Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 238

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 238

Marabella POV

The entire drive was awkwardly silent, and I had a strange feeling Kyan had no idea why he decided to drag me along with him. He was giving me whiplash with his back and forth. “So, what’s going on?” Jonah finally asked the question I had been dying to know.

Kyan appeared to pick his words carefully. ” Marabella needs to learn control; we can’t have her fiddling with the power she has no right containing, so until I can figure out how to either teach her to harness it or take it back, she will remain with you,” he answers. I pressed my head against the glass and stared out the window. Was it wrong that I hoped he was actually wanting to make this work?

“And your fine with her staying with me?” Jonah asked his tone seemed shocked, and I turned my head slightly and looked in the rear vision mirror I met Kyan’s eyes fleetingly before he looked away. By the hard set of his eyes and the way he spoke

through his teeth, he wasn’t okay with it but had accepted it.

“Yes, Jonah. We are all mates now, aren’t we? Kaif saw to that,”

His words instantly brought a snarky attitude up that I couldn’t explain other than jealousy.

“So what, you would mark him but not your mate? ” I scoff, and his eyes darted to mine.

“I can’t mark you, Marabella, “

“Because you don’ t want to because to me it seems you are just using your so -called visions as an excuse, if you don’t want me just reject me,” I mumbled the last part, turning back to stare out at the passing cars. Kyan sighed but didn’t say anything else on the matter.

We pulled up out the front of the hotel, and I got out straight away, marching to the front doors ignoring Kyan and Jonah, who called out to me. Why bring me here to rot in a hotel with his mate. Jonah wasn’t mine now he had marked him, and Kyan had no intentions of marking me, so where did that leave me? In fucking limbo is where.

Kora whined unhappily in my head and I fought back the tears. Everything had turned to shit, and I needed an outlet, something to bury the tumultuous

feelings that were hitting the breaking point. I was somewhere between laughing, crying, or going postal.

My own family was scared of me, now my uncle and aunt’s pack was, yet they weren’t scared of Eziah? How did that make sense, it is not like he was shooting rainbows and unicorn farts around; he used just as much power as I did, if not more. The only one not scared of me was Kyan, who didn’t want me and the only other option was Jonah who is now marked by Kyan, my mate.

Suddenly the thought of going rogue sounded more and more appealing , at least on my own, it wouldn’t be this headfuck shitstorm I had found myself in.

Sighing, I hit the button on the elevator when a security guard touched my arm, making me jump.

“You alright, love? ” He asked, and I turned to see it was the same guard from the other night.

“Yes, I am fine,” I tell him turning back to the stainless steel doors when I see a handkerchief thrust in my direction. Seriously who still carries those with them? He points to my eyes, and only then do I feel the tears that were escaping.

I wipe my eyes with my hands, suddenly embarrassed.

” She is fine; move on,” Kyan says while coming up behind me. I refused to look at him; he didn’t deserve me crying over him. None of them did.

“You need a key to get up there, ” Kyan whispers. I already knew that, though. He pushed me toward the back when the doors opened and stepped in behind me.

“Where is Jonah?” I asked him when I noticed he didn’t get in the elevator with us.

“He has gone to get you a few things for you,” I roll my eyes. He wouldn’t have to if he took me home, or better yet, let me go home.

“I know you’re confused. Just let me figure a few things out first, “

“Figure what out, how I die? If you will kill me? ” he remained expressionless at my outburst.

“Kaif won’t kill me,” I mutter under my breath. I turn my gaze to the ceiling, trying to fight back the tears once again. It felt like all I did was cry these days.

“Why? Because you’re different, sorry to tell you Marabella, but thing I do know is? History always repeats itself. Kaif has killed every mate he has had, every single god damn one, you will be no different, ” He rubbed his temples and I felt like slapping him, itched to smack the living shit out of this arrogant prick. I had no idea where my sudden anger was coming from, but I was finding it better than the depression.

“You can try? ” Kyan chuckles and I turn to look at him.


“Hit me,” He shrugs.

“Huh?” he taps the side of his head.

“Your thoughts, I can hear them if I want to,” He shrugs. I raise an eyebrow at him before turning slightly toward him and folding my arms across my chest. He smirks and laughs softly.

“Ah, you are infuriating,” He mutters just as the doors open. He walks out toward the door before unlocking it. He then bends down to and retrieves the key from the pot and chucks it to me. I scramble to catch it.

“That will get you up and down in the elevator, also unlocks the door,” He adds before stepping inside while he laughs to himself. Smug bastard.

“He thinks we are weak,” Kora mumbles. Her words did not surprise me. Everyone thought I was lacking something; it was no surprise my own mate thought the same thing. Yet I had an overwhelming urge to prove him wrong.

“I said you could, ” Kyan says, walking toward the kitchen. “Pardon?”

“Prove me wrong then, ” Kyan answers. His invasion of privacy into my own mind was starting to irk me.

“Your thoughts irk me,” Kyan says, flicking the kettle on.

“Can’t you block him out?” I ask Kora. “Nope, ” Kyan answers.

“Well, can you block me out?”

“Yep, but I don’t want to,” Kyan says.

“Just try to leave your mind blank, ” Kora offers.

“He can’t hear me,” comes that strange voice again, though it was really soft, and I struggled to hear it, like a whisper in the wind.

Kyan looks over at me, and his brows furrow.

“He also can’t hear when you speak to me, not right now, not with me in your head, “

“Yeah, in my head, what is that supposed to mean? You are my head, “

“Or maybe I am not,” A flash of an image from earlier of the ghostly orb things that were in the shadows. A shudder ran up my spine. “Are you one of those shadows?”

“Kind of, not exactly, but I come from the magic you possess,”

“So you aren’t my subconscious?”

“No, and neither are they if you let them in,”


“The shadows, you just need to learn to control them, “

“Kora, can you hear the voice?”

” She can if I let her, but Kyan would know you are using the shadows, “

“But I am not,”

“You are, you wanted help, wanted to prove yourself, your mind it called me forward, it usually does when you are in a heightened state, “

“So that is why I hear you when I am depressed, ” The voice seems to hum. Kyan walked around the counter and observed me, and he tilted his head to the side.

“Why can’t I hear you?” He murmurs and my lips quirk up in the corners.

“Want to play a game? ” The voice asks abruptly. “ Mara, your aura is off,” Kyan states.

“A game?”

“I used to play it with my son,”

“Your son?”

“What’s your name? ” I ask but he doesn’t answer. “Do you want to play or not?” He asks.

“Is it bad?”

“No, but you will have to disable his magic. Remember that spell I told you; it will disable his connection to your mind too,” now that piqued my interest, and I chuckle.


“Feel for it. Magic is like a buzz it will feel like pins and needles at first, draw on it and force it, push it outward, “

“I don’t know last time he broke the wall,” I tell the voice looking over to the wall behind me that was now fixed.

“Because his anger tried to combat it, it will stun him temporarily for about five minutes before Kaif can force his magic forward, but until then, he won’t see you coming,” The voice laughs.

“Mara, hello, where did you go?” Kyan says, clicking his fingers in front of my face.

Blinking at him, a smirk spreads onto my face, now I noticed the buzz it was simple to draw on.


“Kyan, ” I smile and his hand moves toward my face. I felt the ripple of his energy as it came toward me and my hand gripped his before he could touch my face.

“Flataska Potenza, ” I giggled, and I felt the heat rush through my fingertips, and he gasped; his magic fizzled out instantly.

“You..” Kyan murmurs, shaking his hand before rubbing his fingers together.

The voice started telling me to say things, and I could see Kyan’s confusion before I couldn’t stop laughing as I took control of his body as I repeated each word.

“fear reatha” Kyan started running on the spot. Kora laughed in my head. The sight hilarious to see a well put together grown man running one spot,

especially a man as intimidating as Kyan.

“léim réalta, ” He growled as he suddenly started doing star jumps.

“Marabella,” He gritted out.

” damhsa sicin,” I near wet myself when he started flapping his arms like a chicken. Though his temper was rising and the look on his face was murderous when he suddenly started laughing.

” Point proven, stop it,” Kyan growled “where did you learn this, which book” he asked, flapping his arms while I crossed my legs to stop from wetting myself. The voice in my head laughed too; if I was nuts, I would take it, this was too good to miss.

“tip do é” Kyan stopped abruptly, and the voice in my head said. “Run, ” I took off, and Kyan gave chase.

“Your dead now, little wench, ” He cursed as I darted around the coffee table only for him to reach over it. I squealed and ran across the sofa and jumped over the back of it when Kaif suddenly took over and Kyan shifted.

“He won’t hurt you,” The voice said, trying to calm my racing heart.

I raced toward Jonah’s room and gripped the door handle shoving it open as I burst into the room, turning Kaif tore after me, and I went to slam the door shut when he pushed it open before he tackled me. I squealed as his big beefy paws grabbed me before I was slammed on the bed on my back.

“Your it, ” He purred. The sound vibrated through his chest, and I laughed as his whiskers tickled my face. The sound of bones snapping and the weight shifting on the bed made me clench my eyes shut when suddenly Kyan hovered above me. He laughed, pressing his head against my chest.

“Jonah give you one of my grimoires? ” He laughs, his breathing hard above me.

“That reminded me of a game,” the voice suddenly told me the name, and I spoke it answering.

“Mind the witch, tame the Lycan, ” I said at the same time as Kyan, who froze above me. He glanced down at me.

“What did you just say,” his entire demeanor changed abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, wanting his playful side back, but he shoves off me, sitting up.

“Repeat what you just said, Marabella, “

“Mind the witch, tame the Lycan, ” I tell him, sitting up. Kyan growls and reaches for Jonah’s shirt that was on the end of bed, covering himself before he stood up.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him. He moves to Jonah’s wardrobe and pulls on some clothes muttering to himself, and I hear the main door open, making me

glance at the bedroom door when Jonah called out asking where we were, yet I was focused on Kyan, who was furious with me.

“Kyan?” I ask as Jonah walks in, completely oblivious. Kyan shoves past him, and I heard the door slam as he left.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jonah asks, looking at me and I shrug.

“We were playing a game, and he got upset and left,” I pointed past him.

“What game?”

“Mind the witch and tame the Lycan, ” Jonah rubs a hand down his face.

“Shit!” Jonah curses and I crawl to the end of the bed.

“What is it?”

“Think of what you just said Mara, Mind the witch, tame the LYCAN, ” Jonah emphasized the last word.

“It’s a game his father used to play with him when he was a kid, help bring Kaif forward to break him out of the hold on his magic, ” I gasped.

The voice had said a game I used to play with my son; that’s when the startling realization hit me. Dominic, the voice was Dominic Octavians.

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