Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 34

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 34

Mateo and I were sitting on the chairs out the front of the surgical door, neither of us said anything just sat there. I could see he was crushed over his mate, he barely had her for a few minutes before he killed her in order to save Kat. The she-wolf’s words replaying in my head and remembering what Jasmine said she felt. Jasmine explained to her father who was shocked to hear his daughter was dead before miraculously recovering.

The only thing I hated about being Alpha, was my teether to the pack, feeling pack members’ deaths and then being the one to have to tell their families though I am glad I didn’t have to deliver that news to Mathias and his mate. Though I now have 31 other families to notify.

Hearing the doors open both Mateo and I look up. Both of us getting to our feet. Mathias walks out brushing his fingers through his greying hair, his blue eyes sparkling back at us with unshed tears making me panic, “Is she alright? I ask, my heart skipping a beat.

“Oh, yes sorry Alpha, she is fine. She should be up in a few hours” He says and I let out the breath I was holding.

“Sorry, I am just a little shocked about Jasmine. I owe our Luna a great debt,” he says, rubbing his face with his hands.

“Why didn’t you tell the pack you found your Mate Alpha, especially one as special as her” He asks motioning to the chairs we were just sitting in. He flops in the chair, the man looks exhausted and Mateo and I both sit back down in the hard blue chairs.

“I only just found her, she doesn’t know I am her mate yet” I tell him.

“Because she has no wolf yet, I didn’t see your mark on her neck” He says, making both Mateo and I look at him.

“I don’t understand,” I admit.

“Her wolf, she is a Lunar Healer or another word for it mystical healer”

“Are you saying she is a healer?” I ask him.

“Yes, how else do you explain her bringing Jasmine back from the dead, whenever she heals someone, she takes it from them, giving it to herself. Have you noticed anything odd about her, can she heal herself?”

I shake my head. “No she hasn’t got a wolf to heal” I tell him.

“Just as I thought. Her wolf will come, she is a Lunar Healer, she will probably come on the next full Moon, but Alpha even with her wolf she will never be able to heal herself. I have done extensive research on healers over the years, I honestly didn’t think I would be alive to ever meet one, but the more she uses it the weaker she will get, if she uses to much just like today it could kill her”

“So her healing people can kill her?” I ask looking toward the door where Jasmine and Katya are. Mathias nods, bracing his arms on his knees and leaning forward.

“So which one of her parents did she inherit it from, I would love to meet them, do some research?” He asks, making me look at him.

“Pardon?” Mateo asks.

“Healers, it is usually passed down the bloodline by a biological parent, though I could be wrong but every report I have ever read it was passed down. I honestly thought we would never see one. The last known record of a healer was in the 1800’s”

“How though, if it is passed down how aren’t we crawling with healers” I ask him. I really need to touch up on my history.

“Rarely any make past their 20’s, healers used to be hunted and used to heal the rich and powerful. From what I have read, they were slaves to their masters, used as their own personal life support until they healed too much and they all died,” Mateo and I both look at each other horrified, this ability could very well turn into a curse if people found out about it, it made me think of Mateo’s mate and how crazed she became did she know Katya was a healer?

“We must keep this secret Alpha, people will come for her if they know what she is” Mathias tells us. I nodded a little shocked but now I had more questions than answers. The main one being, if this ability is passed down from a parent, then who the hell are the people who raised her if they aren’t her parents?

“Something is not right” Mateo mindlinks me. I nod and Doc gets up walking back to the door.

“I will have her moved to the ward Alpha, then you can see her” He says and I nod watching him walk back in to see my mate.

“Want me to go question Shirley and Derrick?” Mateo asks and I look at him.

“You just lost your mate to save mine. It can wait,” I tell him. He looked away and I could tell he was barely holding himself together.

“She may have been my mate, but Kat, I…” He didn’t finish, though I already knew. His mate he only just met, the bond was weak. Luckily for me, his love for Kat was stronger. I don’t know how I would have fared in his position. I know I would pick kat over anybody even if it meant going against someone I considered family.

Shirley walks down the hall toward us. She was covered in blood from Angie. “Kat?” She asks.

“She is fine,” I tell her, not knowing how to broach the subject of Katya’s paternity. It is odd though her parents smell like her, so it confused me. I noticed Mateo sniffing the air as well.

“Ah thank the goddess, I should go ring her father” She says and I nod to her getting up to head to the wards. I start walking down the corridor, stopping when I don’t hear Mateo following .

“Are you coming?” I ask him and he looks at me.

“I’m allowed?” He asked, he seemed shocked.

“Why wouldn’t you be?” I ask him.

“Because of what I said, that I..”

“That you love her? Since when is that a crime?” I ask him. He thinks for a second and he nods his head once before following after me.

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