Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 38

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 38
“Kat, open the door please” Ezra says from the other side of the door. I ignore him and I hear the jingle of keys before the door opens.

“You have a key?” I ask him.

“Ah yeah to every room, master key” he says holding it up and showing me. I roll my eyes at him.

“You wanted to know we told you”

“They are my parent’s” I tell him and he sighs loudly.

“And if they aren’t, it doesn’t change anything, they can still be your parents. They raised you giving them that title”

“There are holes in what you said though, I don’t have a wolf, you even said only a Lunar wolf has those traits, so if that’s true where is she?” I ask him, turning around to face him.

“Tonights a full moon, Doc said after your 18th birthday on the first full moon you should get your wolf”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then nothing, nothing changes. But you do have a wolf”

“No, everyone else has a wolf, not me. She should have come when I was 13, not 18. Everyone knows this, so why can’t you and my parents understand that. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you always get what you want, Alpha. You are in for some disappointment if you think she will magically appear because of a full moon” I tell him.

“I told you already I can feel you have a wolf, I haven’t lied to you yet, Katya. So why won’t you believe me” he says before walking out and slamming my door.

‘You should listen to him, go touch him or something’

“Shut up horny perverted brain”

Great now I’m laughing at myself, maybe nearly dying did something to me?

Mateo knocked on my door at lunch time asking me to come out before leaving. I waited 10 minutes before going downstairs. My thoughts running rampant and this stupid incessant inner monlogue wouldn’t shut up.

“You’re still angry at us?” Mateo says leaning on the counter.

‘pumpkin, why won’t you listen to me?’

“I am F*cking listening to you and stop calling me Pumpkin, I hate it” I yell. Mateo drops his sandwich staring at me.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you” I tell him and he gives me a funny look.

“You okay?”

“Yes, fine. Where is the Alpha?”

“In his office, you upset him,” Mateo answered.

‘Maybe go apologize to him’

“Yeah I will in sec” I tell him.

“You will what in a sec?” Mateo asks.

“Apologise, you just said to go Apologise. I will in a second” I tell him.

“I never said that?” Mateo says.

“Yes, you did. I heard you. This is the Alpha’s?” I ask, pointing to the other plate next to mine. “Yes, it is crazy pants,” Mateo says.

I grab my plate and go to grab the Alpha’s when Mateo does before following me out of the kitchen and down the hall.

I open the door and the Alpha looks up, his scent smashing into me something fierce and I had to fight the urge to throw myself at him. I shake the feeling off, a shiver running up my spine.

“I’m sorry” I tell him, forcing myself to his lounge in the corner before I start dry humping him. Why does he smell so good, I swear his scent just keeps getting stronger.

“What? That’s it? you say sorry and run over to the lounge, no I’m sorry kiss” he asks, raising an eyebrow at me with a smirk on his face.

I cross my legs trying to stop throbbing between my legs that his scent caused.

“Mateo can give you one. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind” I tell him looking at Mateo who places his plate in front of him. Mateo chuckles, shaking his head before sniffing the air.

My face heats, one thing I hated about being a werewolf was the ability to smell when someone is aroused, well girls anyway. I shift uncomfortably.

“Looking real uncomfortable over their Kat, got an itch you need scratched?” Mateo asks.

The Alpha shoots him a look and Mateo puts his hands up.

‘I wouldn’t mind if he scratched it, Alpha might though’ I chuckle at the thought. And both of them stare at me like I am deranged.

“Sorry, I thought of something funny, movie?” I ask them.

Alpha runs his hands through his hair.

“So you’re over your mood then?”

“I wasn’t in a mood” I tell him and Mateo chuckles sitting on the end of his desk.

“Quite the attitude Alpha, might need to spank it out of her” Mateo says.

“I just might have too” the Alpha replies and his eyes flicker.

I feel my panties dampen at the thought, since when did I become so horny all of a sudden.

“You might want to control that little one” Alpha Ezra says and I see his eyes had turned pitch black, his claws scratching his desk. My face heats impossibly more.

“Yep movie time” Mateo says abruptly breaking mine and the Alpha’s stare off. I nod, getting up and grabbing my plate before walking into the living room.

I put a comedy movie on before grabbing a pillow and laying down. The Alpha comes out climbing on the lounge behind me and Mateo lifts our legs before dropping them on his lap.

“Aw thank God, I wasn’t watching that Conjuring Sh*t again” Mateo says when he realises it isn’t horror. I chuckle at him.

We watched the movie but about halfway through Mateo’s running commentary about it was driving me nuts.

“Oh goddess Mateo please for the love of God just watch the movie, and stop talking”

The Alpha sits up on his elbow looking at me.

‘that wasn’t very nice Kat’

“Then tell him to be quiet” I tell the Alpha.

“Who are you talking too?”

“You who else?” I ask looking between them only Mateo was asleep. I nudge him with my foot and he looks up at the TV before stretching.

“Mateo has been asleep since about 5 minutes in Kat,” Ezra says.

“But I heard him talking”

“What’s going on?” Mateo asks.

“Are you hearing voices?” Ezra asks.

“What, no he was talking” I tell him pointing at Mateo.

“Ha, that makes so much sense now,” Mateo says.

“What does?” Ezra asks him.

“She thought I told her to apologise to you, and I didn’t say too, she also yelled at me for no reason”

Mateo’s eyes glaze over and I look at the Alpha his were also glazed over.

“You know that’s rude right, when I am right here” I tell them.

Ezra kisses my cheek running his nose to my ear.

“It is not us talking to you little one, it’s your wolf” he purrs below my ear.

‘finally someone makes some F*cking sense, right here hello now let me in’

“My wolf?” I whisper.

“Yep that’s me pumpkin, name’s kora, now can you just drop this veil a bit of a tight fit for me to squeeze through?” She says, her voice getting clearer now that I focus on it.

“Wait, you’re not my subconscious?”

‘Nope been trying to get you to listen for hours, was wondering if you were deaf or just not with it’ She says.

“I have a wolf?…. I have a wolf” I squeal jumping off the lounge and doing a happy dance. Ezra sits up and chuckles.

“Here I was thinking she was being a smartass all day,” Mateo says.

‘Just a little bit more’ I hear her say before feeling something like scratching in my head.

‘why can’t I get through, stupid moon Bl**dy goddess going to make me wait to find him’

“Find who?” I ask, not realising I said it out loud.

‘Mate, I can smell him. Just need you to drop this godD*mn veil so I can feel for his wolf’

“You know you can talk to your wolf in your head, you don’t have to say it out loud, but I am curious about what she is saying,” Mateo says.

“Just that I need to drop some veil between us so she can find our Mate” I tell him before looking at the Alpha, would he be mad that my wolf wants to find her mate.

The Alpha shakes his head, a huge grin on his face. “Can’t wait to meet him, bet he is a top bloke” he says and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Probably a right wanker” Mateo says and the Alpha smacks him with a cushion.

“What he probably is, be sad to see her leave us though” he says.

“So you don’t care if I find my mate?” I ask him.

“Nope, in fact I can’t wait for you to find him” That was not the reaction I was expecting, making me more sure that’s why he rejected me last night.

‘D*mn it, just going to have to wait it out Kat, till the full Moon reaches its highest point ‘ my wolf says.

“What did she say that time?” Alpha asks.

“You can tell when she is speaking?”

“Yeah, your eyes change slightly,” he says.

“Something about the full moon, oh and her name is Kora” I tell them.

“Hmm Kora, I like it” Alpha says and I see his eyes flicker to black.

“Well I am going to make myself scarce, see you at dinner” Mateo says getting up suddenly.

“What why?”

” Busy Kat” he says without stopping as he leaves.

“He okay?”

“Think it was all the mate talk” Ezra says and I realise what I did wrong. I forgot he killed his mate for me, I am here talking about mates, while he doesn’t have one anymore.

“I’m sorry, I forgot I was just excited to have a wolf. I didn’t think. Sh*t, he is probably P!ssed at me now”

“He isn’t angry, he is fine, hopefully he will pick a chosen mate” Alpha Ezra says tugging me back to him and pulling me on his lap.

“I should go Apologise,” Ezra shakes his head.

“He is fine, he will get over it eventually” he says, pecking my lips.

“Well then since your wolf is hellbent on finding her mate. I guess I should enjoy you while I have you then, before you run off into the sunset leaving me behind” he says, snuggling closer and pressing his face into my neck. Tingles rushing over me.

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