Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 26

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 26
Mateo took me home, I was hoping my parents were home but when we pulled up, their car was gone. Stepping out of the car I mindlink them.

“Where are you guys?”

“Grocery shopping, what’s up pumpkin?” My dad asks.

“I’m at home, came to pick up some things but you weren’t here”

“You must have just missed us, the bathroom window is open, you should have told us, we would have waited” my father tells me.

“All good, I will break in then” I tell him.

“Okay pumpkin”

“Dad, you really gotta stop calling me pumpkin”

“But that’s your name”

“It’s not my name, dad. My name is Katya” I tell him.

“But to me, you will always be my pumpkin” he retorts. Internally groan, no use arguing. I am pretty sure if he could he would change my name to it. All this over an incident with a pumpkin when I was a baby.

Zoning back into my surroundings, I looked at the house.

“So what are we doing?” Mateo asks.

“I am breaking in” I tell him before walking around the side of the house to the bathroom window. It was slightly open. Mateo watched as I slid it open all the way, the window was pretty narrow.

“There is no way you will fit,” he says, assessing the gap.

“I have fit through smaller” I tell him. Grabbing a chair from the back patio, I carry it to the window before climbing on it. Putting my head and arms through, I turned on my side before pulling myself through sideways. Looking down I was directly above the toilet which was open. I close the lid with my hand so I don’t go headfirst into it.

Now for the hard part dropping head first to the ground. Shimming my way in, my legs sticking outside when I suddenly feel something slicing into my thigh but gravity was already against me and me cringing from the pain sent me hurtling into the toilet seat painfully as something sliced down my leg. I crash into the toilet before hearing Mateo laughing outside. while I hiss in pain falling in the gap beside it.

His laughing stops, “Kat why can I smell blood?” He suddenly asks. I rolled trying to get up where I was stuck between the wall and the toilet. Pulling myself out of the gap before standing. Looking down, my tights were drenched in blood down the outside of my left leg.

“Kat?” I hear Mateo’s panicked voice outside.

“I’m fine” I tell him.

“Open the front door” he says with all humour aside now of me falling to the ground. I look down at my leg before looking at the window trying to figure out how I did it before seeing the nail sticking out of the window frame. I groan, F*ck me!

Hearing banging on the door I force myself up, my leg burning with each step as I quickly unlock the front door before Mateo beats it down. Opening it Mateo looks down, a panicked noise leaving his lips when he sees my grey tights soaked in blood.

“F*ck Kat,” he says scooping me up.

“I’m fine it’s just a scratch” I tell him at his overreacting. Mateo walks into the kitchen, placing me on the dining table.

“Mateo calm down, I’m fine” I tell him but he wouldn’t listen.

“The Alpha is going to kill me if something happens to you, show me” he says, tugging on my pants waistband.

“Seriously it’s just a scratch, I will go change my pants and then we can go” I tell him jumping down off the table. A weird noise leaves his lips,his eyes on the table before dropping to my leg.

There was a little puddle of blood on the table when suddenly I felt my pants ripped down. I shriek.

“Mateo!” I told him but he was already knelt down examining my leg.

“That is not a scratch Kat, you need stitches, why aren’t you healing?”

“No wolf remember, also can you pull my pants up?” I ask my face heating up.

“Hush, I have seen plenty of girls naked before, and you’re not even naked you have panties on” he says, prodding the jagged line going from my hip to just above my knee.

“Will you stop that stings” I tell him.

“Where is your first aid kit?”

“Above the stove” I tell him and he walks off to go get it. He returns with it before opening it and grabbing some gauze and alcohol wipes. I nearly slapped him when he dabbed it with them.

“Stay still, F*ck Kat we need to go, it won’t stop bleeding” Mateo says after my legs saturated through the gauze for the third time.

He grabs a bandage wrapping it around my leg while I lean on the table.

He quickly cleans up the mess because I refused to let my parents come home to it and freak out thinking I have been murdered and my body dragged off into the woods.

When he is done Mateo comes over and scoops me up, making me roll my eyes. “I can walk you know” I tell him.

“I know you can but this is faster,” he says before pecking my cheek and the side of my lips and he suddenly grows tense.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have done that” he says opening his car door, he puts me on the seat before gripping my face, he goes to say something then shakes his head.

“Let’s go home” he says, letting me go and walking around to the driver’s side. Mateo was tense on the drive back to the pack house.

“Hey are you okay?” I ask him.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you,” he answers, his grip tightening on the steering wheel.

“I would hardly call that a kiss besides the other day you licked me” I deadpan.

“That was different, we were mucking around,” he says, running a hand through his hair before side-eyeing me.

“I don’t see what the big deal is?”

“Alpha will be angry,” he says.

“That you pecked my cheek?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at his words, like seriously.

“Why would he be upset? It’s not like you have to tell him” I hissed as we hit bump and Mateo mutters something too low for me to hear. I shift uncomfortably on the seat, my pants sticking to it.

“argh I’m bleeding on your seat” I tell him. My blood staining his chair.

“It’s fine Kat,” he says, squeezing my fingers before watching the road again. We pull up out front and Mateo hops out of the car, opening my door and grabbing me out.

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