Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 24

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 24
He seemed shocked for a second before moving closer, gripping my thigh that was hooked around his waist and moving closer.

“Careful little one, my self control isn’t that good” he says next to my ear making me shiver, he grinds himself against me. I gasp when I feel his erection press against me.

He laughs before kissing the side of my mouth moving down to my jaw and he nips at my skin. I moan softly before heat floods my face at my reaction to him, he either doesn’t mind or notice as he doesn’t stop nipping and sucking his way down my neck.

He runs his tongue over my neck before sucking on it, his teeth grazing my skin and my back arches, tingles rushing over my body straight to my clit and my legs tighten around his waist, a purr rumbles from his chest vibrating against my chest and I feel his hard length twitch against me through his shorts.

His lips devoured my skin and I didn’t want him to stop, loving the feel of his lips on my body, the feelings running through me were warm and comforting and I inhaled his scent, he smelt nice like the forest after it rained when everything smells crisp the earth cleaned with a hint of wildberries, mouth watering good. The bed dips slightly as he presses his weight against me and I can feel every muscle lining his chest and stomach pressing against me. When suddenly I hear a strange crunching noise making my eyes open. Was that his back, does he have arthritis? I wondered.

“Whatcha doing?” Says a deep singsong voice. The Alpha freezes and I jump at the voice. A growl escapes Ezra and he pulls back and I see Mateo laying next to me, head propped on his hand staring at us intently while eating a bag of chips. Which explains the weird crunching noise.

My face heats that he walked in without us noticing, and was laying beside us.

“Mateo!” The Alpha growls annoyed but I feel a stupid grin split onto my face. He pops another chip in his mouth.

“Want some?” He says, offering the packet to us.

The Alpha pushes the bag away.

“What are you doing here?” Ezra asks, sitting up.

“You can continue, don’t mind me. Looked like we were about to get to the good stuff, carry on” he says, shoving another chip in his mouth and crunching loudly.

I chuckled at him, it was hard to be embarrassed and annoyed with Mateo.

“I thought you were going to see Marge?” The Alpha says climbing off the bed.

“Been there done that, well not that…. But I have already seen her” he says.

“You didn’t think to knock?” The Alpha asks, shaking my head.

“I did think about it.. but thought na surprise is better, bet your glad I am here to protect that virtue of yours Kat, the big bad Alpha looked like he was about to take it”

“My virtue?” I ask, shaking my head.

“Of course someone’s gotta look after it for you, you were about to give it away with all that moaning and dry humping you two were doing, even got me all flustered” he says fanning himself with his hand.

I reach over smacking him with a cushion. “We were not about”-

“Sure you weren’t, lucky I’m here to save you for your mate. Isn’t that right Alpha, she should wait for her mate and all” The Alpha growls at him and I find his annoyance quite amusing.

“Her virtue” the Alpha says with air quotes. “Was never in danger” he spits back at Mateo.

“Oi don’t be taking out your blue balls on me, I’m just looking out for my best friend. Us girls gotta stick together, right Kat?” He says nudging me.

“Really you girls? You had a sex change and didn’t tell me” The Alpha asks.

“Maybe, I will show Kat later, she can check it out for me, we can even compare” he says and the Alpha growls at him.

“So moody,” Mateo mutters, waving him off with his hand.

“Don’t you have work to do?” The Alpha asks.

“Probably but that’s one of the bonuses of sleeping with the boss, I can get out of it” Mateo says and I raise an eyebrow at his words.

“What? Technically I did sleep here didn’t I. Therefore I get friends with benefits rights” he says wiggling his eyebrows.

“Work Mateo,” Ezra tells him. They bicker like an old married couple, I thought to myself.

“Fine, come on Kat let’s go” Mateo says, grabbing my hand and pulling me off the bed. I stand up stretching.

“Mateo my…… Kat stays here, you can’t take her”

“But I saw her first therefore I call dibs”

“You get dibs?” I chuckle, shaking my head. He suddenly moves closer, yanking me to him and licks my arm.

“Gross!” I shriek. “You didn’t say that when the Alpha was licking and sucking on you” he retorts, my face turning red at his words.

“See Licked her she’s mine now”

“I’m not food, you don’t get to call dibs by licking me,” I state.

“Mateo!” The Alpha warns him and I see his flicker making my brows furrow in confusion, why was he getting so upset?

“Well this was fun, I’m going to leave. I will let you two sort out your bromance you got going on here” I tell them moving toward the door.

The Alpha sighs before running a hand through his hair. “I should go do some work, I suppose,” he mutters.

“Yeah gotta work off all that sexual tension, smells like a brothel in here” Mateo says sniffing the air. The Alpha smacks him in the chest and I laugh, shaking my head as I leave, heading to my room.

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