Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Katya POV

The weekend passed by in a blur, I was a little upset though something was wrong with Mateo, since he took me to my house I had hardly seen him and he didn’t even have dinner with us, making me wonder if he and Ezra had a fight.

Waking up, I awoke to my parents singing happy birthday through the mindlink, I groaned sitting up, looking around to find the other side of the bed empty. I looked to the bathroom before sniffing the air looking for his scent but it was faint.

“Happy birthday Pumpkin” My dad says and I roll my eyes throwing my legs over the edge of the bed.

“Thanks dad” I tell him.

“I will see you in a few hours Kat at school” My mum says before cutting the l**k.

“When can I see you?” I ask my father.

“I am on night shift tonight but will come over tomorrow when you get off school, feeling any different. What do you think of Alpha Ezra?” He asks.

“The Alpha? Yeah he is good” I tell him a little shocked he would ask about him.

“Feeling wolfy?” My dad asks.

“Nope, it feels like any other day dad” I tell him hopping in the shower.

“She’ll come, typical woman always late” He says and I roll my eyes.

“Or not at all, you say this every year, when are you going to realise it may just not happen” I tell him.

“It will Kat, you just need to hold out a little longer, what are you doing today besides school?”

“Not sure, depends on what the Alpha has planned, he wants to take me somewhere” I tell him.

“You didn’t ask him, didn’t you wake up next to him?”

“Dad!” I say, a little shocked, my face flaming at his words, I hadn’t exactly told him we were sleeping in the same room.

“What nothing to be embarrassed about, your at that age now where you are probably curious about the opposite sex, like when I was the Alpha’s age”

“Ew dad enough and I know you are not trying to give me a sex talk right now, like no dad, gross”

“Nothing wrong with sex your mother and I still go at”

“Nope not doing this, bye dad” I tell him. I heard him laugh before I cut the l**k. I shake my head at the embarrassingly awkward conversation.

I quickly shower before hearing a knock on the door. “Just a sec”

“Gotta go soon Kat, you will be late” I hear Mateo sing out from the other side of the door.

“Yep, I am getting out now” I tell him, cutting the water off. I grab a towel wrapping it around me before opening the door.

“There’s the birthday girl, oh and in her birthday suit” He says and I smack his arm walking past him.

“Where is the Alpha?” I ask him.

“Ah busy he was called away but don’t worry you have me to annoy you” He says.

“Get dressed, I will meet you downstairs” He says before grabbing me and crushing me against his chest.

“Happy birthday Kat” He says before letting me go.

“Thanks I will be down in a minute” I tell him walking into the walk in and grabbing my bag that had my clothes in it. I grab some jeans and a singlet. Walking back out Mateo is gone and I quickly slip on my bra and panties before getting dressed and pulling my hair up into a ponytail. Grabbing my shoes I walk out the door and walk down the stairs.

“Gosh you are so slow woman, hurry up. You do realise you’re already going to be late” Mateo whines.

I slip my shoes on before hopping up and finding Mateo with my school bag over his shoulder. “Come hurry up” He says, grabbing my hand and tugging me out the door. I walk to his truck and he opens the door before tossing me in just as I was about to climb up.

I fall forward, falling into the driver’s seat footwell. “Falling for me Kat?’ He says opening his door as I try to climb out of his footwell.

“Jerk” I tell him. Sitting in my seat and clipping my belt up.

“So still no wolf?” He asks putting the truck in reverse before turning around.

“Nope, wish everyone would stop asking” I tell him checking my timetable.

“I didn’t mean to upset you” He says.

“You didn’t I already got the lecture though off my dad along with an embarrassing one”

“What was the embarrassing one?” He chuckles. I shake my head. I was not telling him that.

“Aw pumpkin, too embarrassed to tell me” He says and I slap his chest.

“Don’t call me that, it’s bad enough he does” I tell him.

“Yeah usually nicknames wear off but that one seems to have stuck with him” Mateo says making my face redden.

“Yep he is never going to let me live it down” I tell him. And Mateo glances at me.

“Live what down?”

“The whole pumpkin thing and no I am not telling you”

“You can’t say something like that, then not tell me,” Mateo says.

“Well I did and I am not telling”

“Fine, tell me the embarrassing lecture he tried to give you?” He says.

I shake my head looking out the window as we hit the town edge.

“He tried to give you a sex talk didn’t he?” Mateo says and my face heats up impossibly more, seriously needed to learn to control that.

“Ha he did, what did you say?”

“Nothing to say, besides that is not a conversation I want to have with my father, then he was about tell me his and mum sex stories” I shiver. “So gross,” I tell him.

“Nothing wrong with sex, I like sex” Mateo says. Which reminded me of what I saw under his bed.

“I could tell by the dirty magazines under your bed” I tell him and this time he blushes.

“Oh, was that a secret?’ I ask him, laughing at him.

“No it wasn’t a secret, but what were you doing looking in them?” He asks.

“I wasn’t I just found them,”:

“Sure you did, pervert” He says and I elbow him. He grunts from the impact.

“You need to stop hanging around the Alpha, you are turning violent” He says, pulling into the staff car park.

I see Jasmine waving from the steps when we pull up and she comes rushing over. I open my door hopping out only to be crushed by her in a hug. “Oh my gosh Kat I heard about what happened I am so sorry that b*tch did that”

“Well I actually forgot but thanks for reminding me” I chuckle. Hugging her back.

“I will see you later Kat” Mateo says before walking off.

“So where were you on the Pack run, I looked everywhere for you?”

“I was with the Alpha actually” I told her and she seemed confused. I decided to tell her about me not having a wolf, she seemed a little shocked but said she would keep it to herself and I trusted her too.

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