Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 235

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 235

I stared around at the destruction of what was left of the encounter with Kyan. I didn’t know what to think. I was completely numb. Or maybe I was used to his cruel ways; I had grown accustomed to it, I hoped not, but the moment Jonah walked into the apartment, I became more lost. I didn’t know how to explain what happened, and by the look on his face, I was too scared to mention what Kyan did.

Jonah walked through the door, glass crunching under his boots as he looked at the ground and examined the doorway, my claw marks along the frame stood out. I hadn’t even noticed until he brushed his fingers over them before spotting me in my state of undress. His entire body trembled, and at first, I thought he was angry at me for what happened when his fist suddenly went through the wall next to the entryway.

“I’ll f*cking kill him,” Jonah roared, making me jump. Jonah moves toward me before gripping my arms and then my face.

“Are you hurt? I can smell his blood, but- ” he lifts my arms and opens my torn top, searching for injuries.

“I am fine; it’s his, not mine, ” I explain, but he growls at the scratches lining my chest and waist, touching them gently with his fingertips.

“Nothing about this fine. What did he do? I tried to get here as quick as possible, but we had a power surge, the elevators reset, and I had to wait for the power to come back on downstairs, the fire escapes

locked too, ” I shake my head, too embarrassed and ashamed to say it out loud.

“Mara, tell me,”

“Nothing, I dealt with it. I am fine, “

” Don’t do that, not with me, don’t push away what you’re feeling, you don’t need to hide with me; I know what he is capable of, Mara,” Yet I shake my head, it was partially my fault. I never should have let Jonah and I get so close, I should have realized what he was and why he is the way he is.

“Fine, don’t tell me; I already know. You forget I can feel him, feel his intentions, Mara, but it doesn’t matter. I will deal with it,” Jonah says.

“You can’t, Kaif-“

“Oh, believe me, Kaif is tearing him apart enough as it is”

“How do you know?” I ask him, rubbing a hand down my face when Jonah lifts his shirt, red and black angry lines run down his chest and waist,

already scaring his body in black tendril-like veins.

“Because these only happen when Kaif is pissed yet for once it isn’t at me,”

“Kaif, did that?”

“Yes, he wants out, and Kyan poisoned him, but when he does, Kyan wanna pray Kaif isn’t as suicidal as he is homicidal,” Jonah says.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” Jonah says before reaching down and scooping me off the couch. I yelp, not expecting it, and I grab the back of his neck. Jonah growls, sniffing me and running his nose across my chest.

“He will pay for this,” Jonah growls.

Jonah POV

I waited for Marabella to fall asleep before leaving her. She was too scared to touch me, too afraid to even be too close to me, and spent the majority of the night trying to avoid being near. Almost like she thought Kyan would jump out and try to take her by force again.

I knew he wouldn’t go through with it, and I knew that without a doubt. I felt his intentions to scare her. Kyan was trying to scare her away, but that did not make what he did right.

When will he see that he is the cause for the damage? He thinks he will kill her. I can tell you now that driving her away is killing her more than any physical death. She hides it well, but I see the pain behind her eyes every time she looks at Kyan, the guilt behind them every time she looks at me like she was somehow betraying him by wanting me as well.

Pulling up out the manor’s front, I noticed a few lights on. I could hear the yelling from inside the house. The moment I stepped inside, the harsh bite of the cold seeped into me, and my breath left smoke clouds in the air. He was deconstructing, or should I say Kaif was deconstructing him.

I grab the banister as I climb the stairs; the wood is so cold I jerk my hand back, the coldness burning into my palm. “F*ck” I curse under my breath. This place has never felt so cold to me before. It always felt off, the ripple of energy in the air almost toxic most of the time, but this place felt like death, cold, vacant, and lonely.

Rounding the corner on the stairs, I see Kyan’s bedroom door open. However, the noise caine from the floor above. About to climb the next set of stairs, I catch sight of Lucas out of the corner of my eye. He steps out of Kyan’s room and freezes for a second before realizing it is me and letting out a breath.

I noticed Kyan’s phone clutched in his hands and the screen was on. “Phew, it’s just you. Ah, Kyan is upstairs. Kaif and he are arguing, been at it for a while.” He says and I point to Kyan’s phone in his hands.

“Oh, just putting it on charge for him ; he will need it for tomorrow, ” He answers before rushing past me and down the stairs. I was nearly tempted to ask if Kyan knew he had it. Kyan was strange with his phone and I often joked he had a secret porn stash on it with how protective he was of it.

Sighing, I let it go and continued my climb of the steps stopping outside the Alter as Kyan called it. I just referred to the room as a creepy witch voodoo storage room. Pushing the door open, I step inside only for a rush of air to slain me against the wall, pinning me. Kaif fluorescent gold swirling patterned eyes pinning me in place. Kaif was in control of Kyan’s body; I had seen it plenty of times but never witnessed Kaif using Kyan’s magic on himself.

Kaif was powerful, more destructive than Kyan, and sometimes Kyan needed to realize his control of Kaif was because Kaif allowed it. Sure he managed to tame the beast in a sense. Still, Kaif was never one to be controlled, he was not a puppet and he had beliefs and thoughts of his own, power of his own that could only be controlled by the talisman that Kyan tossed away thoughtlessly not understanding the true power behind it.

Even now, we didn’t understand the talisman’s true meaning for existence, only that it kept Kaif from using his own magic bestowed to him by the God Hades. What a shit storm that arrangement was.

Kyan and Kaif possessed the powers of demi- goddess Celeste his so many whatever relation and that of the god of Death Hades, his distant grandfather. Celestes mate, A true god, and now one mistake on Celeste’s behalf had left a reigning terror on the Octavian bloodline.

Octavian was Hade’s surname of choosing when he roamed the earth along with Celeste. Celeste was his is wife and mate, a lover and enemy in one. I am yet to fully understand the story, but I knew I would have to if I wanted to help break the curse on him one day.

“You allowed it,” Kaif roared at me.

“Leave him, Kaif, ” Kyan suddenly says, caught between two people inhabiting one body, and it was odd to see two voices coining out of the one source. Kaif growls, his growl becoming cut off by Kyan’s voice as he fights against him.

“He wasn’t there; he is innocent, “

Two entities one body like a split personality. Jekyll and hyde eat your f*cking heart out, he ain’t got shit on these two psychos.

“Where were you? You are my guardian. Why did you not protect my mate?”

” Like Kyan said I wasn’t there, ” I spit at him, and the invisible hands around my neck grow tighter, cutting off my air before I am suddenly dropped to the floor on my knees.

“He touched her, he hurt her, he hurt what’s mine ,” Kaif snarls, and I nod, rubbing my neck.

“Why the f*ck do you think I am here for? A tea party?” I snarl at him. Jax pressed forward, and he was not in the mood. We may be no true match against Kaif, but we could do some damage. Kaif seeing Jax press beneath my skin, smirks.

“I have a better punishment for him ; you want revenge?” Kaif says, his voice octaves higher and more transparent. His aura was magnificent , and it rippled with energy not from this realm but of the underworld in which he has spent the majority of his time caged in Hade’s prison world along with the rest of the Octavian bloodline. I learned over the years the Moon Goddess realm was for the Lycans, but then it got me thinking if one realm existed, how many more did?

Then I discovered Hades and his part in all this, about the Octavian curse, Lycan’s go to the Moon Goddess realm, the vessels appear in some fountain for Lycan pairing and their bonds in the Moon Goddess realm too. However, the Octavian bloodline goes to Hades’ world and only he can control Octavian’s descendant’s destiny’s twisting and bending the rules of the fates.

Still, the vessel counterpart of the Octavian

Bloodline is to spend eternity trapped by the curse in the underworld something that made little sense to me. It was one thing to punish Kaif , but every living member of the Octavian bloodline was also held prisoner after death, Hade’s own relation in a sense you might as well say Hade’s is punishing himself.

Kyan hated the idea of his father being trapped in the land of Hade’s never to find peace; he struggled with that most.

And then there was Kaif. Only let out every twelve generations to remind him what it is like to love and lose that love on repeat for his crimes.

I had visited that realm once, and I have never felt colder. That was the day Kaif killed me, and by some miracle, Kyan was able to return me to the world of the living. All I remember of it was that it was dark and cold. That was when we formed the blood bond. I t was the only way to ensure Kaif wouldn’t kill me again. That was how I became his guardian.

“Oh, I just came here to warn him,” I tell Kaif.

“Warn him of what?” Kaif asks curiously. Kyan’s chest was torn open, slashes so deep and bleeding his skin was deathly pale as Kaif kept him from the brink of death, healing him just enough to keep them alive while also blocking the pain from me. I know because I could feel the pull, the one urging me

to intervene, but I ignored it all night, and I planned to continue to ignore it.

“You’re not the only monster to rule this earth Kaif,

there are more ,” I tell him, and his eyes glint at the challenge but it wasn’t for him. No , this Challenge belongs to Kyan, he messed with our girl, and now he would pay the consequences.

“I am listening, but you and I both know there is no one stronger on this earth than this dweeb ,” He says, motioning to his own body talking of Kyan.

“Only me of course, but I am enticed on who you think would dare challenge a demi – god of death?”

“Not about winning but he will realize sometimes blood is thicker than water and Marabella has a lot of blood willing to fight for her,” I tell him.

“You know why I had to do it, Jonah, ” Kyan shoves forward to say.

“Nope, nothing justifies what you did, and you will learn from that mistake Kyan, assuming Kaif can keep his head and also keep his hands to himself to make sure you receive the punishment you deserve, ” I tell them both. Kyan’s eyes flicker, and Kyan smiles sadistically, but I knew it was Kaif.

“I had no choice, she can’ t be with us, ” Kyan urges.

” No , she can’ t be with you,” Kaif snarls back at his words. What a head f*ck it was watching them talk to each other through the one body. He looked insane and to an outsider, he definitely would be classed as clinically insane, but I knew two beasts resided in that one vessel.

” I won’t intervene. Is that all you came here for? ” Kaif asks me and I smile and walk toward him when suddenly Kaif lets go of control. Kyan gasps, doubling over and clutching his knees, trying to catch his breath. He stood up, panting, and I could see he was in terrible pain, but so be it.

“Jonah, ” Kyan chokes out as he stands upright to face me, his words cut off when my fist connects with his face, and I clutch his throat; he grips my wrist but doesn’t try anything.

“One and only chance, Kyan, you won’t be fighting back tomorrow, ” I warn him before punching him again. As Kaif refuses to heal him, his eye instantly swells shut, and I see black. Punching him repeatedly until his face is swollen. My anger swelled when he doesn’t fight back; I wanted him to, to give me more reason to keep hitting him but he just takes it, and I know it was because he felt guilty, he knew he deserved it and was sickened by his own actions even though he knows he never would have gone through with it.

” Fight back, Kyan, ” I growl through gritted teeth, but he just puts his hands up, taking it before eventually collapsing on the ground with me on top of him. He gasps, spitting blood onto the floor.

“You done?” He coughs. And I nod before his fist connects with my jaw.

“That’s for kissing my mate in front of me,” He snarls when suddenly Kaif forces control.

“Our mate, you can’t be trusted no more, ” Kaif tells him before gripping my face. I struggle against him, but his grip is too firm when he sinks his teeth into my neck. Kyan yells through the blood bond when he lets me go, and I stagger backward, stunned before tripping over my own feet.

“Bro, I love you an all, but I ain’t in love with you, that was f*cked,” I spit at Kaif, and he laughs, stepping closer, and I swat his hand away.

“You try to kiss or mate me f*cker, and I will break your face,” Kaif laughs, and I could feel Kyan’s fury through both bonds, yet it didn’t feel like a normal mate bond, more one of acceptance not sexual like I worried about.

“Not all mate bonds are sexual, you both straight and neither like the dick, no mating happening and no love other than brotherly, un-donutted love, “

“Undonutted?” I ask. Kaif brings his pointer and thumb together making a circle and pushing his pointer finger on the other hand through the hole and I scrunch up my face.

“No, donutting, ” Kaif says. Yeesh, thank god because if it swung that way, Sorry Kyan but you definitely have to take one for the team and be the bottom.

“You f*cking idiot, what have you done?” Kyan roars.

“What I had to, now let’s see you resist her when he can’ t,” Kaif snarls at him.

Getting to my feet Kyan groans before clutching his chest as he got his. “Kaif enough,” He says in a pained voice. My face ached as pain rippled through me when Kaif takes another step closer before standing and clutching my head in his hands. Please don’t try to kiss me! I thought, if this f*ckers lips touch mine, I am out of here!.

“Eska Vlain Mortaska, ” He speaks, and I feel my pain leave before he blocks Kyan’s pain from me. So I no longer have to endure it before he suddenly relinquishes control back to Kyan laughing hysterically at what he had done, that was his revenge he was talking about, he bonded us together more, and I had no idea if he was punishing Kyan or me also. Tomorrow would be f*cked.

“I’m sorry, ” Kyan begins to say, and I raise my hand.

“Save your apologies for Maddox, Ares, and Donnie tomorrow, ” I tell him before turning on my heel and walking out.

“Where are you going?” Kyan calls. “Back to my girl,” I call over my shoulder before slamming the door when I walk out. My neck stung from his mark as I walked out to the car, burned a little. How the f*ck do I explain to Marabella about Kaif marking me without her thinking I am suddenly Gay?

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