Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 237

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 237

Marabella POV

Time stopped the moment my brother stepped into the field. Panic seized me, and my fathers looked at him, startled. Eziah only had shorts on, indicating he shifted and ran here. How he escaped my mother’s watchful eyes was beyond me. But he was definitely pissed him off. This is precisely why I never intended to tell anyone. Jonah dobbing Kyan into his father had started this entire mess, and suddenly I could find a way out of it. I didn’t want my mate hurt. No matter what he did, he was still my mate.

Kora whimpers in my head. Eziah spent most of his time training with his magic, while I was too scared to try with mine, despite my parents urging I should, but it was more than that. Eziah always went to the moon goddess realm while I struggled to pass through the portal. It was like stepping into a place I didn’t belong, and the chills it gave me made me never go back after the first time.

Maddox presses forward and steps toward him, but Eziah backhands the air sending him flying before eleven got within twenty feet of him.

“Eziah?” I call, rushing over to him, and he growls a t me. However, I was shocked to hear the thunderous roar that left Kyan when he did. Eziah smiles,

tugging me behind him and turning his gaze on Kyan. Sage rushes over, trying to pull me away, and I struggle against her hold.

“We have to stop this,” I whisper to her, but she ignores me.

“It is how things are handled here. We can’t interfere, “

“No, you don’t understand, ” I tell her.

“No, what I understand is Kyan needs to pay for what he did. Marabella,” Sage growls at me before cupping my face. Tears trek down my face, and I shake my head. Couldn’t they see the only person any of this would hurt besides Kyan is me? I didn’t get a chance to voice that when I heard a thunderous clap making me glance over at Kyan to see Eziah’s golden glowing hands connect with Kyan’s face.

The hit was like a blow to the stomach, and I stagger back as pain rippled through me. I gasp, glancing at Eziah to see Maddox and Ares trying to separate them, but Kyan wasn’t even fighting back, just like blocking him, which sends Eziah mental.

“Fight back, you bastard, ” Eziah growls before suddenly shifting. His black wolf is taking over. Eziah was a sight to behold, his fur jet black excepts the tips, which were a gold and silver color; he was truly magnificent and the complete opposite to Kora, who was snow-white with black-tipped fur.

Kyan doesn’t shift. Instead, sidestepped and deflected his blows. I try to run out on the field when I hear storm clouds roll across the sky, and I feel Kyan blistering hot anger. The angrier he got, the darker the sky got. Thunder booms around us, but Kyan still only defends, not fighting back as if he were trying not to hurt my brother. Instead, just taking whatever Eziah through at him.

“Kaif, shift you fool,” I scream out at them, escaping the clutches of Sage only to be grabbed by Jonah.

“Dad, do something ! ” I scream when Eziah suddenly shifts back before both his hands start glowing vibrantly. I had never seen him use power like this before. In fact, I didn’ t even know he possessed such power. Mum always said she was unaware of exactly what we were capable of. We were supposed to both be Gemini wolves like her, but when she died and was brought back, power was split between us, and no one knew what that truly meant. Now witnessing it for myself , I could see why she feared our powers. Eziah was a monster when angry. His anger was unrelenting as he raised his hands, and I felt the ripple of energy blast me.

“F*ck, we need to get out of here,” Jonah gasps behind me, trying to yank me back, but all I could focus on was Kyan standing there glaring at Eziah. Maddox and Ares try to grab ahold of Eziah and haul him off, only to be tossed back, both hitting the ground and rolling as the wind picks up when the light becomes blinding. I shield my eyes as Eziah’s hands glowed, the orbs growing bigger and bigger until hands were completely obscured before he brought them together, forming a large sphere.

He rolls his hand together; the power emanating off him takes my breath when Kyan drops his hands, his fingers flicker, and I see the tendrils of darkness slivering between his fingers.

“Eziah enough, point proven, “

“No, I don’t think it is; it will never be enough for what you tried to do , ” Eziah snarls before flinging the gold orb at Kyan, who moves quickly a ball of black mist and electricity slivered up his arms. Kyan moved with blinding speed, Eziah had power, but he didn’t have the skill Kyan had. The control had as Kyan also launched his magic with a subtle flick of his fingertips. Darkness meeting light, and I gasp as the two collide and Eziah blasted backward. His body flying past me, and I cup my mouth in shock as I watch my brother be flung back, smashing into a tree.

He growls, getting to his feet, and I try to escape Jonah, who doesn’t let go when I elbow him in the stomach, making him grunt before running between. Eziah ran at me while Kyan looked more like he was taking a casual stroll in the park, unperturbed by Eziah’s wrath.

Eziah, blinded by his anger, flings his magic at Kyan when Kyan screams at me.

“Ella, move,” He screams, and I glance at him before turning to see blinding light headed straight toward me. When I am tackled, the air becomes knocked from my lungs when Kyan gasps, and pain shreds through me. Yet I was unharmed; it was Kyan that took the blow of power, his arms wrapped around me as he suddenly turned. His back arches and roars. Only when he straightens up, his eyes are pitch black and demonic-looking as he looks at me.

When he is hit again by Eziah’s magic, he jolts against me. His pain bleeding into me, yet he still doesn’t move when Kora shoves forward, tossing him away when the next blast of power hits, instead. We take the brunt of it, and I felt like my entire body caught on fire. Eziiah falters as I hit the ground. The energy rippling through me felt like a slow pulse, morphing and burning the darkness that taints me. However, Eziah was out of control.

He was consumed by his own power as he raised his hands before charging at Kyan, who was getting to his feet. I see Jonah go to tackle Eziah, coining up behind him as Eziah flicked out his hand; I

screamed, throwing my hands out in panic when energy burst from me. Tossing everyone and everything within fifty meters of me back, Eziah and Jonah launched backward along with everyone watching when I felt the darkness seize me, felt the cold tickle of it sliver over and through my veins.

“Mara, let it go, let go,” Kora screams at me and laughs as the tickling sensation washes over me. I see Kyan, out of the corner of my eye reach out to me, being the only person remaining near while everyone regathered themselves, picking themselves up off the ground.

I giggle, and a shiver runs up my spine, and I feel my vision darken, “Mara, focus on my voice, ” Kyan whispers. Yet, all I could focus on was the orbs surrounding me, them lending me their energy. So many of them, and my eyes go wide as I glance at them. The power was seductively enticing, offering to fix everything when shadows started seeping out of my fingertips. I giggle, watching them sliver across the ground like tendrils. Could hear Kyan talking to me, hear the stranger’s voice behind my ear, but I pay no attention, absorbed with pleasurable feels of the orb’s energy fueling me. I felt invisible,

powerful, and oh so strong. The magic was sweet and addictive.

The shadows around me grow more extensive, taking humanoid shapes, and their whispers grow stronger. Telling me to give into it, whispering sweet nothings but also whispering the secrets of their pasts when I see a golden hue in the distance before feeling the ripple of its energy, so much weaker, unguided and tired. Kyan stepped closer when I felt his dark delicious aura wash over me.

” Give it to me, Ella,” I laugh. Give him what? What could I give him? His words made no sense when I saw the light headed in his direction, and I snarl before tossing my hands up, the shadows bursting from me when Kyan yells before tackling me.

Kyan POV

I had never seen anything like it, only Kaif could contain the shadows like that, manipulate them, yet here Marabella was yielding them like they couldn’t hurt like they didn’t possess the power to end the world, her eyes a demonic black, and the shadows caressed over her the same way I kept my contained, yet only Kaif could safely use them. Eziah , despite his power, was also subdued by it. One thing about power, it is addictive.

Unless trained and aware of what you contain, it can quickly take control of the holder, which is exactly what was happening when he turned his anger on me again.

Marabella notices it turns, and her mouth opens up, and she screams, the shadows burst from her, the shadows of my ancestor’s magic , of Hade’s magic erupt from her, and I tackle her.

Her back hit the ground. I landed on top of her before I slammed my palms down either side of her head.

“SlazicEnuntoo ,” I grit out when Eziah’s power suddenly engulfs us yet doesn’t touch us, the shadows trapped in the forcefield I created stopping them from escaping and reawakening the dead, the unnatural and wreaking havoc on earth. She had no idea what she had just unleashed, and if I couldn’t get her to pull back in, she could kill us all.

Marabella laughs as the darkness of my family’s power tickles her. Her body writhing beneath mine , when my shield is blasted by a powerful force, gold engulfing us overhead but not touching us while the dome of my shield was becoming engulfed in the shadows as they consumed it wanting out.

“Mara, pull it back. You need to pull it back, ” I tell her, and Kaif nervously glances out, my eyes entranced by what he, too, was witnessing.

“Ella, baby, listen to my voice, come back to me,” I tell her when I am hit yet again by Eziah’s magic. I feel my shield falter before seeing Jonah tackle Eziah at the same time Maddox does. Maddox punched his son, and the sight shocked me, but if he hadn’t, we were going to have issues if both their powers clashed together. It would be like a supernova of mystical energy.

Mara giggles and I feel her nipples harden against my chest. Magic was arousing, and the fact she was cloaked with mine and being engulfed by hers. I could only imagine the orgasinic feel of it rushing

through her. My cock strained painfully against my pants at seeing her flushed face.

Thank god the shadows blocked out everyone’s view, or this would look somewhat obscene with the way she was grinding against me. When a thought occurred to me. I needed her to let the magic go so I could absorb it or at least have her take it back, so I kissed her.

My lips pressed against her soft, plump ones. A groan escaped me, but it worked instantly as I felt the shadows start receding and her legs open. I push myself against her, settling between her legs and deepening the kiss. My tongue delved between her lips, and I couldn’t get enough of her like she was my own personal elixir, and f*ck did she taste sweet.

Mara moans softly before nibbling on my lip when my hand slips into her hair, tugging her closer.

One minute I was kissing her the next.

My surroundings rippled, and I felt the vision before I saw it. My mind was being stretched to see a future that hadn’t happened yet but would if I let it.

The trees zipped by in a blur as we chased something. That something was evident when I heard her deafening scream as we grabbed her. Kaif commanded her to shift back. We were in a forest, one that looked oddly familiar. Deja vu washes over me briefly when Marabella shifts in Kaif’s arms, leaving her naked as she struggles to get out of his too -tight grip.

Mara screams, rattling off words that if we’re used on just me would disable me, but a monster like Kaif , one that held the power he has, she might as been whispering a prayer.

Kaif laughs, and I scream as he tears into her neck, marking her, inhumanly marking her as his teeth slashed and tore through not only her neck but chest and shoulder blade. She screams loudly, and blood runs down her body before she goes limp in his arms.

Her head falls forward, and Kaif scoops her up. Marabella’s body is all floppy, and Kaif sniffs her, and her head rolls back in his furry arms. Blood drenched her, and her marking looked more like she had been mauled by a bear. Blood oozed out of her, dripping off our arms, and the color drained from her face, her heart rate slowing to a deadly beat as I looked on, horrified at what he did.

He jostles her shaking her, but she doesn’t wake when I notice the markings around her neck, thick lines etched into her skin, and I gasp, horrified as the vision fizzles and shudders.

I jerk away from her abruptly, u able to shake the image of her dead bloody body in my arms.

Mara gets up, shaking her head and glancing around. I felt my magic drop, and I noticed she had taken the shadows back in, absorbed them.

“What happened? ” She murmurs, glancing around.

“Eziah?” She shrieks, getting to her feet and rushing toward him. I stared after her only to witness everyone step back from her, even her fathers, as they stared at her nervously.

Jonah approaches her unfearing while his father’s entire pack stepped back. My stomach sunk at the feeling through the bond. They feared her, and they couldn’t even hide it from her. I wanted to comfort her but the vision.

It would only draw her nearer when I should be pushing her away if I did. Kaif whimpers in my head when we are smashed with the feeling of rejection from her. They looked at her like she was a monster. Jonah growls at them as they all continue to stare at her.

A growl escapes me when she steps closer, and her fathers put up their hands to shield her off, Ezra stepping forward.

“It’s OK, we can fix it, we can fix you, ” he says gently, but the pang of hurt that slivers through her restricts my chest. She didn’t need fixing. She needed to learn control but never would if everyone feared her.

I swallowed down the lump in my throat, getting to my feet, and I was about to leave, leave her in the hands of Jonah, whom I knew would look after her.

” It’s fine, just put your gloves on,” I hear Ezra say behind me, making me turn to see him hesitantly holding out her gloves. I didn’t even realize she had taken them off. By the look on Marabella’s face, she hadn’t noticed either as she looked at both of her hands which trembled.

She nods, taking them even though it tore at her, her thoughts flitting through my head. With her rejection of them, her doubt, and her own self-

loathing returned, she hated herself, and it was no wonder when they treated her like this.

I shouldn’t have interfered, but I couldn’t help it. The vision told me I should keep my distance; however, the sadness coming through the bond had me turning on my heel. I stalk towards her, stopping when I reach her. She was trying to tug her gloves on when I snatched her hands. Ripping them off and tossing them on the ground.

“Stop, I need them, ” she whispers, bending to pick them up, but I jerk her upright, tugging her to me.

“You don’t need them. You just need everyone to stop fearing you so that way you don’t fear yourself, ” I snap, glaring at everyone.

Pushing my hand on her lower back, I nod toward my car.

“Get in the car,” I tell her, pushing her a little. She glances at me.


“Get in my car,” I tell her, and she looks at me before I nod at the car.

“Come on,” I tell her when Mateo grips my arm. “You’re not taking my daughter, ” he snarls.

“Try and stop me, and I suggest you remove your hand or lose it,” I tell him when Kaif presses forward. Mateo takes a step back, his hand dropping from my arm, and I nudge Marabella to keep walking. She glances at her fathers briefly before looking g at Eziah.

“He is fine,” I whisper to her, and Ezra nods to me before grabbing his son.

“Jonah, we are leaving now!, ” I tell him before opening the rear door and ushering Marabella into the car.

“Where are we going?” Mara asks.

Back to the City, to Jonah’s place,” Jonah jogs over, climbing in the passenger seat. “So bossy, ” he mutters.

” Can you take me home first? ” Mara asks, looking back at her fathers. “Whatever you need, we can get for you. Just get in the car, ” I tell her. Her brows furrow, but she nods, sliding onto the backseat. F*ck what have I done?

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