Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

Ezra POV

“Kat? Sh*t shirley take Angie” I tell her, placing Angie on the ground. I grabbed Kat, her skin so grey looking like life was literally draining out of her, she felt clammy and so cold as I held her and I saw Mateo jump to his feet. Her wounds tearing back open as I clutch her. “I don’t feel too good” I hear the softest of murmurs leave her as her blood starts pouring down my arms.

I hear a loud gasp behind us like someone who had been submerged in water had taken their first breath of air.

“Jasmine?” Shirley gasps and I spin around to see Jasmine sit up, she groans but she is alive? She can’t be alive. I felt her die, felt her teether to the pack break. She looks around confused. Not a mark on her, her throat closed back up and very much alive, though Kat in my arms looked on the brink of death.

“I should be dead, I was dead” Jasmine murmurs before looking at Kat,

“Kat!” She screams getting to her feet, Mateo goes to help her up and I see the she-wolf stare before she looks at Kat in my arms, she suddenly shifts back just as I turn to start running for the infirmary, A scream leaving her lips making me spin just in time to see her lunge for Kat in my arms, I step back nearly stumbling with her in my arms, and Mateo rushes over and grabs her.

“Make her heal him, make the btch Fcking heal him” She snarls thrashing in Mateo’s arms before throwing her head back and breaking Mateos nose. She lunges at me trying to grab Kat, when I see her head whip to the side suddenly before she collapses on the ground at our feet. Looking up at Mateo, he was staring at his hands before staring down at his mate whose neck he just snapped. His hands were shaking but I didn’t have time to comfort him when my mate was dying in my arms.

I run, rushing toward the clinic in town. The trees zipping past me as I clutch her to me, my entire body drenched in her blood, looking down I see her neck torn open an injury matching that of what Jasmine had. My mind trying to conjure up a reasonable explanation but I come up blank. I hear Mateo through the l**k telling the clinic doctors to be ready, my mind so consumed. I didn’t even think to call ahead, yet despite him just killing his mate he still called for help for Kat.

As I see the white brick building come into view, I push myself harder, before seeing the door thrown open, a stretcher is rolled out and I see Jasmine’s father Mathias rush out. I place her on the stretcher. Mathias screams orders for blood as they race her inside. I followed after him before being shoved out by the nurses as they wheeled her through some double doors.

“Alpha, wait here, what’s her name?” The nurse tried asking me but I was frantic. Never in my life have I ever been so terrified. “Kat…Katya” I stammer out.

“Alpha, you need to sit down while we work on your friend” The nurse says, pushing on my chest. I could feel Maddox pressing beneath my skin wanting to go to her.

“She isn’t a friend she is my mate” I tell her and she steps back before rushing into the room, yelling to them it’s their Luna. I clutch my hair when I suddenly feel Maddox lurch forward taking control, forcing the shift. We barrel through the doors and he jumps on the stretcher, the nurses scream and jump back. Mathias grabs the stretcher to stop it rolling before screaming at them for blood not startled in the slightest by me. Maddox starts licking her neck and I see Doc working around us as he hooks up blood bags to her, the frightened nurses kicking into gear as they start doing what Doc orders.

“Flip her for him” I hear Mathias yell at a couple of nurses. They grab her shoulders, turning her over as Maddox continues trying to heal her wounds, but she had already lost so much blood, he could heal her but not replace the blood loss.

Her wounds are closing, but I feel Maddox becoming drained and he forces himself off the stretcher. Turning around, we watch as the nurses flip her back, the wound on her neck completely healed, but her skin deathly pale.

“You did good Alpha, you healed your mate, she just needs blood” he says, hooking an IV up to her. I look at him, his eyes trained on the task at hand, I hear her heart rate start picking up on the monitor and Maddox finally lets me have control back, letting us shift back just as the surgery doors fly open. Jasmine rushes in, before I heard a nurse out in the hallway call out.

“We have another one” I hear her yell before seeing people rushing up the corridor no doubt to help Angie.

“You can’t let her die Dad, she saved me” I hear Jasmine tell her father. Mateo rushes in a few seconds later stopping dead in his tracks as he looks down at Kat on the stretcher.

He walks over to me, clapping his hand on my shoulder. I grab his hand giving it a squeeze as I look on helplessly as they give her blood and clean up the claw marks on her back we didn’t heal.

Jasmine helped her father, passing him things as he worked. After a while Kat started to get some colour back to her. I listened as Jasmine explained what happened, what she felt and he sometimes turned to ask us questions. I ended up walking out, I couldn’t handle seeing her laying limp on the table though Doc reassured me multiple times she would be fine.

The entire clinic was overrun with injured pack members. Nurses and Doctors racing around everywhere trying to save those they could. This was the first time we had been hit by rogues in 6 years and I realised how totally unprepared we were for it, we had grown complacent and it nearly cost my mate her life.

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