Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 32

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 32

He killed her, he killed her right in front of us.I couldn’t take my eyes off her, my once bubbly friend dead right before our eyes. Angie steps back bumping into me making me look away from her body when the other two step into the gym. All three were stalking us, one was female the other a male.

Angie suddenly shifts her clothes shredding to pieces as she jumps into her wolf. The moment she shifts the sandy brown one lunges at her and she sidesteps attacking the she-wolf back. I look around for something to use as a weapon and see a broom next to the bathroom door. I run for it, my sneakers screeching on the floor before I feel teeth sink into my shoulder, claws tearing through my back as it lands on top of me, knocking me face first on the ground.

I scream as I feel it tear a chunk of flesh off my arm before rolling and shoving my feet under its ribs pushing it off. It falls on its side and I scramble to get up when I am hit by the side and am thrown forward. I saw Angie’s wolf fighting the she-wolf but I couldn’t see who was winning as I was too focused on the two wolves getting closer and closer. I scrambled backward on my hands and feet, slipping on my own blood as it oozed out of me. A feral growl rips out of the brown one just as he lunges straight for my face. I close my eyes waiting for my death, knowing this is it.

Only I don’t die, a furious roar ringing loudly through the gym before I feel fur brush past my face. I hear a high pitched whimper before hearing flesh getting torn to pieces and I open my eyes to see a massive grey wolf fighting both wolves. I turned to get to my feet to see Angie unconscious and the female she -wolf was standing frozen staring at the three wolves behind me fighting. I go to get up and rush to Angie when the she-wolf’s head snaps in my direction. Her lips pulling back over her sharp teeth and I hear a sickening snap behind me and know one wolf has fallen.

I get up just as she lunges at me and I kick her in the head, she shakes her head before lunging again only to see the Alpha’s Wolf Maddox rushes toward me, he rips into her neck flinging her away just as she lunges at me. I watch her wolf slide along the ground hitting the stage steps next to the bleachers.

I raced over to Angie who was forced to shift back on the ground, her thigh torn into so badly it was just a flap of skin. I hear fighting behind me as Maddox and the other wolf fight the big black one when I see my mother come racing in. She shifts back racing to my side before helping me to stop her bleeding when the she-wolf gets back up, my mother tries shifting but is only partly shifted when it attacks forcing her back into human form, my mother punches it in the face before sinking her claws into its ribs making the she-wolf whimper.

Angie cries out and I almost start crying when I see her slowly start healing as my mother fought the wolf in human form, her skill unlike any other as she managed to keep the wolf back away from us and land multiple blows when I hear bones snapping. What I wasn’t expecting was to see the Grey wolf was in fact Mateo.

He shifts back, throwing himself in front of my mother. I could hear Maddox still tearing the other wolf apart behind me but I was too focused on Mateo and the she-wolf. She was completely frozen staring at him. Mateo approached her with his arms out like he was trying to cage a wild animal.

“Mate!” I hear him say and the she-wolf seems to shake her head for a second. I hear the other wolf drop behind me. A strangled noise leaves the she-wolf and she suddenly lunges at the Alpha. Mateo intercepts at the last second as he tries to grab her but she bites into his arm, before tossing him off.

I see Maddox side step her, as she kept trying to attack him, yet he wasn’t attacking her back, more just trying to evade her. Mateo gets up grabbing her around the stomach, ripping her backwards and she whimpers, snapping her teeth at his face. Maddox comes over to me sniffing my back and shoulder and I look at the black wolf he killed. He was an older man, maybe in his 50’s, his body littered with wounds, he put up hell of a fight but was no match for the Alpha but it made me wonder who he was to the she-wolf.

“I’m alright” I tell him as he starts sniffing and licking my face, my hands still wrapped around Angie’s bare thigh, holding her skin together as she slowly heals. She coughs and the place falls silent. I could see out of the corner of my eye Mateo struggling to hold the she-wolf down when Ezra suddenly shifts back.

“Shirley, are you alright?” He calls to my mother. She was battered and bruised pretty badly but otherwise okay. She gives him a thumbs up getting to her feet.

“We need to get Angie to the clinic” He says scooping her up.

“You’re okay Angie” I tell her brushing her hair from her face. Walking toward the gym exit, I see Jasmine laying dead in a pool of her blood. I stop frozen looking down at her. Her eyes open wide staring at the ceiling and pain radiates through my chest at seeing my friend dead. I bend down brushing her face with my hand. My mother comes over grabbing me under the arms trying to pull me up and away from her.

“Come Kat, we will send someone back for her” She says trying to pull me away.

“Please don’t leave her here” I say looking up at my mother, she looks back at me sadly

“Kat now” I hear Alpha Ezra call and he stops at the doors looking back at me. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I leaned down kissing her forehead before letting my mother pull me up.

She pulls me toward the Alpha Ezra, and my head suddenly starts spinning violently, the room tilting. My mother clutches my arm holding me upright. Ezra turns to look at Mateo still holding down the she-wolf.

“Your mate can’t come back to the packhouse till she is calmed down” Alpha Ezra tells him and Mateo nods. I hear the she-wolf growl and she starts thrashing, yet I couldn’t pay attention when I could feel this rush of coldness run over me, making me stumble.

“Kat?, Sh*t shirley take Angie” I hear the Alpha’s frantic voice, before feeling tingles rush over my skin. I tried to see but my vision was severely blurred. “I don’t feel good” I say, feeling myself falling as I lose feeling of my body. The Alpha scoops me up when I suddenly hear a loud gasp.

“Jasmine?” I hear my mothers voice ring in my ears as I am plunged into darkness.

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