myself out, the dream holding me, trapping me within its confines as I became a part of it.

Yet I felt there was a strange truth to it. Something about this dream as it morphed around me, it felt real, I could even smell the smoke in the air, taste it on the tip of my tongue as the darkness of sleep turned into something else, my body alive as adrenaline coursed through me, even asleep I could feel my heart rate rising, beating like a drum in my chest.

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