Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 232

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 232

Marabella POV

I was overly warm, and I felt squashed as I woke up. I try stretching, and my eyes flutter open to sharp teeth and fur in my face. A scream works its way up my throat when a hand suddenly goes over my mouth.

“Shh, it’s just Kaif,” Jonah’s voice whispered behind me next to my ear, and I turned to look at him over my shoulder.

“How, where?” I sit up, looking around, and I remember coming to Kyan’s but did not remember Jonah being here. My movement seems to startle

Kaif when I feel hands and claws grab me, ripping me toward him and onto his chest.

A growl tears out of Kaif, and he sniffs my face, pushing his nose into my eyeball, and I push off his chest, not knowing where to put my hands without grabbing his fur. He licks my face, his tongue going from my chin and over the eye he just jammed his nose in; my eyelashes feel stuck to my eyebrow, making me blink rapidly to unstick them.

” Kaif, settle down; you’re freaking her out, ” Jonah hisses at him, and his chest rumbles as I scramble to push up underneath his tight grip.

I groaned and tried to haul myself higher when I felt his teeth graze my shoulder, and I froze as he growled.

He was huge, way more prominent in person, and animal-like; of course, I knew he was a Lycan but seeing it and now feeling his oversized body were to very different things, he was petrifying.

I had half a mind to run and another to freeze, not wanting to be hauled off and eaten by him. The stories of giants and grinding bones for butter came to mind; I would be a toothpick to him ; little red riding hood was definitely eaten by a Lycan, not a werewolf, that bitch lied.

There was no accurate way to describe how monstrous Kaif was compared to a werewolf; he made my father’s wolf Maddox look like a pup, the runt of the litter; he was that big.

Jonah’s hands touch me, the movement making Kaif snarl and snap his teeth at Jonah, and I squirm while trying to free myself from his grip on me. My heart was racing a million miles an hour as he rag -dolled me around like a puppet on strings. Despite that, he was pretty gentle, which is surprising because you wouldn’t think something as scary looking as Kaif would know the word’s meaning. However, saying that his grip was tight and didn’t think he realized his own strength.

” Kaif, ” I choke out as he squeezes the air from my lungs.

“She can’ t breathe, knobhead, loosen your grip on her,” Kaif sniffs me, and I feel my face changing color when he huffs, blowing hot air in my face, but his arms slacken a little, and I sit up. My entire body trembled, and my hands shook as I reached for Jonah. Kaif snarls, and I freeze, looking death in the face when he grips my hips and places me between them, lifting me under the arms as though I were a child and not a grown-ass woman.

“Shh, you’re fine, ” Jonah says while pulling me over to him, and Kaif growls, and his eyes are staring at Jonah’s hands on my waist.

Kaif huffs before standing, he smacks his head on a shelf attached to the wall, and his arm whips out, hitting the shelf and smashing it off the wall, sending its contents everywhere. He growls when suddenly the bed collapses like it too was afraid to break while he was on it. I Yelp as it crashes to the floor.

“Damn fat ass, Kyan going to lose his mind when he sees this mess,” Jonah says while Kaif grips my arm to haul me up. He definitely didn’t know his own strength; my feet dangled off the ground as he pulled me eye level before suddenly letting me go for me to crash into the ground on my bottom. I groan, and Jonah gets up. Kaif curses, and I swear I saw him roll his eyes.

His huge hands reach for me when Jonah slaps them away, and Kaif growls at him.

“Listen, bigfoot, I know you’re trying to be gentle, ” Jonah air quotes.

” But you’re too big to be gentle, too quick, do you understand? ” Kaif scratches his ear, looking at me, and Kora presses forward.

“She fell,” kaif answers.

“Her feet weren’t on the ground; she isn’t a bird. She can’t fly,” Jonah tells him.

“Where is Kyan,” I whisper to Johan, and Kaif’s head whips down to me. I gulp under his gaze.

“He is gone; you stay with me; he wants to reject you,” Kaif says, and my chest restricts at his words, Kora whined loudly, and Kaif turned his head, staring at me.

“Your wolf, she doesn’t like me,” he asks.


“She makes strange noises, ” he says, pointing to his head.

“Not at you, “

“Kyan?” I nod, and he growls while shaking, looking far too big to be in this room.

“He will get over it; it will work out,” Jonah says behind me. I glance at him over my shoulder to find him making the bed. He dusts his hands.

“There, he shouldn’t notice,” Jonah announces before kicking a chunk of wood under the dresser. He would definitely notice.

The door suddenly bursts open, and Rose rushes into the room before halting and looking up at Kaif, she takes a step away from him, and her mouth opens wide. Her scream hurt my ears, and Kaif covered his ears with his hands.

Rose eyes wide before the noise cuts off, and her eyes roll into the back of her head before she faints.

“I not usually eat people, but I may reconsider if she screams like that again, ” Kaif says while rubbing his ears.   “Well, if you met yourself, I am sure your reaction would be the same ; now you have no choice but to shift back; my sister will blab first chance she gets, ” Jonah says while I go check Rose, who was sprawled on the floor.

Images of last night flit through my head, the way her body lay limp on the ground as the man tried to undress her, his filthy hands pawing over her body, and the fear I felt for her. I could vaguely hear them behind me arguing when Kora’s memories flood mine, the way I killed that man, his blood coating my hands and arms.

Everything floods back to me. A hand touches me, and I jump, my claws slipping out and tearing through flesh as I move blindly. I blink when I hear a groan being pulled back to the present to see Kyan standing there with shorts on, his chest slashed open. He looks down at the wounds before they rapidly heal, quicker than I had ever seen a wolf heal before.

“Pull yourself together, ” Kyan warns, and I see Jonah watching me beside him, a peculiar expression on his face while Kyan’s held fury. He clenches his jaw, and Kora, unable to take the drastic changes between the Kyan from last night, to Kaif, and to the man that stood before us now, whines before she wanders off.

“Go clean yourself up while I take care of this mess,” Kyan growls, looking down at Rose before staring at his bed like it was my fault his room was destroyed, my fault Kiaf spooked Rose.

“What the f*ck, man,” Jonah says, shoving him.

picking up Rose and walking out of the room.

“Are you okay? ” Jonah asks, but I don’t get a chance to answer when Jonah’s phone starts ringing, and he groans while watching Kyan leave. He pulls his

phone from his pocket and glances at it.

” It’s Casen ; I need to answer this. By the way, you owe me an explanation as to why you and my sister were in the City in the first place, ” Jonah says, answering his phone and walking out of the room.

I was left in the destruction of Kyan’s room, and I got up off the floor, not knowing what to do with myself. In a matter of five minutes, I had been shoved through an emotional rollercoaster, Kyan was back to being a jerk. I thought last night would b e a turning point, had some unrealistic thought that maybe we could work this out, but the moment Kaif gave him back control, he was back to his usual self, shattering that hope.

“We should uin… what should we do?” Kora asks, coining back now everyone was gone, and we were on our own again. I kinda hoped she would know, but she was just as mystified as I was. We had no clothes here, no car to leave, and in a few hours, we would be back in the City anyway for Rose’s birthday, so leaving seemed pointless anyway. I had no idea where I stood with Kyan or Jonah now. What he thought happened last night, but I suddenly wished for Kaif to back. He seemed more rational than Kyan, more accepting.

“We can go shower, maybe look around,” Kora offers, unsure herself while listening to my thoughts.

“Maybe we can go find Lucas, he may drive us back to the City to get some clothes, or Jonah, ” she adds, trying to uplift my mood and hers.

“Yeah, we can go find Jonah and ask,” I tell her, walking out of the room to search for him. I fo11ow their scents leading me back to the stairs when I look at the other steps leading to the floor above. That strange urge returning to go see what is up there comes back over me when I hear laughter and running.

I look down the steps to the bottom level to see Kyan walking across the foyer; a high-pitched squeal I recognized as Rose’s reaches my ears. He pivots at the last second, grabbing her as she goes to tackle him.

“Too slow, ” He laughs as she wrestles with him. Both of them laughing and mucking around, and the sight hurt, my chest aching seeing him so casually mucking around with her when all I get from him his glares and snarls. Kora whimpers in my head; she was jealous of Rose, jealous of how easy being around each other was, jealous of the way Kyan laughed and smiled with her. What little shred of hope she held onto just shattered and was pulverized to dust before our eyes. Her cries broke my already broken heart more like h just twisted the knife harder. Kyan suddenly stops when he knocks Rose

down again and straightens before his back tenses. He looks over his shoulder at me before clearing his throat awkwardly like he was busted doing something wrong.

“You should get ready for your party Rose, I have sent Jonah to get you some clothes, and Casen will be here soon,” Kyan tells her, and he face falls before she spots me on the stairs, her eyes light up, and she gets to her feet running up the stairs two at a time before stopping in front of me.

“How much fun was last night? You had a good time right, can’t believe Kyan was there; what are the chances, ” Rose gushes excitedly, pulling me down the steps toward the room she was staying in. Kyan watched us, and I refused to look at him as she pulled me away, rambling happily like last night never happened, and in her mind, it didn’t. Mine, however, was stuck at that place.

“Yeah, so much fun,” I tell her lacking the same enthusiasm she had.

“Wonder what time Casen will get here? He is sure to stop the fun, ” Rose whines while grabbing a towel off the end of her bed. I followed her down the hall to a bathroom, she clearly knew her way around this place, and that thought sent a pang of hurt through me. Rose, oblivious to my torment, starts stripping off her clothes before hopping in the shower. I avert my gaze and sit on the bench beside the sink listening to her talk away. One thing I liked about Rose as she was happy to do all the talking.

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